Essentials Of The U.S Health Care System Essay


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This video on Chapter: 6 of book “Essentials of the U.S Health care system” describes facts about U.S health financing system where provider-induced demand is a major hazard for the proper functioning of financing system. From, the video it is clear that U.S healthcare financing system is highly affected by private funding system giving rise to provider-induced demand. Hence, the overall cost of the healthcare system is very high in the United States. The maximum expenditure occurs for managing care and admin resulting a high healthcare maintenance cost. However, only 3% of $ 2,593 billion GDP in 2010 was spent on public health. Therefore, for controlling this moral hazard it is recommended to increase public health funding process. This video explains that any moral hazard on financing system can also lead to major consequences and planned reimbursement strategies work to initiate a positive impact on overall control over these hazards.

The video deals on studying the effects of financing and insurance in the healthcare system. The key talking points are moral hazards of financing structures involving provider-induced demand, detailed description on medicare insurance parts and health insurance followed by an explanation on one effective reimbursement strategy utilised in insurance. Lastly, the video describes efforts to accelerate the children health insurance in U.S.

The video provides knowledge about the moral issue of provider-induced demand in the financing system as well as strategy to control this defect. In my professional career, I can use this information for implementing the recommended reimbursement strategy of DRGs, APCs, RUGs and HHRGs to control the health expenditures in my working zone.

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