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General statement: Critical thinking and creative thinking are the two types of thinking that helps the researcher and especially the students to carry out proper research work.

Thesis statement: The aim of the study to analyse the difference between the critical thinking and the creative thinking and the ways in which the critical or the creative thinking can be used in order to avoid the plagiarism.

Scope statement: The study helps to understand the views of the authors regarding the topic that will support to understand the topic in details. The effectiveness of the critical or the creative thinking helps the individual to avoid plagiarism and enhance their skills to bring innovation.

Paragraph 1

?LGER, Kani. "The Relationship between Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking Skills Of Students".HUJE(2016): 1-1

In this particular article, the author mentions that creative thinking can be considered as divergent whereas critical thinking is convergent. The creative thinking helps the individuals to think something new while critical thinking tries to assess the validity of an element in something that has an existence[1].

The violation of the accepted principles is performed in the creative thinking. On the other hand, the accepted principles are applied in the critical thinking. Therefore, it can be stated that even if creative thinking and critical thinking is considered as two sides of a same coin, they are not similar to each other.

Paragraph 2


Critical thinking and creative thinking are considered as skills that are necessary for the students. The author stated that imagination saves the individuals when the capacity of reasoning fails. The research paper infers that there is a minimum effect on the students by the collegiate educational experience to increase their ability to become more creative and think critically[2].

In today’s generation it is important for the students to learn thinking as well as reasoning skills in order to achieve the full level of potential.

Paragraph 3

Topic sentence: McGregor, Joy H. and Kirsty Williamson. "Appropriate Use Of Information At The Secondary School Level: Understanding And Avoiding Plagiarism".Library & Information Science Research 27, no. 4 (2005): 496-512.

This article focuses on the use of information and seeking by the students in the different stages of their secondary education. According to the author, in order to become a good writer there needs to be certain characteristics in the individual such as avoidance of plagiarism, general attributes of seeking information and using them, the awareness about the need to evaluate and the critical approach to the information[3].

The critical and the creative thinking helps the students to explore the issues more deeply, which creates scope for further improvements in the future.

Paragraph 4

Topic sentence: Fung, Han Ping. "Influence Of Overconfidence, Risk Aversion, Creative Thinking And Critical Thinking On Studentss Academic Achievement A Conceptual Paper".SSRN Electronic Journal(n.d.).

There have been a number of researches carried out on the influence of the critical and creative thinking, presence of overconfidence and risk aversion on the academic achievement of the students. Thus, this particular research work studies the “input-process-output” approach of the General System Theory that helps to understand the impact of critical and creative thinking[4].

With the help of this article, the students are able bring innovation in their imagination and tries to incorporate something new in their task or activities that helps to avoid plagiarism.

Paragraph 5

Topic sentence: Zenker, Frank. "Introduction: Reasoning, Argumentation, And Critical Thinking Instruction".Topoi(2016).

This research work helps the learner to equip with the key life skills of the 21stcentury. These skills are important to increase the employability, promotion and the career success[5]. Furthermore, the skills are important for effective reasoning, writing and decision making.

The creative and critical thinking helps to identify the common yet the critical mistakes in reasoning. The identification helps to avoid making the mistake further in future.

Paragraph 6

Topic sentence: Tsai, Kuan Chen and Matthew Shirley. "Exploratory Examination Of Relationships Between Learning Styles And Creative Thinking In Math Students".International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences3, no. 8 (2013).

The society of today is always in a state of instability that is based on the conceptuality, technology and sociality. Therefore, in order to survive in the constant changing world, it is necessary to think creatively as well as critically[6].

The abilities of both the thinking style is useful for the development of personality, education and economy. Both the thinking pattern plays an equal role in the construction of a better and enhanced andragogy.


The articles that have been discussed above are effective in understanding the concept of the critical thinking and the creative thinking. Moreover, the articles further infer that the thinking style is effective in increasing the quality of the students and avoiding plagiarism in their work. The plagiarism can only be avoided when the individuals are able to develop their thinking capability and bring innovation.

Thus, the various relevant research paper studied in this particular project helps to infer that the critical thinking and creative thinking can be effectively used to overcome plagiarism.

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