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Discuss about the Employee Relations and Human Resource Management.



This paper develops work plans for The National Camper Trailers Ltd Pty. The paper also develops a formal warning process for campers and determines the resources required to allocate the tasks required to be accomplished in the job. A performance management and review process for National Camper Trailer is developed to gauge the performance of the organization. The performance measurement systems used in the company are analyzed and the feedback sessions are also analyzed in this assessment. In addition to these, the text describes the program of training the staff in performance management and the performance management of all staff in the organization is reviewed and the feedback is used to undertake corrective action.

In order to develop work plans, it is important to consult line managers and supervisors. This is because they will help in understanding the tasks that needs to be accomplished in their particular departments and the work flow in these departments. Consulting the line and departmental managers will also help to understand the specialization and the role that each employee is best suited for and therefore ensure everyone is allocated a role that fits them best (DelPo, 2015). The resources that are available to accomplish the work plans include Expo Trucks and vehicles, land and buildings, manufacturing equipment, spare parts and caravans. There is also high demand for human resource since the industry is labor intensive.

Task name

Assigned to

Engineering works. This position involves activities such as trailers, wielding, working on chassis, suspension, laser alignment, towing points and balancing trailers)

Billy(overseeing 15 other staff)

Fit-out to ensures that the caravans meet the specifications of customers

Michael(20 staff)

Accounting and cash flow-budgeting and budget monitoring, managing cash flow and paying suppliers


Human resource and work in process, allocating task to workers, managing payroll and implementing Hr programs and policies. Recruitment and disciplining employees


Sales and marketing,-establishing good customer relations, managing the’ Expo truck tours’, overseeing the advertising and promotional activities.

Dale and Sheryl

Formal warning process work plan

This is the process of warning an employee whose performance has not improved despite the numerous attempts to improve their performance. The following are the steps to help conduct a formal under-performance meeting.

  • Arrange to meet the employee at a place with minimum interruptions
  • Inform the employee of the reasons you want to meet him
  • Describe the under-performance issue
  • Identify steps taken thus far to resolve the issue
  • Listen to the response of the employees
  • Consider the response of the employee
  • Give new targets and follow up process

There are different methods used to measure the performance of an employee. Some of these measures depend on the goals and objectives of the company. The performance of the employees at NCT will be on the basis of; percentage increase in profits, percentage increase in the num6ber of customers, increase in advertising and promotion activities, accuracy of budgets and reduction of costs of the organization.

The performance management review also conducts the review in accordance with the policies of NCT that requires employees not to be distracted from performing their work appropriately. The performance management process of the company involves planning, coaching and reviewing the processes. A formal database can be formed and to store data on individual performance of each and every employee. The database can be used as a source of reference in future when reviewing the performance of an employee. Staff training programs will be developed to train staff on how to follow their work schedules and to accomplish their personal and organizational objectives.

To train employees on performance management processes created, I would organize training sessions and train them on how to develop individual work schedules. The work schedules should be weakly and they should depend on the tasks allocated to an employee by the supervisor (Debrincat, 2014). The employees should prioritize the tasks and give them weight. By weighing the tasks, an employee will be able to know which task to perform first and which tasks should be performed last. In order to manage performance, employees need to set goals and objectives that are line with those of the organization. Methods of measuring performance on a daily basis should be determined so as to give an employee a road map that they should follow in order to accomplish the goals and objectives. An employee should compare their daily performance against their organizational and personal target so as to help determine the employee has performed as expected or not.

Informal feedback is of great importance in an organization and it plays an important role in improving the performance of an individual employee and in motivating an employee. Informal performance feedback refers to assessing the performance of an employee from a neutral human point of view depending on the way they conduct themselves and how they carry out their activities may motivate employees to work harder and hence achieve their performance targets.

I would advise employees on areas where they are not performing well depending on how they accomplish tasks allocated to them. For example, if an employee in the customer care and public relations department speaks rudely to customers, I will tell them to moderate their language and temperament and be friendlier to customers since they are at the core of the existence of the company. I would approach the employees in an informal and friendly manner so that they can take the positively and act appropriately. This would help to accomplish the achievement of individual employees.

Some employees who lack the requisite experience to perform tasks in an organization may require on job training in order to help them improve performance. In order to improve the performance of an employee by providing on job training, I need to identify the areas where the employee is under-performing and them re-schedule my work to allow myself time which can be used to offer practical lessons to the employee and to demonstrate and give them advice on how they can accomplish their tasks.

The customer satisfaction was low. This is one of the most important measures of employees’ performance. When the performance Craig Norton is weighed and compared to the performance standards of the company,it can be seen that he performs terribly. This is because,the employee has failed to implement his task of listening to employees complaints and addressing them or forwarding them to the management team. The feedback on the performance of the employee should be conducted by writing to the employee and informing them of a performance evaluation meeting. The message should explain why the employee is needed to attend the meeting and the questions they are required to answer. The employee will be allowed to present their case after which a feedback will be given depending on the information available and explanation by the employee.

For Damian Townsend, daily performance review and monitoring will be done in order to ensure that the employee in the fit-out session meets his low targets and exceeds them since they are very low compared to fellow employees. Damian will be required to report to the supervisor`s office every day for evaluation of his work. Weekly monitoring will also be done.

Two hours of training on fit-out per day should be allocated for providing Damian with an opportunity to practice and gain extra knowledge on the fit-out department of the organizations.

I would also spare leisure time and train Damian on fit-out so that he can get a chance to improve his performance. The employee needs to be offered counselling services on the importance of performing well at work. These services will be offered once in every week.

I agree with the performance improvement plan presented to me and am committed to doing everything required of me to fulfill the plan.

In this scenario, I see no need of a human resource specialist. This is because, the poor performance of Damian Townsend is down to lack of experience and knowledge on the department and tasks which he was allocated. The solution to this problem is therefore to train the employee or allocate them tasks that they are good at and hence maximize their value to the organization.

I would reinforce performance of Damian by recognizing when he improves in performing some tasks and also congratulating him for his effort and desire to learn how to do the job. This will motivate him to worker harder and to learn at a faster rate. Continuous feedback will help in monitoring the performance of the employee and therefore help in taking measures to help them improve further.

I would counsel Damian by trying to show him the importance of the honoring the meetings and improving his performance at the workplace. I would issue him with a stern warning and tell him that his job was in line since his performance was disastrous and almost all employees were twice as productive as a he was. The disciplinary process would involve calling him for a meeting and giving him a formal written warning.

In order to dismiss an employee for gross misconduct and under-performance, a clear disciplinary process has to be laid down. I would give the employee at least three written warnings before taking the decision to fire him. I also need to be aware of constructive discharge. I would ensure that the working conditions are suitable for the employee to perform tasks and therefore they cannot make this excuse.

The files that should be used to record the performance of employees include; daily employee performance evaluation file, weekly performance file, and monthly performance file. A form of evaluating the behavior of employees at work also needs to be kept. The other documentation is that of the personal performance targets of the employee which can be used as a basis of assessment of performance.


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