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Employee relations at the work place are one of the fundamental responsibilities an organization should prioritize through their Human Resource Management. It determines the working mood within the organization and boosts staff morale (Hussain & Ahmad 2012). Most organizations that pay close attention to their employee relations strategy, and implementing them to the latter; have a higher chance of benefiting from a contented and determined workforce (Burma 2014).

Summary of the Meeting with the Employees

From the meeting with the employees of the Adept Owl Games Company, the employees expressed their concerns regarding what they required from the company’s management. At the top most of their wish list was their welfare that is, they needed the company to be flexible in balancing their working hours and their personal life. That the organizations should set specific working hours that should not interfere at any given time with their personal lives. In addition, the meeting addressed the employees’ concerns about harassment at the workplace and discrimination issues. The employees asked that, the company should treat them with dignity and avoid any measures that may only harass and frustrate their efforts within the company. Discrimination according to them involves any form unfair treatment to a section of employees and favoritism to a section of the other. They advocated for equal opportunities for all in regards to issues such as promotion and even hiring of the new recruits (Wright & Nishii 2007).

The Employees’ Needs as Compared to the Company’s Strategic Objectives

In relation to the strategic objectives of the Adept Owl Gaming Company, there is a close connection as the company has adopted strict policies that address most of the employees’ plights and their interests (Muller 2014). For instance, the company has anti-discriminatory regulations that aim at unifying all of its employees, in terms of various determining factors such as gender, age, relationship status among others. Therefore, the sensitive needs outlined by the employees include:

Equality and Fairness

Anti-Discriminatory laws

Employee basic Welfare

Employee Relations Strategy for Adept Owl Games Company

The company’s strategy will be based on the strategic objectives set out for the company which includes the need to have a closely integrated work force and satisfied with the provision of services towards them by the management (National Occupational Standards n.d.). Therefore, on that note, this strategy will basically be based on the four basic parameters:

Equal Employment Opportunities

The company will provide equal employment opportunities for the employees. The employment opportunities include job promotions within the organization. Having a harmonized field for the employment opportunities eliminates the bias in the recruitment process and also increases the chances of having a better and qualified workforce free from the influence of personal interests.

Flexibility and Work/Life Balance

Another better way of improving the employee-organization relationship is by addressing the work balance and the personal life balance. On the flexibility agenda, the company intends to have part time employees only report for their duties during the time they are supposed to be at their work stations. The company understands that the employees are social beings with other personal matters to run; hence their welfare must not be compromised. However, all these will also be done in a way that does not jeopardizes the organizational operations.

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment

This strategy aims at boosting the general relationship among the employees. All the discriminatory actions based on gender, social status, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity among others shall be dealt with strict concern. Equality is on the top priority of the company in increasing their close ties with their employees.

Fair Recruitment Process

The company has invested in a human resource department that recognizes fairness in the selection criteria and ensuring that all the employees get an equal chance of getting selected for new posts within the organization. And even for those who in the recruitment process for the first time, ensuring equity in the selection process is one sure way of promoting good relations with the company (Leat 2014).

The Risk Management Strategy

The Adept Owl Gaming company understands the risks associated with the granting too much freedom to their workforce. As much as it is a better strategy that aims at improving and boosting the relationship between the company and the and the employees, it is also fundamental to understand that the company needs to come up with a risk management strategy, to regulate the process (National Consumer Commission n.d.).

Negligence and at the Workplace

The risk that accompanies flourishing employee relations is the negligence at the work places. The increased levels of freedom granted to the employees as one way of improving their welfare may lead to the increased work negligence. Too much freedom may lead to the misuse of the freedom granted. Therefore, effective measures are necessary to be put in place address such cases. Penalty measures are required to curb on the complacency and negligence of the employees.

Employee Discontent

The disgruntlement among the employees is a common occurrence. And while it is widely recognized that theses may arise as a result of the management’s negligence and poor management style, it may also arise from just an ever complaining labor force, with a lot of demands. In such a case, careful address of the employee needs is necessary. This risk requires a tactful way of approaching it as it may lead to damaging results if not clearly attended.

The strike Risks

Dealing with strikes is a tricky moment for the organization. It may result in a lasting bad impression on the management and also the organization. However, strikes are results of cumulative management blunders over time. It is therefore necessary to curb this risk by addressing pertinent issues that the employees raise, to avoid further unnecessary damages (EEA & Norway Grants 2013).


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