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The SPC Ardmona is an Australia based company owned by the mother company Coca-cola Amatil that mainly focus in the packing of tomatoes and fruits and has an operation factory in Shepparton that specializes in canning. Due to the tearing down of the agreement of the SPC Ardmona, many farmers are facing a huge crisis. The sources in the industry said that the agreement was on the verge of collapsing as retailers (supermarkets) used new ways to cut costs by changing to buy from new suppliers and possibly to lower-priced imports from countries like China to bring most of its fruits and vegetable products.

In 2012 the Prime Minister Tony Abbott got it so wrong about the SPC Ardnoma agreement could it be staff members in the P.M ‘s office that gave a poor briefing of the summary of which Mr. Tony Abbott made his comment on the basis of the conference soon after the cabinet session (meeting). His cabinet rejected a twenty-five million dollars plea from the SPC Ardmona to develop its business in the state of Shepparton. The company (SPC Ardmona) very interested to offer the huge variety of opportunities in the career in different locations. The SPC Ardmona is a company control holding in the ASE (Australia Securities exchange). It clearly showed that more opportunities for experienced people the employees at their leading products such as the Grinder coffee and coca-cola among many others either in the country (Australia) or outside the country/abroad. The SPC it’s Australia’s only and last company that processes vegetable and fruits it is due to be closed because of the government refused to proceed to grant the twenty-five million assured by the previous labor administration or government (Bamber, 2010).

Toyota Worker entitlement disputes is another critical case that reflects the impact of workplace agreement in addressing existing conflicts or disputes between the workers and their employers. The dispute between the company and its employees was based on the inability of the organization to provide the employees with their benefits and entitlements forcing the government to intervene in a court action that created the agreement. From a business management perspective, the existence of disputes within the workplace has a significant role in shaping the overall image of the organization as well as how the leaders relate with the employees (Bamber, 2010). The case of Toyota exemplifies the need to have effective workplace agreements to enhance chances of effective dispute resolution. The dispute of Toyota can be compared with the disputed agreement in context to demonstrate the key similarities and differences as well as recommend effective actions in similar issues. The similarities in both SPC Ardmona food processing company and the giant car manufacturer Toyota is the way employees can no longer look up to the Tony Abbott(P.M), Glenn Stevens(economist) for assistance in to handle the wealth (Loughnan, 2012).

The national employment standards requires employment entitlement at ten minimum to be provided to the workers. The national employment standards and minimum wages make up the required minimum entitlement for workers in SPC, Toyota and among many others in Australia .contract, employment, registered agreement or other agreement and employment cannot cater for conditions that are few than the national employment standards (NES) or the national minimum wage. The NES bring around the circle example like agreement, working hours, redundancy pay and termination and finally leave. The main purpose of this inquiry, national employment standards (NES) set a few minimum conditions in order request flexible work arrangements and the assessment to leave. The Fair Work Act, the setting of minimum agreement for every employee under the NIRS (national industrial relations system) was included in Australia wage pay and standard conditions. The Commonwealth law had not before thought to relate the employment terms and conditions so straightforward outside the public sector. the Australia fair pay and conditions standards (AFPCS) was replaced Fair Work Act with the national employment standard issuing standards in relation to redundant pay, leave, requests for work arrangement to be flex and community service (Loughnan, 2012). It provides a basis for the proposals about amendment or access to the ALRC the NES, considers that it is mandatory to provide an outline of s perspectives of the stakeholders to express their views with great respect to the role of the national employment standards, and the roles of business and the government in addressing domestic violence as a workplace issue . The NES play a big part in providing minimum entitlements as a safety net for the NSE (National System Employees).


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