Effective Writing And Analyzing A Comparative Report Essay


Discuss about the Effective Writing and Analyzing a Comparative Report.



Effective writing is the type of writing, which has logical flow of ideas and cohesion in the contents (Paxton 2007). This study will compare two discipline subjects namely Marketing Major and Music. The study will discuss the content, learning sources and methods of these two subjects. Apart from that, the study will also describe the career opportunities for both the subject and provide recommendation upon the subject.

Preview Point

Comparative study between marketing major and music can highlight different aspects of the twp subjects. Comparison of different elements and core content of these two subjects will illuminate also in its application areas. Marketing studies are the ideal points for the students towards seeking career in the field of marketing management, international marketing, organizational development and operational management. On the other hand, music is subject area with emphasizes on recognizing melody upon which music composition is based.

Comparative Analysis

According to Woodward-Kron (2004), marketing is the subject, which focuses on development and management of ongoing relationship with the customers, suppliers, partners, competitors and other stakeholders in an organization. The degree of marketing does not only relies on one subject area; rather it develops marketing skills and provides learning of psychology towards understanding the mind of consumers in an organization. Apart from that, the content of marketing subject mostly focuses on business and administrative studies. On the other hand, Coffin et al. (2003) opined that Music subject is the field of study, which is associated with learning music. Moreover, it touches the learning domains like cognitive domain, psychomotor domain, music appreciation and sensitivity.

According to Bravo, Lucia-Palacios and Martin (2016), marketing can be learned from different reputed universities both as graduate and undergraduate course. Apart from having classes within the universities, the student can also learn the subject over the internet. Various reputed universities provide online opportunities to the students for learning marketing and having degree on this subject. On the other hand, Juncos and Markman (2016) opined that students can also learn about Music subject from different arts and music colleges and universities. The teaching and learning method for marketing major and music is completely different. Music is something related to arts and marketing major is something related to practical approach used in an organization. Music subject cannot be quantitative in method, whereas marketing major can be somewhat quantitative in approach.

According to Coffin et al. (2003), student can get ample opportunities in marketing major towards getting appropriate jobs. Most of the students first get the opportunities in sales and assistant in general marketing. Apart from that, the graduates can also get opportunities in marketing research, public relation manager, consumer behavior consultant, advertising manager and many more. On the other hand, Woodward-Kron, R. (2004) opined that students can get enough career opportunities in the music field after pursuing music subject. Moreover, the students can start their career as music teacher, music tutor, music librarian and others. Later on, the students can also develop their career as musician, music composer, directors and many more.


While concluding the study, it can be said that Marketing Major Subject and Music are two different types of discipline. Marketing Major is completely related to practical approach used in the organizations. On the other hand, Music is completely related to arts and needs to have tough of creativity in every aspect. Marketing major provide career opportunities in business industry, whereas music provides career opportunities in music industry.


The students having more power in dealing with public and challenges in life should pursue marketing major. On the other hand, students having passion for music and instruments should pursue music as their subject. Both the subject has enough opportunities in developing careers in life. However, Marketing major is much more effective to develop their careers as business industries are more in number as compared to music industry.


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