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1. Exactly what are three samples of surprising discoveries in Candide? In mention of the such discoveries, using what popular fiction does Voltaire's narrative have actually affinities?

2. Just what proof is there that Voltaire's assault upon religion wasn't limited to Christianity or to Catholicism?

3. What are the primary aspects of individual satire in Candide?

4. Just what episodes reflect Voltaire's experiences at Potsdam?

5. From what level may Candide sometimes be identified with Voltaire himself?

6. In what other character has Voltaire been identified? Why?

7. What exactly are three notable types of exaggeration — certainly one of setting, among character, among action?

8. Voltaire is denounced as a scoffer, a cynic. Can there be any proof which he had not lost their faith in mankind?

9. Just what views of literary works find a location in Candide?

10. Just what chiefly can you find ironic within the author's account for the Inquisition?

11. What do you start thinking about to be Martin's function in Candide?

12. Because of Voltaire's relentless attack upon religion, just what did he himself believe?

13. Optimism, religion, and war are main targets of Voltaire's satire. During the social degree, what else did he satirize?

14. Voltaire's comic gift has been widely recognized. What are three episodes that particularly illustrate this gift?

15. Just how may the old woman's story, a long digression, be justified structurally?

16. Which are the primary traits of Voltaire's style?

17. Exactly what are two samples of caricature in Candide? Of parody?

18. In what unique way does the Eldorado episode serve within the author's assault on optimism?

19. Just what place does the rhetorical device of euphemism have actually in Candide? Illustrate.

20. Discuss both of these quotations central to a knowledge of Candide: «All is for the right... within the additionally possible worlds» and «we should cultivate our garden.»

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