Ethics Professionalism And Governance: ACS Ethics Essay


Discuss about the Ethics Professionalism and Governance for ACS Ethics.


Conflict of Interest


Conflict of interest could take place at different levels starting from an individual and takes place in any organisation. It could happen internally within an organisation and in external community. Conflict of Interest is defined as the situation where the personal interest gets priority over the organisational benefit (Frederickson and Ghere 2013). Therefore, this type of conflicts taking place in the managerial level could result in gaining less competitive advantages for a company in a competitive market.

Ethical Issues According to the ACS Ethics Framed by Thomas White Network

Analyze the Consequences

Michael on taking the decision of giving the project to his best friend would help his friend, as he will get the best scope for his company. If Michael gives a chance to his friend, Australian Government would be hurt as the ERP projects needs more modification, which requires more costing. The best friend of IT manager will gain the benefits and the harm would be caused to the Australian government. As the government works for the citizen of the country the citizen will also be harmed because the modification of the software needed to be done is not cost effective.

Analyze the Actions

The analysis of the actions are based on Australian Computer Society has some of its updated Ethics and Code of Conduct. This includes:

The priority given to the public interest: Public interest should be given priority over the personal relationship. ERP being important software in the business market, it should be selected in an appropriate manner (Weiss 2014). Since ERP is been implemented in a government sector no personal relationship should be given space to grow (, 2017). As government is for the people, public interest should be considered first and the actions should be taken in that way.

Enhancement of the Life Quality: ERP is the most competitive software developed by ICT expertise. Since Government is responsible for improving the quality of life of public therefore, ethical decisions that have the ability to harm public life should be avoided (, 2017).

Competence: The competency should be considered while selecting an ERP vendor. The best company should be selected so that the organisation has the scope to gain competitive advantages over the other company (, 2017).

Professional Development: The development that are been achieved by implementing ERP is high. The organisation could gain benefits if the application of ERP is high. Therefore, the manager should be taking every decision ethically and judgmentally correct (, 2017).

Make a Decision

The above analysis and the code of conduct according to ACS CODE OF CONDUCT state that the Stakeholder must maintain his honesty towards the organisations.

Honesty: The post like IT manager is an important stakeholder position and the employee given the charge of that position should takes decision that does not harm the trust and the position of the stakeholder (, 2017).

Professionalism: ACS is trying to improve the confidence of the public in Information Technology industry. Therefore, the stakeholders who are at important position should show their professionalism towards their position and take Ethical Decisions (, 2017).

The decision-making should be done on the above factors so that no harm is been caused to the citizens. The decision-making is one of the important step as the future of the organisations and the company depends on decision making.


The IT manger, Michael for protecting the public interest can overcome the personal selection. He should remember the oath of loyalty and duty he has taken for the public during joining. Therefore, he should not violate that for any personal interest. He should maintain his integrity and work for the utility of IT. He should not break the public trust. The automatic choice of company A should come first as it is cost effective and technically sound. The professionalism towards his position should be maintained (Parson 2016). He should not select company B prior to company A. He should convince his best friend that the personal relationship should not be intermixed with professional place and make him understand his responsibility for the stakeholder he bears.


The higher post of stakeholder faces many ethical dilemmas and to overcome those ethical issues they should analyze by the above rule and framework. If they are taking some unethical measures without analyzing the decisions it may harm the organisation as well as the citizens of the country if the organisation is in public sector.

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