Essay On Start-Up Organization


Write an essay of a Start-Up Organization.


Thesis Statement

In this essay, a brief overview of a start-up organization in beauty and slimming field is provided.


The business opportunity that would be pursued by me if I had the funds or time would be a beauty clinic and slimming center business. The clinic would be a one-stop solution to all the beauty and slimming requirements of the clients. It would have a slimming center that would use different machines to increase the metabolism of overweight or obese customers, clients can avail hand massage with machines to burn stubborn cellulite from the client’s body .There would be a gym, hair and skin clinic that would use advanced machines like laser treatment for hair removal, chemical peels and Botox treatment for the skin (Tran et al., 2015). So the slimming center and skin clinic would cater to clients of Australia who would like to adopt the advanced innovation in skin and slimming field to enhance their looks. The strategy would be to open the first clinic in major cities of Australia like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and then to expand on franchisee model. The vision of the organization would be to provide tailor-made beauty and slimming solutions to customers by adopting the modern innovative technology in the field of slimming and beauty (Lim, Husain & Zakaria, 2013).


The organization structure

For the start-up company, the organization structure will be flat with less hierarchical levels (Furr & Dyer, 2014). The clinic will have a center manager and an assistant manager whose task will be to handle all activities at the reception, to manage the accounts and stocks and to increase the customer base by adopting several in-store and BTL promotional activities. The store manager will also be responsible for managing the human resource within the clinic which will include the dieticians and the beauty and skin therapists. Each clinic will also have a doctor who will provide consultation to the clients. The skin and slimming treatment that will suit the client would be suggested by the doctor .The dietician will provide a tailor-made diet chart to the clients and a therapist will be allotted to the client. The therapist will handle the machines and will provide the treatment to the clients. There will be a back-office operational team whose primary responsibilities will be to deal with suppliers and manage accounts and marketing activities. The center manager will directly report to the owner of the clinic. All the branches of the clinics will be under CCTV surveillance so that the activities within the clinic can be directly monitored by the owner from his home or office. The therapists of the organization will be in direct contact with the clients for maximum time as they will provide service to the clients. Therefore, they will be trained well in machine handling and will be given formal training in beauty and slimming technology. Since the organization would be a start-up company, new ideas from every employee will be appreciated and communication will be encouraged among all departments so that all the branches of the clinic can co-ordinate and function properly (Martin, 2014).

External and Internal forces that will impact our business

The external forces that will impact the business will be the macro factors like the legal and governmental factors, the economic factors, social and technological factors. The slimming center should cater to the healthcare safety and guidelines of the Australian government. All the machines or cosmetics used in the clinic should be medically tested by authorized organizations approved by the government like Therapeutic Goods Administration. The taxes imposed by the clinic should abide by the legal system of Australia and the technology should be safe and modern. The research in the field of beauty and clinic should be carefully studied for practical implementation. The social factors like changing demands of customers and modern trends in the field of beauty and clinic should be analyzed and implemented.

The internal environment will primarily include the customers, the employees of the clinic and the suppliers. The employees should be trained in the modern technology and should implement a proper code of conduct to attract customers in the clinic. Each customer should be provided tailor made-service and feedbacks should be taken from them for improving the services within the clinic (Hollensen, 2015). The relationships with the suppliers of machinery, goods and software should be well maintained for proper management of the supply chain.

Risks that will confront the business organization

The risks that should be taken into consideration are the change in technology, changing demands of consumers and the competitors. An analysis of the competitors of beauty clinics, salons, slimming centers in Australia should be done. Prices set by the competitors should be studied well before setting up the pricing strategy of the clinic. The clinic should be benchmarked against the best practices of the competitors. The change in tastes and preferences of the customers should be studied with the help of data mining software (Tomar & Agarwal, 2013). The change in technology will pose risk to the clinic, so the clinic should implement modern machines for treatment in the clinic .The clinic should also be promoted online in social media platforms using digital marketing techniques

Business practices to enhance organizational performance

The clinics will be operated by Enterprise Resource Planning software. This software will centralize the management of all the branches of the skin clinic and slimming center (Ram, Wu & Tagg, 2014). The employee details and their attendance, the individual sales record and client base of each employee can be tracked using the software. The details of the stocks of the clinic like the machines, cream, ointment and solutions will be available in a list in the software. Each stock will have a tracking id so that stock-entry and stock-out can be easily tracked using the software. The customer base of the clinic will be tracked by the customer relationship management software. Details of each customer will be entered by the manager in the software. The customers who will be regular to the clinic will be enrolled to a customer loyalty program. These customers will be given a loyalty card and bonus points will be added in the card for services taken in the clinic (Saarij?rvi, Karjaluoto & Kuusela, 2013). These bonus points can later be redeemed in the clinic against services taken and the clinic would also have corporate tie-ups with local food joints and movie theatres where loyal customers can avail services at discounted rates using the points in their loyalty cards. Customers will also be able to purchase advanced payment cards in the clinic which will have one time payment and will be valid for a year .The clinic will have different modern machines like Infrared sauna ,vibration exercise machine that will enhance metabolism and reduce cellulite ,treadmill, rowing machine ,bicycles ,weight-training machines and thermal body packs to target cellulite. The infra-red sauna will also alleviate ailments like knee pain or diabetes. Modern equipments like laser for hair removal, Botox for anti-aging and chemical peels will be available in the clinic. The therapists will be trained in modern technology of beauty and slimming so that they can provide tailor-made and safe services to the customers. There will be in-store promotional events every month like a day allotted for discounted services (Dumas, 2013).

Most important business functions within the organization and its relation to performance

The doctor will carefully listen to the skin and slimming requirements of the clients, then the clients will undergo a skin and body analysis with the help of modern machines which will measure the skin type, body mass index, ideal weight etc of the client. The doctor will suggest the treatment that will suit the client by analyzing his body composition, medical history and lifestyle of the clients (Sweaney, 2014). After initial consultation with the doctor, each client will get an opportunity to consult the dietician for a personalized diet chart. The therapists will be responsible for providing treatments to the clients. Treatment like Botox, chemical peels and laser treatment which require special expertise will be provided to the clients by doctors (Fabbrocini & Cacciapuoti, 2016). The gym will be equipped with experience trainer.

The clinic will have a center manager who will handle the technical and manpower operations of the clinic. The back office team will have an accounts team and a marketing team whose role will be to organize promotional events to drive the footfalls within the clinic, to set the sales target and ensure it is achieved and to manage close relationship with suppliers (Galbraith, 2014).


The start-up business requires a lot of passion and perseverance for sustainable improvement .The clinic will encourage innovation and entrepreneurial mindset among its employees. For proper co-ordination among all departments in the clinic, there should be proper flow of information among departments and hence open communication will be encouraged within the clinic. To set up a business in beauty and slimming, it is important to study the theoretical research of this field and to implement the theory in practice. The internal factors or the micro-factors and the external factors or the macro factors should be studied to understand the threats and opportunities. To sustain a start up business, a proper business plan which will include the financial and marketing plan should be well written so that the business can be funded by angel investors or venture capitalists.

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