Effective Speaker Essay


You will critique the speech performance of a famous speaker that was not watched and or discussed in class along with a serving politician, a late night show host, and or a public or religious figure in Dominican Republic.


Public speaking can be one of the most terrifying job, however a public speaker is the one who shares their views and ideas with a huge number of people and this is why the speaker has to deliver his views in such a way that the audience can grasp it properly. An effective speaker is one who imparts confidence, passion and authenticity in their performance. The speech should be able to attract the audience and engage with them. This essay will critically analyze the effectiveness of the speeches of two famous personalities, Mr. Victor Yushchenko and Mr. Leonel Fern?ndez Reyna (United Nations Official Document, 2018).

The speeches of Mr. Victor Yushchenko, the President of Ukraine and Mr. Leonel Fern?ndez Reyna, the President of the Dominican Republic are both very effective in their own aspects. Both the speakers have spoken about serious issues and in such a way that the audience was able to connect with the speech. The speakers spoke at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, which takes place at the headquarters of the United Nations which is in New York City. The audience in the General Assembly is quite large as it consists of the representatives of the 193 members states which are also members of the United Nations. The speakers spoke on a podium, and entered to give the speech when the acting president called upon the speakers. Both the speakers opened with an introduction in their speeches. President Reyna started the speech by congratulating the President of the General Assembly and also the member states. He then went on to introduce the topic of his speech which was the status of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) (Poverty, 2015). On the other hand, President Yushchenko started the speech with thanking the last sessions President and also welcoming the new President. Furthermore, he went into his speech with a philosophical approach, by establishing his base in the current scenario of the world. The main ideas of President Reyna’s speech was the current status and the progress of the Millennium Development Goals and how far it has been achieved. Whereas, the main idea of President Yushchenko’s speech was the establishment of peace and security in Ukraine and to take the help of the Security Council into taking up the issue of the above mentioned idea of global peace and security (Bachmann & Gunneriusson, 2015). Both the ideas were quite easy to follow as they spoke about the most common problems that have been occurring in the world such as poverty, peace and security. The speakers were both informative and motivating as the subject matter of global problems was a very touching and important subject for the members of the UN. The speakers spoke about two different topics but with one theme in mind and that is the problems and the solutions in the world. President Reyna spoke about the MDGs in a very practical way, by providing the statistics of the progress that have been occurring under the scheme. The speech was very elaborate and statistical and concentrated on the problems and the progress of MDGs. On the other hand, President Yushchenko spoke in a very philosophical and emotional manner to the audience, and also to make the members understand that the issue of peace and security is a very crucial matter all around the world. He also spoke in a very persuasive manner so that the issue would connect with the audience and further actions could be taken. Both speakers used notes to deliver their speech but also memorized certain points as they did not continually look at the written speech. They were well prepared and were able to connect to the audience by maintaining eye contact, along with the perfect deliverance of the speech. They used gestures to prove their point but also did not overuse it so that it seems exaggerated. In my opinion, both the speakers were able to establish a bond with the audience and the audience also reacted in a positive way. The speeches that were delivered were very compact and composed and to the point and also very impactful to the extent that they made me want to change my stance in the society and work for its betterment in whatever way I can.

It can be concluded that the overall presentation of both the speakers and their speeches were very good and more so as they were important personalities who knew how to connect with their audience. Had there been a chance, I would have definitely aid to hear and watch them speak about such important topics


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