Effects of travel time in a selected shs students in mseuf Essay

Effects of travel time in a selected SHS students in MSEUF

Effects of travel time in a selected Senior High School students in Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation

A Research Submitted

To the faculty and Dean of the College of Computing and Multimedia Studies

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation

Lucena City, Quezon

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Practical Research 2 Subject requirements

for Senior High School- ICT

Joanna G. Rojo

April 2019

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Review of Related Literature 3

Fundamental causes of traffic 3

Effect of traffic in a Students 4

Disadvantages of traffic 6

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Fundamental causes of traffic

[image: C:UsersRuby Liza GabiaDesktopaceable.png] According to Darlito Bernard (2006), Traffic control is generally referred to procedures, devices, and communication system that help vehicles and vessels safety share the same roads, rails, waterways or air space. And also establishes a set of rules and instructions that drivers are avoiding collisions and other hazards in travel. Safe travel is for a pedestrian is an additional goal in highway traffic control. The traffic control techniques are the primary emphasis of traffic means of promoting this can vary from the simple improvement of the local streets by installing traffic signs and road marking to constructing a comprehensive motorway control system. The motorway systems are access road meters to monitor, control motorway; closed-circuit television surveillance to detect quickly any deterioration in traffic flow and emergency services in case of accident and injury.

Figure 1. Traffic Fatalities

According to the Aceable article (2014) couldn’t have already guessed, drunk driving is the number one culprit, followed closely by speeding. The good news is that both of these things can be very easily avoided by being a safe, smart, sober driver who's conscious of traffic safety practices. No alcohol before you get behind the wheel! We know you're a smart Aceable driver who learned about all this during the driver licensing process, but we want to make sure all our Ace lets are safe teen drivers. Speeding is listed as the second highest cause of vehicle deaths after alcohol. And also some cause of accidents is the road constructions site.

According to NHTSA, or the National Highway Safety Administration, (2014), 9",262 people were fatally injured in accidents caused by a motor vehicle speeding in 2014 alone. These weren't all in highway traffic either, speeding can be dangerous anywhere. There are speed limit signs posted everywhere for a reason.

US Department of the Transportation (September 2014), Traffic congestion may have three key of sources. First on it is traffic-influencing events, such as incidents, work zones, and bad weather condition, second is traffic demand means fluctuation in normal traffic and special events. Lastly is transportation infrastructure represents the traffic controls devices and bottlenecks. Moreover, these are responsible 40% of the overall is traffic congestion followed by traffic incidents such as vehicles accidents with 25 % bad weather conditions with 15% work zones with 10% and poor traffic signal timing and special events with 5% each one. Figure 2. Causes of Traffic

Undisciplined drivers, they ply our roads every day in vehicles of various shape and sizes of big vehicle and even counter flowing some of them have the temerity to stick a finger out at the early morning rush hour , undisciplined pedestrians stubborn jaywalkers are part of the problems on the road they are willing to risk life and limb just to could get to the other side of street and the bog volume of car in small road alone is billion of vehicles rolling over the road daily (De Los Reyes, 2014).

[bookmark: _Toc79513]Effect of traffic in a Students

According to Jc Verano (2018), some of the students are being late; most of them got low grades and some hindrances because of traffic. They got stress because of spending the time of more than an hour on the road, inadequate traffic enforcement, improper loading, and unloading of passengers jaywalking and etc. And it results to the low grades in academic performance of the students.

Cited by Rina Faturohman(2018) traffic is a situation in which vehicles jammed together or otherwise unable to move except slowly. Nowadays, traffic is becoming a big problem in many big cities, especially which does not have a good transportation system in the city. The number of people in the city is inclined to make a traffic problem as well. People tend to use their own vehicles rather than public transportation’s which are not satisfying in order to go to schools, to go to work, to go shopping, and so on. In addition, there is a lot of illegal parking areas which usually found on the sidewalks is making the get worse traffic around the cities. Moreover, a lot of people do not pay attention to the rules on the road as well.

The drivers may assault others by giving an excessive honking and so on. Moreover, if someone who is impatient may be likely to drive aggressively and dangerously that will cause some accidents on the road. The third point is about the personal loss or the delay. During the morning commute, there is additional stress because the traffic jam can make people late. At the end of the day, the afternoon rush hours are a frustrating time as well. It because the workday is the end and most of the people want to go home to relax, but the traffic is preventing.

Traffic is a serious problem in many big cities all over the world. This problem can cause some harmful effects as well. The effects of this traffic are divided into the effects on the environment and the effects on the human. Dealing with this problem, the government should make amelioration about the public transportation system to solve the traffic problems as well. And it is big problem for a student is may not come up with those quizzes that being missed because of getting late. And it can affect the student's academic performance.

Student transportation can have either positive or negative impacts on students’ academic performance and access to high-quality schools. The logistics of travel to and from school influence a student’s ability to get to school on time, her number of absences, and her availability to participate in before- or after-school activities (Blackmon and Cain 2015; Canfield et al. 2016; Grossman, Walker, and Raley 2001; Teasley 2004).

[bookmark: _Toc79514] Disadvantages of traffic

Millie Manahan (August 2016), showing up late connotes heaps of interpretation: if it occurs on minimal occasions that are acceptable. Otherwise, it affects relationships that could lead to integrity issues. He further stated that while it is important to portray an open-mind, slacking or tardiness brings a huge impact on the company. The most disadvantages of traffic are it could ruin your friendship or business relationship so let’s face it; we could only endure so much. If we keep coming in late or giving the same excuse, your credibility is at stakes, zero productivity is for someone who values time so much, being trapped in the traffic is your worst enemy as it loses your creativity and productivity. Imagine the time wasted just sitting in traffic – regardless if you are driving or not. In my case, for five days straight, I lost a total of 15 hours, about 3 hours give or take per day. Also, habitual tardiness since traffic is part of our lives now, we develop the habitual tardiness. Surprisingly, it’s now acceptable in the society to give “traffic” as an excuse for being late.

Wasting time of motorists and passengers- As a non-productive activity for most people, congestion reduces regional economic health. Delays-which may result in late arrival for employment, meetings, and education, resulting in lost business, disciplinary action or other personal losses. Inability to forecast travel time accurately, leading to drivers allocating more time to travel "just in case", and less time on productive activities. Wasted fuel increases air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions which may contribute to global warming, owing to increased idling, acceleration and braking. Increased fuel use may also, in theory, cause a rise in fuel costs. Wear and tear on vehicles as a result of idling in traffic and frequent acceleration and braking, leading to more frequent repairs and replacements. Stressed and frustrated motorists, encouraging road rage and reduced health of motorists. Emergencies-blocked traffic may interfere with the passage of emergency vehicles traveling to their destinations where they are urgently needed. Spillover effect from congested main arteries to secondary roads and side streets as alternative routes are attempted which may affect neighborhood amenity and real estate prices (Ilumu Mutu Dan Bud, September 2009).

According to Marvin Dookharan (2018) Disadvantages of traffic are Traffic accident injuries and deaths, causing traffic, Pollution caused by vehicles, Space used for roads and cars, Cost of maintaining and repairing roads, Parking issues, Not very useful for short-distance travel and Many roads are unused which is just a waste of space

[bookmark: _Toc79515]References

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