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Community has become a superficial spot. If an individual doesn't squeeze into communities as a type of the normal individual chances are they are treated differently. But does culture treat those people who are various in an adverse or good method? In novel Flowers for Algernon, the writer Daniel Keyes shows a detailed consider the remedy for people in today's culture. Firstly society has a tendency to discriminate against those whoever IQ doesn't squeeze into the norms of our society. The actually handicapped today aren't regarded as «equal» as those who match the standard looks, Keyes portrays this through Charlie's thoughts while in the café. Although pets aren't theoretically people culture treats them in manners which no individual would…show more content…

As Charlie's intelligence increases he thinks which he may well be more liked the higher his intelligence climbs, but later on Charlie discovers that whether you're of lower intelligence then the majority of the populace or of higher intelligence you still will not quite easily fit in. «i have discovered that no-one really cares for Charlie Gordon whether he is a moron or a genius. (Keyes 172) Charlie's relationship with Alice also shows just how whether he's of extreme low extreme high intellect he still cannot talk to the woman how he must. » I'm in the same way a long way away from Alice with an I.Q of 185 when I had an IQ of 70" (Keyes 88). In today's culture if an individuals ideas slightly vary from those associated with the most of the population then they will soon be scrutinized and shunned from other people. People are perhaps not prepared to view a notion through yet another viewpoint and this is shown in Flowers For Algernon, when Charlie discovers the fault in Dr. Nemur's experiment and confronts him about it, Dr. Nemur treats him like old Charlie who's to mentally challenged become proper. Its duplicated many times through the novel that Charlie was «created» by the experiment and was not a «human being» due to their below 100 IQ prior to the operation. «i am a human being, you- with parents and memories and a history- and I ended up being before you decide to ever wheeled me personally into that working room.» (Keyes 112). Community has to discover that even those who find themselves different then a lot of us still are humans and

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