Essay II—Short Fiction/Reader Reaction

Please write an essay of at the very least 600-800 terms (only two pages) that answers ONE of the after concerns indetail. Please usage sources to your story, towards life, your world, and youropinions whenever constructing it.

Grading Criteria:

For a the, your paper must proceed with the following requirements: Itmust be written in 12 pt instances New Roman Font; it should be dual spaced; itmust contain no more than two spelling errors; it should include fewer than sixgrammar errors; it should make use of lines of text in each human body paragraph that arequoted and cited in MLA design. Additionally, it must have a compelling introductionwhich includes the title in quotes therefore the author’s title; it should have a clearthesis; it must have at the very least three claims which straight support the thesis,and it should have a conclusion. REMEMBER—DON’T LET ME KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. GIVE THE OPINION ABOUT HOW PRECISELY YOUFEEL IN WHAT HAPPENED AND EVERYTHING YOU THINK IT PROVES.

Additionally, you must have a Works Cited list, whichfollows MLA style.

Essay concerns: Please choose one of many followingquestions and answer it in essay kind.

Examine any major characters in just about any for the quick tales.which is possib you and why?

Examine Jane, in “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Show that she wasdriven into the condition she had been and why she had been..

Examine the narrator in “A Rose for Emily.” By making use of yourunderstanding associated with energy of narration, and examples and evidence through the story,explain should you choose or do not think the narrator told a skewed account of thetale regarding skip Emily.

What's the theme you got from some of the stories we read?How can it be linked to your life?

Examine the setting inside story “A used Path.” Exactly how achieved it impact the main character andwhy do you state that?

Ended up being the major decision into the story “Through The Tunnel” such a thing you’ve encountered that you experienced? Provethat the problem mirrors or does not reflect they way you see life.

Examine the antagonist in “Cathedral.” Recognize what reallycaused his discomfort because of the protagonist, why, and prove it.

Examine the relationship between Homer Baron and Miss Emilyin “A Rose for Emily.” Through today’s requirements, prove that it was either ahealthy relationship or an unhealthy one.

You need to destroy down one major character from some of thestories. Who does you destroy off any why?

In the event that you could opt for everybody you understand to learn certainly one of thestories we’ve read, which could you choose and why?

In whatway can be your life depicted in any of those stories.

Engl1213 ShortFiction Essay Checklist

Are you wanting an an on your own short fiction essay? Always finish all the following, and also you could effortlessly earn one. Make a mental noteto try to accomplish these tasks, or check always down each one while you completeit. Never turn this in with your essay.

Keep spelling and grammatical errors to the very least (fewerthan two spelling errors and under six grammar mistakes).

Have actually a suitable works cited list. ___________


In paragraph one of the essay, range from the name of thework of fiction—type the title and proceed with the name with a comma (make certain thetitle is spelled precisely). Put the name as well as the comma in quotes (maybe not italicsnor underlined). In the paragraph, also supply the author’s title._____________

In the event that you must retell the story, limit your retelling of thestory to only the first paragraph. Ensure it is brief because your readers arealready acquainted the facts. ____________

In paragraph among you essay--your introduction--make surethe final sentence is the thesisstatement which it directly answers among the concerns listed on the shortfiction assignment sheet. Don’t be vague; be particular inside thesis. Instance: (Vague) The pet ended up being a sourceof the family’s issues. (certain) The pet caused your family to crash, wasdisloyal to its masters, and deserved to perish because of it. ____________


Within the body part of the essay, make certain the firstsentence of each paragraph relates straight to the thesis, and use transitionwords or elements to start off the paragraphs. Example:

One of the ways you can easily observe that thecat deserves to perish is basically because it attacks Bailey while he could be driving. BLAH… ..BLAH BLAH...

Another reason the cat deserves togo to kitty paradise is basically because. ..BLAH BLAH...BLAH BLAH...BLAH BLAH...

Finally, PittySing deserved the kitty seat because …….

