Recognizing that inaccurate history often subtly encourages continuing white supremacy, the National Education Association (NEA) commissioned these articles and has posted some of them in somewhat various type at its internet site. We thank Harry Lawson as well as others at NEA the payment, for editorial recommendations, and for other help.

The usa is going into the sesquicentennial of Reconstruction. No other period is therefore lied about. An «aha moment» convinced me personally of the, long ago in January, 1969. I happened to be teaching at Tougaloo university in Mississippi. I asked my «Freshman personal Science Seminar» on the very first day of class, «exactly what occurred during Reconstruction?» Sixteen of my seventeen students, all African Us americans, responded: That was the period immediately after the Civil War, when blacks took over the government associated with the Southern states, however they were too soon away from slavery, so that they screwed up, and whites had to dominate once more.

This famous old picture, of two widows in front of Richmond ruins in belated 1865 or 1866, just isn't exactly what Reconstruction ended up being about. Reconstruction means the political reconstruction of Southern state governments, including their readmission to your usa, as well as the nationwide ideological motion, North and South, to grant equal rights to African Americans.we sat stunned. At least three lies resided because sentence. African People in the us never ever «took over»; all Southern states had white governors during Reconstruction, and all but one had white legislative majorities. The Reconstruction governments couldn't «screw up.» They adopted the most effective state constitutions most Southern states have ever had, started public schools for African People in america, and passed a number of other beneficial measures.

I checked out nearby high schools and watched teachers presenting uncritically product on Reconstruction in textbooks written throughout the pre-Civil liberties era. I quickly understood. My pupils had merely learned whatever they had been taught. This taught me personally that history was indeed implemented as a weapon against my students. To some extent it still is. Consequently instructors should give pupils tools to use in self-defense. Probably the best of the is historiography.

Put most merely, «historiography» means the study of history. When ended up being this history written? Who had written it? Whom didn't write it? Can it be considering legitimate sources?

Reconstruction offers an excellent solution to introduce students to historiography. Instructors can see used bookstores, which sell old textbooks for as little as 50¢. Many published before 1923 will also be on the internet. Different editions of the identical guide offer an especially effective demonstration associated with the significance of historiography. The 1966 edition of United states Pageant, for instance, not yet influenced by the Civil Rights motion, took largely negative views of blacks and of Reconstruction: «The ill-prepared colored voter, duped by Radicals, had allegedly done so defectively your [white] South discovered further justification for doubting him the ballot.»

Fortunately the exact same guide, precisely 40 years later, emphasized accomplishments: «The radical legislatures passed away much desirable legislation and introduced many defectively needed reforms. The very first time in Southern history, steps were taken toward establishing sufficient general public schools. Tax systems had been structured; public works had been launched.»

Students cannot conclude that both editions are accurate — they're simply too various.

In reality, white physical violence, maybe not black colored ignorance, was one of the keys problem during Reconstruction. The figures are astounding. In Louisiana inside summer and autumn of 1868, white Democrats — then celebration of white supremacy — killed 1,081 African United states and white Republicans. In one single judicial region in North Carolina, a Republican judge counted 700 beatings and 12 murders of his party members. More over, violence had been only the many visible element of a broader pattern of white opposition to black progress. Pupils will discover these facts and many others in Eric Foner's Reconstruction. Comparing textbooks against facts then primes them to think about how and exactly why authors might get up to now astray between about 1890 and 1965, and just why they finally improved after about 1970.

Important Reading

  • Loewen, «Five Myths About Reconstruction,» Washington Post, 1/25/2016,, shows how distorted views of Reconstruction affect competition relations today.

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