Ethical Requirements: Cross Cultural Management Essay


Discuss about the Ethical Requirements for Cross Cultural Management.



Being an individual of the 21st century, I am open for an overseas job. Now, I know for professional growth, I need to develop an inclination towards knowing the world beyond my cultural boundaries. Hence, to be aware of my own capabilities and areas those need further improvement I participated in an online quiz. It has provided me a significant level of insight into my preparation for the multicultural work environment.

Moreover, the UCD program is also helping me in making myself a progressive and understanding individual of this multicultural world. My university has helped me in creating the ability of a persuasive manager and an empathetic leader to work successfully in a multicultural workplace.

Discussion on how ready I am for a future where more and more activity involves multiple cultures?

With the help of that quiz, I realized that the socio- political context of my country and my educational facilities has helped me in developing the knowledge of two different languages. In this multi-cultural world, it is important for us to communicate effectively with people from various ends of this world. However, I have the ambition to work in France. With my insight upon myself, I realized that my knowledge of my native language and English would not be enough for being successful in France. Hence, in next two days, I am going to take a class on French for five months in a national organization. It will help me in understanding and interact with the people more effectively. Moreover, in this multicultural world, the international companies also want employees to be competent to communicate in different languages. Hence, it will be helpful for me to effectively communicate and become more efficient in handling the cross- cultural dilemmas.

With the help of that particular quiz, I have realized that I will be able to face the socio- cultural challenges that a diverse workplace places for its employees, with my inclination towards facing the workplace challenges. Moreover, my ambition of obtaining a position which will give me the opportunity to handle, persuade and manage people, will be helpful for me in personally preparing for the future multicultural workplaces. Gathering knowledge about various cultures can be identified as one of my passions. My passion of interacting with people coming from the varied cultural background will prepare me to be aware of the cultural varieties and tolerant of varied customs and values. This personal interest has made me internally competent for working in a multi-cultural working environment.

With the help of the quiz I participated in, I realized that to be successful in the diversified cultural workplace; I need to be in contact with the people from various cultures. It helps a person to be aware of the cultural values of different societies. However, I belong from a suburban area in Singapore. I do not have a much contact with people coming from multicultural backgrounds. However, I respect the importance of the knowledge and the inclination of learning of the cultural value of other societies. Hence, to eliminate my inability to be in contact with diverse cultural people, I try to gather knowledge by reading books, making friends in UCD and surfing the internet about the business culture of the European countries. By gathering knowledge about the cultural values of those nations, I will be able to fulfill my ambition of working in a different society with a different culture.

The quiz has given me the realization that my love for traveling and experiencing the challenges in the field works will also be helpful for me while I will be working in a multicultural workplace. Hence, it is important for me to indulge in this quality. I am conforming to that idea by taking trips to various nations. Last month I went to India and took participation in a volunteering project for uplifting the standard of living of the slum dwellers in Mumbai. It has helped me to get an idea about the cultural values of that country. Moreover, the cultural challenges I felt liking dressing as per the cultural norms, addressing the older people with certain respectful terms and many more has provided me a great experience of working in the field. Thus, this particular quiz has assisted me to be aware of my ability to work in the multicultural world and depending on the insight, I am preparing myself for the future world of multicultural dimensions.

Discussion on how is UCD doing in helping prepare me for a future where different cultures have different ideas of corporate social responsibility and ethics:

The UCD is helping me to be more liberal and competent to work in a multicultural business world. With my faculty of understanding the contradictory ideas of different cultural values, this business school is assisting me with knowledge of the strategies to be successful with the cultural variety in the international business sectors. As a business school, the UCD is helping me out by making me aware of the strategies of managing multiculturalism in the workplace. With the relevant business courses, the UCD has made me understand the importance of corporate social responsibility in the successful management of multicultural businesses. However, with the course of my study in UCD, I have understood that the cross- cultural attitude of corporate social responsibility talks about the idea that the expectations and orientations of different stakeholders about the social responsibilities may differ across borders, from one culture to the other. Hence, the UCD has helped me with the knowledge that while declaring the CSR strategies the management need to consider the cultural requirements of the stakeholders. The program of UCD has helped me in identifying that it is the ethical need of the organization to treat the employees without any cultural biases while proving the organizational training and facilities.

The UCD has helped me by educating me the strategies of creating organizational policies depending on the external and internal environmental variables. By providing a sense of responsible corporate culture and ethical guidelines of corporate governance, the UCD is preparing me for working in the multicultural organizations. Moreover, the environment of the university has helped me to be aware of the advantage of multicultural dimension in a certain organization. UCD has helped me by providing theoretical and practical knowledge of managing diversity in the workplace. UCD has taught me how to integrate the ethical requirements of corporate social responsibility in the strategic management of the organization with the varied perspective of the multicultural requirements.


With the hep of the self-assessment, I participated, I have acquired a self-knowledge about my ability to work in diversified work culture. My circumstances are not being much helpful for me to make me connected to the multicultural context. However, I am giving my full effort for preparing myself for a multicultural working environment in an overseas country. I need to develop the knowledge of different languages and creating more awareness of different cultures to be successful in the multicultural world of business. My university is also helping me out with the importance of an understanding of the multicultural workplaces, the varied and cross- cultural idea of corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and organizational ethics. Thus, I will be successful in preparing myself for the multicultural world of the coming future.

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