Essay on Indian Farmer

The true Indian lives in villages. India is an agricultural nation. The majority of the woman people are farmers. They inhabit villages near their farms. They have roomy substances by which they tether their cattle and keep their carts.

They cultivate land to develop various crops. Most of the farmers reside underneath the poverty line. An Indian farmer leads an easy and difficult life. He gets up with the crowing associated with co ck and goes to their fields along with his oxen.

He ploughs land, harrows it, lays out beds, sows seeds, water plants and reaps the harvest. Users of their family assist him in his work. He manages the plants and saves it from being ruined by stray cattle or wild animals.

He enjoys no vacation. At noon he takes his meals under a shady tree after which takes just a little sleep. Later in the day he comes back home, tired and exhausted. Generally, he could be illiterate. He believes in old traditions and superstitions.

His cattle are his most effective property if you have a drought, the plants fail in which he is in trouble. If the crop ripens, he seems delighted He reaps it, thrashes it and takes the corn toward market.

In times during the a poor harvest, he has small money to buy seeds and manure and incurs financial obligation. The farmer is partial to celebrations. He spends lavishly on marriages as well as other social ceremonies.

In recent times, making use of agricultural equipment and chemical manures as well as the supply of credit by cooperative communities and rural banks has enhanced their great deal and changed their outlook on life

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