Essential Of Management Information System Essay


Discuss about the Essential of management information system.



management Information System is a tool that helps in storing all the kinds of data that is generated within a firm. These data can be extracted anytime as per the requirement.

MIS helps in decision making

Management information system helps in making effective decisions. This is due to the fact that it provides accurate, non-redundant and updated data at the required time (Laudon & Laudon, 2011). It helps in sorting out many of the answers that is unable to find with manual methods. The basic use of the MIS in decision making is that it assists in giving the sorted data which is used by the management of the company to take decisions. It reflects the information at the time the decision is made. In the global business where a firm has its operations in many parts of the world manual method of integrating the data for use is a difficult task. MIS helps in organising data as per the requirement. Use of MIS differs from unit to unit like in finance department it helps in doing all the calculations and find out the exact figure upon which organisation can take its future financial decisions. Previously in the manual method it was not possible. MIS made the decisions more relevant as decisions can be taken that is based on the fact. It is also helpful in making projection which is highly required for taking the decisions in future. A more detailed analysis can be done before taking any future decision. It is very helpful in analysing the trends based on the data that is collected through various kinds of data analysis for the market. It is also helpful in the implementation of strategies as it gives the timely report of the current situation in the market based on the business that company has done.

Major concerns of system builders and users.

There are three major concerns for the designers and users of the system i.e. disaster, security and human errors. Out of the three, security of the system is the most difficult concern to deal with. This is due to the reason that there are many people who have access to these systems. Due to these there is always a chance of data leaks. Any leak of the information is very dangerous for the company as competitors can use them for their benefits (B?langer & Crossler, 2011). Apart from this since these systems are connected with internet and hence it becomes difficult for the builders to block all the loop holes from where breach can be made. There are number of hackers who try to destroy the system of the company with the help of malicious contents. Any breach in the data files can corrupt all the information that is present in them. This may lead to heavy loses to the company. Since there is always continuous advancement in the ways in which data can be stolen and hence security is a major concern for the company. Maintaining the standards of authentication tools for giving access to various people can be a difficult for the system builders. This can only be improved by the help of continuous changes in the system.


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