Ethical Issues In Engineering Essay


Anayse the Ethical Issues in Engineering and Construction.


Field of research

The research is on ethical issues facing in engineering and construction. My profession is engineering and this project topic is selected for my research. The selected topic is appropriate for my research, as it forms of ethical standards within the engineering as well as construction industry by proposing of actual measures on cases of breaking up of buildings (Basart & Serra, 2013). The main rationale of this research is to investigate for the ethical issues facing in the industry with superior importance placed knowledge of the ethical codes of conduct, audit process, unfair conduct and strict rules. Lots of ethical issues are playing a key significant role in design context.

Source of secondary data

The secondary sources are used to collect data for the research. Published sources such as research reports, government publications and journal articles on the selected topic are used. Newspaper as well as magazines is also used to collect data in respect to social aspects. The advantages of use of secondary data are that it saves the time spent to collect data. The secondary data has pre-established degree of both validity as well as reliability (Harris Jr et al., 2013). The data are analyzed to answer to critical research questions. There are certain ethical issues of the secondary data analysis that are taken care before data handling.

Research questions

Following are the research questions:

  1. What are the ethical issues in an engineering and construction project?
  2. How do engineers deal with the ethical issues during the design processes?
  3. What are the mitigation steps taken to overcome with the ethical issues?

Search terms to identify literature in the field of the research question

The search terms are ethical issues in engineering, ethical codes of conduct and engineering ethics.

Combination of three resources

The sources selected to conduct literature review are all based on ethical ethics used in engineering. It also analyzes the ethical and privacy principles on engineering domain.


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