Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation Essay


Discuss about the Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation.



Overpopulation is a condition where the number of the existing population exceeds the number of resources available for the survival of the population comfortably. This condition is undesirable as it affects the ability of human capacity in that environment to be adequately productive thus becoming an issue. This condition is or can be influenced by various factors that some include; reduced rate of mortality, reduced use of birth control measures, and availability of better medical facilities with well provided medical services among others (MONROE, 2014). Overpopulation is one of the major threats to human growth and development today because it influences massive increase of environmental pollution, overconsumption of the natural resources such as farming products, fresh water, and land among others.

Overpopulation is an environmental issue that has resulted in various effects. These effects tend to negatively affect the rate at which activities intended for development take place due to overutilization of the available natural resources. Some of these include;

Increased conflicts and wars. As a result of the increased population over the available natural resources results to disagreements and wars (SINGH, SINGH, & SRIVASTAVA, 2017). As a major effect, the strain of resources to utilize on development issues of both the environment and the people has been encouraged. For the development of both the people and the environment at large, natural resources are very important and its depletion results to disagreements. Example, water is a natural resource that is required by both human population, as well as the environment and its over depletion, may result in reduced life span, low levels of development, as well as reduced human activities as nobody, can survive without water (EMMOTT, 2013).

The high cost of living as well as increasing rates of unemployment. Overpopulation is characterized by increased number of population that is focused on using the same set of natural resources. As a result, people tend to strain on acquiring the same resources important for survival thus increasing the cost of acquiring the products (CAFARO & CRIST, 2012). This is very unfortunate and is an issue that negatively affects the environment as a whole. Increasing rates of unemployment have also been as a result of increasing rates of the population that only the most qualified ones tend to acquire the few existing job opportunities. In some cases, overpopulation tends to employ the scientific fact of survival for the fittest as only the few can get access to the resources as well as the existing job opportunities.

I choose this topic on overpopulation because it’s really a big issue. Having outlined the various effects enhanced by overpopulation on the rate of growth and development of both the environment and human population, it’s clear to notice that this condition is a real threat for development. To improve on this, the condition can be reduced or positively dealt with through empowering people on the need to control the rates of population growth. This can be done by providing adequate sex education as even the very young are giving birth in this era, create awareness on the use of family planning methods among the people as a measure of birth control among other factors. Overpopulation is a serious and big issue and should be controlled using the right means.


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