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Mary’s ABO is A and Rh is Positive

Mary has both alloantibodies and auto antibodies since antibodies like antilutheran(Lub) and antikell (k,kpb,Jsb) are both reacting (REID, M., LOMAS-FRANCIS, C., & OLSSON 2012). If these blood is given as it is, it may cause damage to body organs and tissues as a result of it clotting.
The following antibodies cannot be ruled out or ignored while doing cell antigram screening. antigram are the following:

Rhesus D,C,E,c,f,e

Kell Fya,Fyb,Jka,Jkb,

Sex linked

Lewis Lea,Leb,


These are the essential antibodies that can never be left out with operating antibody panel as shown in figure referred to are the following:

Lutheran Lua


Rhesus Cw

Kell Jsb and KellKpa

From the above figure, the following are important antibodies that antibody panel or antibody screen cannot rule out.

Kell K antibody,

Duffy Fya antibody

Duffy Fyb antibody,

Duffy Jka antibody,

Duffy Jka antibody,

Duff Jkb antibody

When papain and facin are brought to picture, the following antigen much therefore be enhanced;

Antigens M,S,S,s,Fya

Antigen Fyb.

The effects of polyethylene glycol (PEG) on the antihuman globulin procedure are that PEG usually give enhancement to the various functions of alloantibodies in the body system (DANIELS & BROMILOW 2011). This it does by ctransforming or changing several micro molecules and available particles of the anti human globulin thus makes it hard to be recognized easily by other available agents.

8.Some of the antibodies identifiable by this panel are the following:

Anti Kell k,Anti ,Anti Kell Jsb,

Anti Lutheran Lub.

There are several antibodies that can never be left aside by this panel and they include:

The Anti Rhesus D,C,E,c,e,f

The Anti Kell K,Fya,Fyb,JKa,JKb

Anti sex Linked Xga,

Anti Lewis Lea, Leb,

Anti MNS S,s,M,N

Anti P1

9. The following are possible antibodies left aside by the panel as shown in figure I-6

Anti Kell Kpa Anti Kell Jsa and Anti Lutheran Lua,

The following are some of the antibodies spotted by ImmuAdd AHG PEG panel :

Anti Rhesus R1R1

Anti Rhesus r’r

Anti Rhesus r”r

And the ones that cannot be left aside:

Anti rhesus R2R2

Anti rhesus R0r1

Anti rhesus rr

10.Following keenly this figures Mary’s most probable Rh genotype are as follows

Rh D, Rh E Rh c , Duffy Fyb

11 . While putting everything into consideration the panel has therefore ruled out this result.

12. A technologist should type at least 8 units not less.


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