Employment skills Essay

Today, in the era of rapid global growth, there is really high request for skilled employees in any company. Also, it is vital to get suitable job and have a place in social life, for every person. Relatively, learning this module is considered as the most effective way for them who would like to reach excellence in the respective field. In view of this, in this report I would like to provide assessment of my development and main skills that is needed for any organization in my country and evaluation of my developing skills by a formative team exercise. Furthermore, at the second part of my report, abilities that should be gained and weakness sides required to be improved and personal development plan will be given which demonstrates personal progress period from 12 to 18 month.



Improving our key employability skills that is required by every company in Tashkent, was the main goal for this semester. To implement this, formative exercises were organized by our teacher and in order to comprehend and master these skills in more detail we had to be divided into small groups. Through the team exercise we were able to overcome in the areas of weaknesses and it enabled us deeper comprehension of topics taught in the University. In fact, during this semester, we were able to make main changes, improve our knowledge and go over anything taught by our tutor. Some skills that are obtained during group activity I would like to discuss here, further on:


As I have mentioned above, we had been separated into small groups and went several companies to get interview from HR managers. During one of these interviews, we were interested in the company called Uzbek Chinese trading house due to their offering facilities to employees and we gave our resume to apply for internship program. Fortunately, we were accepted to internship for 2 month. As this skill is really vital in work, I tried to develop communication skills with the aim of getting rid of skills mismatch during my internship process. Since we had to constantly encounter and communicate with managers and staff of this company owing to some issues and needs of it, our communication skills were improved. Exploring this skill aided me to express my emotions and wants, as well as, sharing relevant issues, my desires and feelings with other people. Also, as interviews required to speak to business people and I had to use written communication due to my internship, both my verbal and non-verbal, written and spoken versus of communication were improved. Besides, I realized that as a sender I have to encode my message obviously to a receiver, that means discussion should not be time consuming. Moreover, because of having other responsibilities in this job, it enabled me to be more concentrated person and an attentive listener.

2.1.2.Decision making

During our team project I had to make decisions in order to find solutions for some problems through choosing a course of action within some corresponding alternatives. Making decisions was really difficult for me, since there were incident, conflict and refusal nearly in every decision. In fact, the most struggling stage was to find one proper choice that eventually positive effects and consequences may overcome probable damages. Besides, I grasped that this skill is one of the main component of time management. Due to the fact that if I would like to study making proper choices, finding these decisions myself and receiving the result and corollary are the best choice for being in control of my time. In our interviews, we asked from HR managers about the main factor for development of decision making skills and the HR director of General motors company Zarina Abdushukurova said us what we had to gain was more practice and she highlighted the importance of this decision making process too. She also stated that her words hinted an interesting fact as well: by spending more time on practice to make decisions, we make problems easier to solve that means finding easier way to reach desired targets.

2.1.3.Problem solving

As I had to participate in group activity by this module exercise, I faced set of problems and conflicts with my groupmates. Firstly, mismatch of our mind and outlook made me irritate, yet even though we tried to avoid us from problem solving, after finding solutions we had an ultimate sense of pleasure and fulfillment. However, attaining these feeling was not easy for us. During this struggle, I searched some ways of group problem solving. As a result, I had to look through American educational philosopher Jon Dewey`s 7 step process of group problem solving which produced some positive results. Owing to this search, I comprehended that firs of all, I should define the problem, then analyze it, after that establish criteria, then consider probable solutions, afterwards decide on this resolution and finally, implement it. After all, I realized that problem is inseparable part of our lives and it is inevitable truth. Also, it not only leads us to getting out any circumstances or problems capably, but alment ability in problematic situations. Respectively, when we went to Akfa company, during interview, the HR director of Akfa company Yunus Abdurahmonov stated : “much of research argues that problems are typically food for the people brain.” so it makes us a person who thoroughly analyzes problems and develops self-manage

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