Elder bullying Essay

The problem of elders being bullied and abused is defined by and takes place in many different forms. Emotional and mental abuse is described as any action, rhetorical or non- rhetorical, that diminishes an individual’s sense of integrity, honor, and self-respect. The removal of the elder citizen’s decision making powers and undermining that individuals aspirations; verbal coercion such as threatening to institutionalize or making a decision against the elder’s wishes is seen as a psychological attack on the elder person. Physical bullying is any act of brutality or irregular handling that will or will not cause physical pain or discomfort. Obscure wounds, such as bruises raised skin, cuts and untreated injuries are signs that the bully has hit, pushed, shaked, pinched or restrained the elder person inappropriately. Neglect is described as the in ability to supply the elderly person the basic needs they have rights too. Examples of these include but are not limited to refusing care and access to required services or medical attention, unprofessional medication practices such as not giving the proper amount of medication; or leaving the senior in an unsafe place and the failure to help in daily living are some examples. financially abusing the elderly is defined as a loss of monetary or personal articles for the elderly citizen which derived from inappropriate conduct that was completed with or without enlightening the senior; resulting in a financial or personal gain for the abuser. One can specify financial elder abuse through the misuse of a senior’s property and funds; as well as with a loss of personal items or coercing a senior to sign legal documents, and selling or moving their personal property or home. Bullying can also transform into sexual abuse; which is defined as sexual conduct aimed at a senior without their knowledge and consent. Sexual abusing the elderly is also defined as compelling that person into sexual acts through pressure, deception, threats or other methods. Sexual abuse is described as unwanted sexual contact between provisionary and the senior client as well as inappropriate remarks. These many definitions of bullying and abuse create a window into the sufferings of the elderly.

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