Emirates NBD Bank History Essay


Explain Emirates NBD bank history.


Emirates NBD is one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East. The financial service sector was formed in the year 2007. The formation of the bank was a result of merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD). This merged financial corporate body became a regional blueprint in the banking and financial sector because it was formed by the combination of second and fourth largest banks in UAE. Emirates NBD has turned out to be the market leader and operates in country as well as overseas (Acharya). The bank operates in UAE, Egypt, Singapore, UK and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The discussion is based on the eminent Emirates NBD banking groups of Arab. An analysis of the business process that the commercial unit follows will be done.
The bank has a total asset of AED 388.1 billion. The Bank has more than 220 branches with over 900 ATMs and CDMs. The merged financial group is one of the fastest growing Islamic banking affiliated corporate bodies. NBD has well positioned in the contemporary market and is delivering outstanding values to its customers, shareholders and employees as well. Currently more than 9,000 people are employed in this banking service sector that has made it one of the largest employers in UAE (Chris). Management of the bank focuses greatly on customer satisfaction and comes up with better and innovative ideas to reach the level of customers’ satisfaction.

Millennium partners’ overview

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the Chairman of the bank. Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim is the Vice Chairman. Buti Obaid Buti Al Mulla, Khalid Juma Al Majid, Ali Humaid Ali Al Owais, Hussain Hassan Mirza Al Sayegh, Mohamed Hadi Ahmad Al Hussaini, Shoaib Mir Hashem Khoory and Mohamed Hamad Obaid Al Shehi are the Company Directors.
Shayne Nelson is the Group CEO, Abdulla Qassem is the Group Chief Operating Officer and Surya Subramanian is the Group Chief Financial Officer. AAzar Khwaja is the General Manager Global Markets and Treasury and Giel-Jan Van Der Tol is the CEO of Emirates NBD Egypt. There are other important members as well (Emirates NBD).
The company was formed by the joint venture of two major banks and no such partnership or bonding is seen among the members of the bank. The members at the higher designation have been selected for their ability and their qualification (Dr.K.Vanitha). The Boards of directors meet on a monthly basis and talks about the development plans of the company. All types of reports such as financial report, Annual report and others are approved by the members of board of directors in such meetings.

Business model and customer customization

Dedication of Emirates NBD in this competitive market to make an efficient and streamlined organization has lead to incorporate some innovative and planned initiatives to focus on the needs of the customers. Some of these business development programs can be mentioned here:
• Business strategy: Customers’ experience always remains the core strategy for any decision-making process. Delivering an excellent customer experience remained the primary business strategy. Among the recent development, the management of the bank has focused on positioning the bank on digital platform and as one of the leaders in multi-channel banking that supports both online and mobile banking (Bueschken and Joachim). Drive a core business to run an efficient organization and expand geographically by building a high performing organization falls under the business strategies of the bank.
• Direct engagement of customers: The financial service company has made initiatives to focus on improving customer engagement in the financial operations of the bank. Using technology as a tool for improvement, the company has been able to deliver the service through a streamline digital process (Dalla). This initiative was undertaken by the management to gain a long-term benefit in the banking sector.
• Use of social media for marketing: The bank has also selected the digit media as a platform for their marketing. The Company has been continuously expanding its presence in the social media. The bank has its own Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and has huge number of followers. With this step, the bank has been able to connect with large number of customers and increased their presence both in Arab countries and overseas as well.
• Business innovations: Last couple of years it has been a remarkable year of innovation for the bank. The bank has focused greatly on internet banking that has provided a new browsing experience to the existing customers. The customer-connect program for Priority, Business and Personal Banking is also an important factor in the business innovation technique. All these factors are adding to the growth of the company.
• Different transaction facilities: Starting from personal banking to other facilities such as priority banking or the availability of plastic money like credit cards or debit cards have been provided by the bank to their customers. Corporate banking and institutional banking is also increasing from time to time.

Human Resource at Emirates NBD bank

Effort made by the Human Resource team of the bank in the recent years of business was mainly engaged to build a service culture, to enhance employee engagement and to develop talent for the future. If taken into consideration, employee engagement score has been improved from 55% in 2014 to 63% in 2015. This improvement has been able to achieve due to leadership quality of the HR department. There has been impactful action on the key drivers issues related to employee communication, recognition and career development (Felix and Kombo).
The company remains committed to the professional development of their employees and staffs. Focus has been made to improve the performance of the employees by greater engagement of the employees and leadership program. In their nationalization program, effort has been made to develop local leadership talent of the regions of operation. Continuous focus has been made to optimize the leadership commitment and impactful action plan.

