Effects of social media on one’s self esteem Essay

Social communication sites have been associated to solitude, trepidation, depression, narcissism, and poor skills when it comes to societal life. Self-esteem is outlined as an associate character’s overall subjective emotional assessment of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself. The opportunities for adolescents to create and maintain acquaintances in public networks as well as on the internet has multiplied within the past several years. Nowadays, adolescents are often living their lives in full view of an online audience. For those from a diverse generation, the notion of ‘checking in’ or allocation a selfie headed for the publics to know where you are and what you are up to might give the impression bizarre. Though on our present-day, getting ‘likes’ on photos, posts or comments in the virtual world can bring a powerful sense of attainment and community or the general public’s acceptance. But could this constant search for validation trigger negative thoughts about one’s own personality and body image? Might the endless comparison with other societies online cause a young person to feel dissatisfied with their own leading them to self-affliction?

Early 21st century had been a century of progress of social media. Since then these sites become a primary part of people’s lives, specially the lives of the youth. Many teenagers are using public networks, like Twitter, Instagram and especially Facebook, to build affiliations, to associate with the world, share and gain knowledge and information, build stronger personalities and have better social lives because these public networking sites are used by teenagers to get engaged in romantic and casual online relationships. It has been detected by dynamic behavior of people that public networks have so many negative effects on public. Social media help people to make public comparisons which increase the psychological distress of individuals and as a result lower the overall level of self-esteem. Several observers and investigators believe that due to increase in the usage of public network, people have become the sufferers of lower self-esteem and self-growth. Though many personages still believe that social media helps the people to be more socially active. It helps the people to be more friendly and be more open when it comes to their ideas and suggestion. Posting on social media is an example of sharing ideas and suggestions, making them more confident when it comes to their knowledge on one thing.

The first aspect that triggers our self-esteem is how we establish our identity. In social media, the real identity of one’s being may be disguised. The reason why some people say it is a vast instrument that could help others be a completely different person or freely express themselves more compared to their social status in real life. Particularly giving us access to have no limit to produce multiple virtual social life. As stated in the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences website, social media enables identity expression, exploration, and experimentation. It is something that’s usually assimilated for us humans. Though, there are certain instances because of the given opportunity to change oneself, others forget to be real and honest. Some are forced to alter their existence or maybe temperament simply to satisfy the interest of their viewers or followers in public networks. Continuously living a lie making an attempt to uphold the “perfect image” they need to be so they could simply feel accepted by the society. It has come to the point as if the other societies hold their character. It dictates them who they ought to be within the eyes of others. Body should be fit, sexy and attractive, pretty and handsome face is a must, and always have a bright and funny personality. The standard qualities people want to see. A goal that some desires in able to be popular and praised by others. Bit by bit scarring and burying their true self for them to obtain the feeling of worthiness. How shallow could us people be? Basing and setting standards to say one is worthy if they have fulfilled it completely. Such simple-minded thinking people have. Using social media to deprive one’s identity.

Public networking sites are online forms that are commonly popular among adolescents and young adults. This kind of platform allows interaction between two or more people. Thus, the explanation why cyberbullying can be experienced is due to the given access to interact with other through online. For by definition, cyberbullying is a type of bullying that takes place online. It could happen to anyone who has access to public networking sites. Since public networks’ use is continually growing within the adolescent population, cyberbullying rate is also growing. The effects of being cyberbullied is more on the negative side. Cyberbullying victim having low self-esteem because they are being criticized harshly online. People with low self-esteem are often troubled by their thoughts of not reaching the anticipations of others. They tend to overthink until all their perspective in things and other happenings are negative. Cyberbullying may also become a threat to the lives of people who experience this type of bullying. They become frightened to be true to themselves. One simple post, tweet, photo, or video could already be exposed to many people that can judge them through it. Even though we all know we have the rights and freedom to post whatever we want some still bash others to things that they do not like or agree to. That is why whenever they want to share their experience by posting it online, they hesitate to do it. It is like their actions are limited. They think that showing their true self would just be a waste of time because some people will just squander their post and by that their confidence is diminishing. So instead of freely expressing their experiences in a jubilant way, they always think of what the world could say. People who criticize one’s work are their hindrances to be free to do what they want. While some bully or make fun of other people to feel as if they are superior and to further entertain themselves. A foolish and twisted mind they have to be ignorant the fact that sometimes simple words could hurt others even though it is not physically. Thus, it mentally affects one's emotional and mental state. All of those judgments and criticisms are absorbed by a victim without uttering a word, screaming in silence, enduring all the pain. Until all those "simple words" are piled up that may lead to the worst scenario that can happen on a cyberbullying victim, suicide.

A given example of cyberbullying that affects one’s factual figures is spreading fake news online. Creating a misunderstanding in addition to false issues or rumors. Basically making someone look bad to other people’s perspective and corrupt one’s reputation. Once these false rumors are spread, one’s identity is ruined. The person accused do not often get the chance to defend themselves and prove that those rumors or accusations are false. For others easily believe what they see online while some are afraid to help the accused because they might get involved.

In conclusion, public media may possibly affect individuals in different ways liable on the situation. Public media could be a stepping stone to one’s peculiar growth or a step down to one’s self esteem. There are many proven examples of good and bad effects social media can give. What we can do is be aware of our actions, we should always be cautious of what we post virtual for publics to see, not just for our own benefit but for others as well, we may not be aware that we are offending other people because of our actions or words. We should always be prepared for what other people can say, being cautious does not mean everyone else will do the same. Being on public media is like being on an everyday battle field. Public media will always be there, but it will always be up to us if we are going to let it consume us. Social media can be helpful but sometimes it can also be dangerous, that’s why we have to be cautious for what we are see on online. “Think before you click” if you want to be secured about social media. You must think about it first if the site you wanted to view is harmful or not, and always be cautious when you are sharing a site or a link, because there are chances that your mobile device and laptop otherwise computer may be corrupted by some virus. Certain virus could access your private data figures or even the files in your device. Questions that goes through our head, “why do people post their emotions in life on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, to let others know what you are up to?” Your emotions and thoughts vibrantly exposed. Though the thing is we have the right to post or share whatever we want there just chances where others judge. Reacting on a certain post can be positive or negative, but people sometimes misunderstand your reaction. Sometimes these are the reasons why the one who posted on public media misunderstood their reaction then gets furious. It even comes to the point where issues would formulate. Nevertheless, we must accept the fact that we can’t avoid criticism. We must prepare for the worst but also know where we stand for public media is a crucial place for societies who desires entertainment.

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