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«Essays and Fictions navigates the never-ending work of undoing oneself, whether that be through medications, sex, art generating, or finding a link with someone worth living for. Amidst the ugliness regarding the peoples condition, this book’s beauty sneaks on you.» — Chelsea Hodson (Chelsea Hodson)

«One indication of encountering a great writer for me is envy. I'm envious of the method Brad Phillips writes. I am envious of his sincerity as a writer. I am envious of their bone-dry turns of phrase and his sarcastic observations. I am envious for the slack alacrity with which he attacks such morbid topics as suicide, addiction, pain, and death. I am envious of this utter fearlessness he shows. Writing is dead, but Mr. Phillips, distinctly, isn’t.” –Bruce LaBruce (Bruce LaBruce)

»Brad Phillips claims, at the beginning of this incredible book, that honesty eludes him. Clearly, that’s a lie. Whenever you read Brad Phillips, you understand why nice women compose love letters to males on death line." –Sarah Nicole Prickett (Sarah Nicole Prickett)

«Last week, Giancarlo Di Trapano switched me personally to Suicidal Realism, a brief memoir by the Canadian painter Brad Phillips. It’s nearly an edifying book. Phillips’s primary themes are medications and intercourse, for the reason that purchase: “People whom always get fucked up with other people aren't people I like to get fucked with.” But Phillips has a watchful intelligence and self-knowledge, and an impatient sincerity, that sneak on you (or at the least, snuck up on me personally). He doesn’t ask become liked, also by their groupies, but he does want to communicate: “I’m perhaps not interested in the people who are interested in the creator associated with work, I’m thinking about the ones that are attracted to the information.” ―Lorin Stein

»Searingly truthful, brilliant and distressing. Brad Phillips peels straight back the skin and bone tissue and stares straight into the individual soul." — Anthony Bourdain

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