Training program at Emirates NBD bank

The bank has launched certain learning programs in partnership with other business leaders with the intension of enhancing the customer experience in all points of business. The training program was focused on capability development and team building interventions that were the fundamental elements for delivering customer experience (Hempell). In order to motivate the employees, the management introduced relevant reward and recognition programs as well to gain excellent service from the employees.
The National Leadership Program that was launched by the end of 2014 was fully executed by development plans for 20 senior nationals who were later designated as senior leaders (Chris). All these training and development initiatives were driven in partnership with other businesses that was executed to achieve a high performance within the organization. Training has been given to top Managers of the bank by Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Cases Unit of the Central Bank of UAE. In fact, the employees and managers have been given online training as well. They are provided with a training module and a training session is conducted among the members. All these things add to the success of the bank and the same is reflected in the growth of the numbers of customers for the bank.

Customer service

The Chairman of the bank understands the uncertainty of the world market and the declining price of oil and market volatility. However, the Chairman has the opinion that there are plenty of reasons for business optimism in United Arabs. Despite such challenging situations, the balance sheet of the banks remains quiet strong due to their credit quality, structural quality and robust capital ratios (Toolsema).
Some of the steps taken by the committee of the bank to improve customer satisfaction can be stated here:
The services are consistent and reliable
Every member is committed as a team
Customers are provided with simple conveniences to access banking
Listening to the customers and resolving any issue or complaint timely is the main focus of the human resource management team of the Bank (Verner, Dorte and Mette)
‘Banker for a day’ is a special day that gives opportunity to the students to gain experience by working in the bank for a single day
Some other benefits enjoyed by the customers of Emirates NBD Bank can be listed below:
Customers can transfer money from one account to another
The Bank offers payment option for over 28 different payment partners (Bueschken)
Availability of a new credit card to the existing customers
Enabling or disabling any kind of service just by submitting a request
Adding beneficiary account easily
Get history of all transfers at any moment of time
Apart from these, the bank has been focusing on corporate social responsibilities as well. The management team of the bank understands the importance of playing a positive role in the society at large. They believe that a responsible bank cannot be only concerned about making profit and that they must focus on social activities as well. The bank focuses on social investment and enhances the welfare of the people (Koetter, Michael and Felix). The bank shows major concerns towards the persons with major disabilities and has been raising financial level to help to build empowerment for the disables and improve health and wellness.


The success of the company has been recognized by many prestigious awards. Names of a few awards received by the company can be mentioned here:
MRM Business Excellence award 2015
Dubai Quality award 2015
Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2016
Effies award 2016
Dubai Lynx award 2016 (Emirates NBD Scoops Three Awards)
Midas Award 2015
Global Cristals 2012
Financial Brand ranking Emirates NBD 22nd globally 2015
Euromoney Awards for Excellence in 2016
Asian Banker’s Best Mobile Payment of the year 2015
HRD awards in banking and financial sector 2016
Advertiser of the year award 2016

A memorable visit care for Emirates NBD bank customers

The mission of the company is to get globally recognized as the most valued financial service provider in the Middle East. Their main focus is to make customers’ lives simple by providing better solutions to fulfill their financial aspirations (Ramaj, Aurela and Raman).
Emirates NBD came up with the idea of Awesome Travelling Machine (ATM). This ATM is not a usual one but it was designed with the concept that the machine will follow the user. In a mall in Dubai, this ATM made everyone astonished with their innovative technology. It was seen that the ATM machine started following the users. It was an automated machine that made it memorable for every single person present there. This attempt can be considered as one of the initiatives taken by the bank to make it a memorable one. It was a completely new approach that has been made by any bank or any other commercial organization for the sake of publicity and public attention. With vivid kinds of expressions on the face of the visitors, it could have been easily assumed that the visit was indeed memorable (Awesome Traveling Machine). All such activities help in creating a positive image for the company and attracting more customers to be a part of their commercial unit.

End note

It is one of the largest groups of banks and has been utilizing the strong franchise and the power of capital for further growth in the market. The CEO is confident enough about the prudent business model and shall continue delivering opportunities of growth in the recent market scenario. In terms of customer service, the company has been focusing on creating better services to customers so that they can hold the loyalty of the customer base and make their visit to the bank memorable as well. Customers’ expectations are increasing and thus the management of the bank has to think of various ways to keep pace with their expectations.

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