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Symbolism into the Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie uses a comprehensive pattern of symbolism that defines the characters of
Tom,Amanda,Laura and Jim.Glass,light,color and music constitute the substance associated with dominant
symbols and motifs,serving to show much deeper aspects of characters and underlying themes of the
play.Tennessee Williams penned the play to make certain that each character had a special icon which resembled
their character.But he don't just give the characters of the play a a resembling sign;he also
mentions the apartment blocks become hivelike conglomerations of mobile living-units resembling a
beenstock.the way in which he defines their location also offers countless symbolism in its origins because he
describes them to be flowering as warty growths in overcrowded metropolitan centers.

Tennessee Williams utilized many symbolic aspects to spell it out Laura together with globe she lives
in.into the play,Laura represents the very fragile,shy and emotionally crippled girl.inside her brain she lives
in a full world of cup animals and doesn't have a link towards real world.The managerie of glass also
represents the fragile relationships among all characters.The glass unicorn is many obviously a
symbol of Laura--delicate,sadly various,an anomaly inside contemporary world.The cup motif recurs
throughout the complete play in several other forms.whenever Laura dropped from university she constantly
visited the zoo,a cup home of tropical plants which can be because vulnerable as she is.During Laura's and
Jim's brief romantic encounter,Laura is gaining more self-confidence about herself.It seems just as if she is
starting to flee her
world of illusions.When they started dancing together,Jim accidently knocked the little glass horse
over.Laura,who frequently worships the woman cup collection more than anything else,replied to his
excuse;«he is lost their horn.It does not matter.Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.» and «I'll consider he
had an operation.The horn ended up being removed to help make him feel less--freakish!Now he can feel more at
home because of the other horses,the ones who donot have horns...».These two quotes give an impression
that Laura is finally escaping the woman illusive globe.She believes that she could have to be able to endure the
real world.What she does not know is that she actually is planning to be wounded by the news headlines of Jim's
engagement.After Jim informs the woman the news headlines,she provides him the unicorn as a souvenir and retreats into her
land associated with the glass menagerie not to emerge once more.

Inside play,Tom may be the adventure seeking man wanting to escape the jail Amanda is keeping
him trapped in.To escape the real world,Tom constantly visits the movies.The films make him
think about all adventures he missing.It his little land of dreams.he could be jealous of their daddy who left
his household and reached exactly what Tom constantly wanted, «Freedom».Tom hasn't been comfortable with
the method their mother treated him.She always disagreed with the means Tom behaved.whenever Amanda put
him straight down after Jim left,saying he didn't even comprehend that their friend ended up being engaged and that Jim broke
Laura's heart,Tom finally had enough.He took the funds that has been meant to purchase the electric bill,left
the household and lastly pursued their imagine adventure.Still,when he crosses by a window with little
perfume bottles made from glass or other tiny things made of this product,he thinks of Laura.

Amanda,who is the domineering moms and dad of Tom and Laura,lives in a dream world in which
she had been a new stunning woman,living in an area called Blue Mountain.She always told Laura and Tom
about the countless gentleman callers she received every single day.Sometimes there were as much as seventeen
a time,all prominent males in the Mississippi Delta.To make some extra money she offers The
Homemaker's Companion which includes the serialized sublimations of ladies of letters who think in
terms of delicate cuplike breasts,slim,tapering waists ,and rich and creamy thighs.Those are typical components of
her fantasy globe which make the girl think back into enough time when she was a and stunning girl.She
also could be the domineering moms and dad inside household.She treats Tom really harsh sometimes.She does that
because she is afraid that she'll lose the woman young ones just like she did the woman spouse.

Jim is the most realistic character in play.he's did not inhabit any fantasy world like Tom
and his household did.When he talked to Laura once they had supper,he attempted to make her more
comfortable because he felt that Laura had been really bashful.He showed Laura how superior he could be to be able to
impress her.For instance,he stated,«Look how big my shadow is once I stretch.»He wished to show
Laura just how manly he is.Jim's nickname for Laura ,Blue Roses,suggests a phenomenon that's contrary
to nature.Blue entails unfortunate.

The symbolism within the play The Glass Menagerie made the story a lot more interesting.It gave
the play a special point which managed to make it more interesting to read.Tenessee Williams utilized a number of of
symbolic aspects to spell it out Laura,Amanda,Jim,and Tom who're four from the five characters in the
play.Symbolism is sometimes very important in performs,stories,etc. as it tells united states towards secrets
which are hidden in.

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