Effects Of Emotional Intelligence Essay


Demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to promote the development of Emotional Intelligence in others and use others’ Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses to maximise workplace outcomes.


I was being appointed as a training coach and for the emotional guide for the employers for their training, quality and the development performances and to groom them when and wherever required. Coaching to the employers for their performance is one of the important part for the management of the company. The employees while performing towards their job who faces some traumatic situations, financial issues or any family disruption due to any or the other issues. I was being allowed to interrogate Pat, a super performer of the company for its deterioration from the performances.

Pat describes his performance in terms of high quality. He said he was very happy in his job. He was very much involved in his job. He maintained regularity, punctuatility and full attendance of the month without any delay or late comings. He was rater too punctual that he used to attend the office prior to the time than being late.

Pat explained his personal situation to be the disastrous ones, as he faced a huge loss in his family. He lost his wife and his child recently due to a car accident. He was very much dedicated towards his family as well. After the shift end, he nerve used to stay back at the office for any work, he was very scheduled in his daily work in his office as well as in his home. He loved his wife very much. The loss of a very special and close person was very much painful for him and considered as an intolerable pain for him that is dragging him from the concentration in his job, which is creating a negative impulse towards the company, the managers, the sales team even the customers who were dependent on him. The entire system of the circle was getting affected due to the psychological issue that is being faced by Pat.

While asking him about the job satisfaction, he was overwhelmed towards the company as they were proving him with the ample of support, salary and the satisfaction towards his job. He was absolutely satisfied with the job that is allotted to him, in the field of sasles and marketing that he always had to deal the customers with the proper affection, friendliness and respect.

Emotional Intelligence can be explained with the help of few model’s out of which, the ability model is considered to the one of the important and famous one. Pat’s emotional intelligence was being described by the help of the ability model. Listening skills and the empathy are considered to be the most important part in the EI. Empathy is considered to the one in which the emotions of the other people. Being a coach to the company and psychologist, listening to Pat’s issues and solving it, based on listening and showing empathy towards the issues faced by him.

Pat’s strength consists of his excessive polite and friendly behavior to the customers during the service of the sale and the after sales as well. He was considered to the dedicated performer with the selling skills. He was the dedicated sales man with all the certain qualities that is required for maintain a proper image for his performance. His present weakness lies in the emotional phase that he is facing due to the loss in his family.

While proving the empathy to Pat, it was clear that he was broken down emotionally and psychologically that he need to overcome the trauma and to join the work with his stable performance. I, being the coach explained him the necessity of the performance in the job and the performance of Pat is also vital for the overall performance of the company.

The personal, professional and team goals are-

  • Focus on the dedication of the work
  • Concentrate on the process of selling
  • Maintaining the politeness with the customer
  • Keeping the entire worries and the feeling for the loss of the family and to concentrate on the performance towards the work can help in the diversion of the concentration

Pat have committed that he will be focusing on his entire work by setting up his worries and to dedicate and concentrate on his job. He have committed that he will be maintaining his performance like before and will add more feather on the performance. He also committed that he will be performing hard in spite of the traumatic behavior.


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