English Assigment Complaint Letter Essay


1. Writing a Message of Complaint.
2.Writing an Adjustment Message.
3.Writing your own Professional Text about Hong Kong Environment in these ten years.


1.Message of complaint to Mr. Kappel for inconvenience in the Hotel:

Mr. Kappel,

My name is ABC and I am writing this letter after my stay at your Pacific Hotel last week. This letter is written because of your poor services provided by you to your customer with higher level of customer dissatisfaction. I choose this hotel because of information presented on your website which shows completely different picture, and such picture does not exist in reality. You claimed on your website that you provide many amenities and other facilities to your customers, but such amenities and facilities are not provided by you even in your super deluxe rooms. My experience in your hotel was worst even before the time of check-in in your hotel.

Hotel car sent by you at the airport was 40 minutes late because of which I have to wait at the airport and I get late for important meeting. Car sent by your hotel staff at airport was not comfortable at all, and to the height of irresponsibility your driver was unaware about the passenger details, and driver took the luggage to the room without informing me.

Amenities claimed by you at hotel websites are not available in the rooms such as internet connection. You have included free Wi-Fi in the list of amenities you provided to your guest but after check-in there was no internet connection in the room. I have also stated the special request for internet connection before making bookings but then also your staff members does not entertain my request which cause undue hardship to me. I have to make presentation for meetings and because of this issue I am not able to make presentations.

Things are not over there because at the first day of my stay at your hotel there was no hot water in the bathroom and because of this I am not able to take shower at first day. The staff member of Room service does not attended any of my calls for hot water or cleaning up the rooms, and I had to drag the staff member along with me after calling for the hot water service for 20 times. There are some electric appliances in the room which does not work. This is how you treat your guest, I hope.
If I raise issues outside the room then your staff was not helping at all, and table tennis court does not have any equipment other than the tables. Other games stated by you on your website were just for making your customers fools.
In short, you guys totally shattered by business trip and also cause me undue hardship. I am going to write all these comments on website of your hotel, and will definitely make sure that your property does not even get single star. Your property and services provided by your staff are worst and not even worthy to be checked-in for free.

2. Reply for customer complaint letter:

Invoice number: 4567

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter, and firstly I would like to apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment you have experienced while dealing with our firm recently. Thank you for taking the time for the purpose of communicating us why our product does not meet your expectations. We assure you that we address your issue and provide the best solution for the purpose of resolving your issue as soon as possible.

Your issues related to notebook computer model XLS are entertained by our experts and as per the team of our experts battery backup of this model is 2 hours which is clearly stated in the features of this model, and as per your description notebook showed the warning signal of low battery. This model shows the warning when battery reach the level of 10%, and it clearly means that you have to put the notebook on charge and battery backup of notebook also depend on the applications you use.

Manual related to this notebook are available in all languages and we ensure while framing the notebook manual that language of manual must be easy so that every customer is able to understand the language of the manual and resolve their issues at their own level.

Another issue stated by you was video port in the notebook and I apologize for inconvenience caused to you because of this. We will make sure that we fix this problem for you and try that you does not face any problem in the future from this device. Instead of refunding your money or replace the device we are ready to fix the problem of video port in your existing device without any cost.

We will make sure that complaint and feedback provided by you will be treated by us at immediate level and it also helps us to improve our service further. We also recommend your feedback to our technician experts so that they can make necessary changes in the future devices, and also note your feedback for the purpose of availability of information related to products and services as well as on the section of services provided.

For the purpose of dealing with your complaint and feedback we are forwarding it to our branch concerned, and it would be appreciable if you provide your product identification number so that we can proceed further with this matter. Once again please accept our apologies on sincere note and we look forward to serve you. For any further assistance feel free to contact our Branch Manager.

Best Regards,
Assistant Manager

3. Profession text on environment issue in Hong kong.

Different types of waste are generated by Hong Kong, and it is necessary that each waste would be handled as per its own requirements. It is the duty of EPD to check the statistics on regular basis on each type of waste such as composition, quantity send for the purpose of disposal and recycled.

Solid waste collected from households, commercial and industrial sources are included in the Municipal solid waste, but it does not include construction waste, chemical waste, clinical waste, and other types of special waste. MSW is disposed of at landfills.

In Hong Kong, food waste is considered as major constituent of Municipal solid waste. This waste produced during the time of food production, processing, wholesale, retail, preparation, and also includes meal leftovers and expire foods. This waste is highly degradable which can result in bad odor and hygiene problems.

Waste related to construction includes that waste which arises from construction work such as construction, renovation, demolition, land excavation, and work related to roads. While sorting and separation of waste, inert material is used for the purpose of filling in reclamation sites and in case of non inert portion waste still goes to landfill.

Chemical waste includes substances classified under the Waste Disposal (Chemical Waste) (General) Regulation, and this type of waste cause serious risk to the health and environment.

Clinical waste includes waste generated from different healthcare entities, laboratory, and institutes for research practices as stated in section 2 and schedule 8 of the waste disposal ordinance, and its proper management is necessary for the purpose of minimizing the danger to public health or environment.

Waste cooking oils include those oils which are abandoned from any process of cooking for the purpose of human consumption, no matter whether originally they have been used for that purpose such as grease trap waste, cooking oil which is used, and cooking oil which is unused because of abandoned reason like spoilage, other than those from households. WCO must be properly handled for the promotion of recycling of local resources and prevent them from reentering into food process.

There are some special wastes also which includes carcasses of animals, waste related to livestock, radioactive waste, grease trap waste, sewage sludge and also includes waterworks sludges. It is necessary to treat these wastes separately, and many arrangements are introduced for conducting the proper treatment and disposal of these wastes but such things required more time and more facilities.

Other wastes are solid in nature and include dredged mud materials which are excavated in nature, and this type waste disposed of at marine disposal sites. Disposal of waste is considered as complex process and includes more process and not only recycling. There are some crucial measures which related to waste reduction strategy such as minimizing waste and avoiding the generation of waste.

In 2013, Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013–2022 was published by Environment Bureau which states the comprehensive strategy, targets, policies and action plans for the purpose of managing the waste in coming future that is 10 years with aim to handle the waste crises in Hong Kong. This blueprint also sets out the target for the purpose of reducing the per capita disposal rate of MSW by 40% by the end of 2022, and for achieving this goal blue print sets out policies and actions in these areas and also set out policies and legislations.

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