In each bodyparagraph, have one or more straight quoted line through the story to back upyour point. Understand that you do not have to quote one thing the characterssay. It is possible to just straight quote lines of text. Introduce that line efficiently,and make use of the correct punctuation and citation after it. __________

In each human anatomy paragraph, bring in your own feelings, opinions,or experiences to prove your point. Get very hefty with your own personal connection.REMEMBER—DO NOT DO PLOT OVERVIEW. Example: Being a cat owner i might feel betrayed if myMr. Boo Boo Kitty revealed affection towards people whomurdered my family. This is just what Pitty Singdid when he…….. Personally I think which asign of worthy of the maximum punishment. _________

Make sure your human body paragraphs are in least five sentencesin length______


Within concluding paragraph, be sure you remind thereader exactly what your thesis was, and tie up any loose ends. ___________

Make sure you are straight answering among the concerns onthe project sheet. ________

How to cite linesof text in this specific article:

Youknow that in each body paragraph youneed to quote and cite at least one type of text to exhibit just what specificwording mcdougal used and exactly what you are answering. But thereare two things you have to be conscious of when you quote and cite lines of textin your following essay. While thefollowing examples aren't double spaced (to save paper), make sure yours are.

  1. In this specific article, you're asked to quote and cite lines from story to guide your answers toward essay question you select. In your citation, you'll need and then inform your reader exactly what web page number you're quoting from, and put that web page quantity in parenthesis. The reason you are just writing the page number in parenthesis within paper is because you listed the author’s title inside introduction paragraph. If you hadn't listed the author’s title in the introduction, you'll must also provide the author’s title in parenthesis, followed closely by the web page quantity.

A good example of the form of citation i'd like you to definitely utilize forthis paper follows: “The wind is crazy, and it assisted fan the flames across theland” (245). Keep in mind, the time scale follows the citation 99 per cent for the timesyou cite your source.

  1. Whenever quoting lines of text, you also need to follow these rules precisely:
  1. If you are citing only a partial line from a full page, you have to use the three-dot ellipses (…) to point that more terms follow or come before the partial line. Example: “The wind is wild…” (245). As an alternative, you could write, “…it helped fan the flames…” (245). Once again, the ellipses indicate that more terms follow in line, nevertheless opted for not to ever quote them. Also, the quantity suggests the web page number, and a period of time follows.
  2. If you should be citing a couple of lines—one to three lines of text—you must have them in your paragraph, but quote them in this instance:

no body is sure who caused the fire, whichburned the town towards the ground. But “The wind is crazy, therefore assisted fanthe flames over the land. The real culprit, however, is thecareless smokers who negligently flung their cigarettes out of the windows” (245).The smoke and ash would be the only testament for this tragedy.

Once again, remember that the time follows the cite.

  1. However, if you're citing four or higher lines of text, you have to do something different. First, introduce your four or even more lines of text, and follow them with a colon. Then, indent your block of lines ten spaces. Next, without using quotation markings, compose the lines you're quoting word-for-word because they appear on the page you're quoting from. Finally, place an interval following the final word in the last line, and abide by it utilizing the cite.


Grisby alludes on threats of using tobacco on windydays when she draws our attention to the wind and records:

The wind is crazy, and it assisted fan the flames across theland. The actual culprit, however, is the careless cigarette smoker whom negligently flungtheir cigarettes out of the windows of going vehicles. It really is those cigarette smokers, whom showlack of respect for not unique addictions, and who find a way to laywaste to several thousand acres of prairie land each month in the us. (245)

If you still need assistance after reading and applyinginformation out of this sheet, please take a moment to ask.

WorksCited List

Your paper must have a Functions Cited listthat could be the final web page inside essay. It should properly show where you gotyour text source the essay. Anexample of this appropriate listing for your Functions Cited list is below

Functions Cited

Eudora Welty A Worn Path Responding to Literature, Fifth Edition. Ed. Judith A.

Stanford. Hill View:Mayfield Publishing, 2003.

To get more informationabout assembling a Works Cited list make use of the back of your book—the sectiontitled “MLA DOCUMENTATION” or use thewebsite or


Essay II


English 1213

Mark A. Schneberger

“Shewould have been an excellent girl … if it had been somebody here to shoot the woman everyminute of the woman life,” declares the Misfit in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man isHard to Find” (1107). This statementeulogizes the grandmother in tale and simmers with tragic irony. Grandmother would have been good girl ifsomeone was indeed here to shoot the lady, but the family members could have been better offnot through the risk but from an early loss of dear grandmother. O’Connor’s presentation of grandmother isvery different from our cultural objectives, quite contrary actually. Rather than sincerity, maturity andselflessness, grandmother lies to obtain her very own means, childishly hides to avoid blame,and inside climax of the tale selfishly attempts to conserve herself with no thoughtto the woman kiddies or grandchildren’s safety. Even though it is never a comfy task to mark someone for death, it isfor these particular characteristics together with harm which they cause that an earlier deathfor grandmother is a confident the remaining family.

Grandmotherdoes not have a name. This woman is everygrandmother. Her lies and deceptions areall the greater bitter on her behalf archetypal properties. One calculated lie turns deadly whengrandmother lies about the existence of silver in an old home with the purposeof enthralling the youngsters. “There wasa key panel in this house,’ she said craftily, perhaps not telling the truth butwishing that she were” (1100). Knowingthe temperament and disposition regarding the young ones, but additionally knowing Bailey’sdesire to rush, grandmother picks a lie to fuel any child’s imagination. This lie had been step one in the drama ofthe deaths of this household.

Thenext step towards the inescapable conclusion of this story is whenever grandmother remembersthat your house, which she lied about, is obviously in another state. The woman gasp of shock releases the pet cat,which she had petulantly brought along in spite of Bailey’s dislike oftraveling with animals. After the ensuingaccident which threw the young mom from the automobile, and set in motion theirdeaths, grandmother “…was curled up under the dashboard, hoping she ended up being injuredso that Bailey’s wrath wouldn't normally fall on her behalf all at once” (1101). Lacking both maturity and dignity thisgrandmother who claims she's a girl hides versus face the consequence ofher lie and disobedience. AlthoughBailey jumps out to check on his wife, grandmother is not concernedabout the accidents she may have triggered to others, no more than preventing the blamethat belongs squarely to the lady.

Thechildishness which grandmother displays in her attempt to avoid blame alsohighlights her selfishness. Grandmotheris obviously searching limited to herself through the entire whole story, but thisselfishness is in highest relief whenever faced with imminent death on arms ofthe Misfit. “You wouldn’t shoot a girl,would you?’ the grandmother said” (1103). From that minute grandmother starts an impassioned but futile defense tosave the only one she considers well worth saving, herself. She actually is so swept up in attempting to convince themisfit that he's a great guy, that she doesn’t also recognize Bailey’s shirtwhen it is brought back and worn by the Misfit. She makes no protest when her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren aremarched off and shot in the forests. Shedoes demand Bailey many times but they seem to be calls for assistance and donot evince any concern for his wellbeing. Grandmother could very well be most readily useful defined by the woman selfishness.

Thesequalities of selfishness, childishness, and dishonesty would be the hallmarks ofO’Connor’s grandmother in “A Good guy is difficult to find.” Through a series of bad alternatives grandmotherleads the household inexorably to their deaths. Its just through the grandmother that O’Connor’s purpose is brought topass; the reader is offered the opportunity to reevaluate stereotypes and toremember that most individuals are individual. This lesson is small comfort to Bailey andhis family who're lying stripped of clothing in a ditch. For her family’s sake in addition to her own,grandmother has to die.

Works Cited

O’Connor, Flannery. AGood Guy is Difficult To Find. Literature and theWriting Process.6th

ed.Eds. Elizabeth McMahan, Susan X Day, and Robert Funk. UpperSaddleRiver:Pearson Education, 2002. 1096-1107

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