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What Is The Effective Promotional Planning For E Business?



The study is focused on the development and implementation of the Caloundra music festival. This is one of the most decorated and huge music festivals which is presented by the Sunshine Coast Council. This music festival is basically held for 3 to 4 days. This is considered as the highlight of the Sunshine Coast Calendar. This is located at the Kings Beach and overlooking the water. The festival features diverse line ups of entertainment which is basically featuring the artists from the Australian music industry and it is delivered on multiple stages for 4 days (caloundramusicfestival, 2018). This festival has different types of entertainment to be provided for the music lovers, roving performers, beach side carnival, the free children’s entertainment and the guest appearances as well. In this year it should be featuring the artists who came for providing the thrilling entertainment involving different rock bands. There was entertainment for the children as well.

The music festival mainly targets the young band the semi young people. They also provide wide range of diverse entertainment packages for the children up to 12 years. This festival is mainly targeting the couples, friends, children and the families as well. The target market is expanding. In this music festival the Sunshine Coast Council is providing wide range of facilities for the target audiences so that they can stay in a proper way for 4 days.

Evaluate the major assets of the CMF

It is seen that there are some of the major assets of CMF which is held responsible for the generation of highest revenues for the Sunshine Coast Council as well for providing values to the target audiences. The list of major assets of CMF are explained below

Australian Singers and Dancers- The major assets of CMF are the Australian singers and dancers who are coming every year to participate in this huge music festival. They basically invite the different music artist like the Xavier Rudd and the United Nations, Ben Lee, Josh Pyke, The Badloves, Katch Fire and many more. The music artists are attracting huge couples and the young children from all over the world.

Children Entertainment packages- Each and every year, the children from Australia as well the other parts of the world come to participate in this festival. They provide huge and wide range of facilities through the types of entertainment which includes the Funky Forest, live art canvas painting, kids yoga, face painting, drumming and dancing, sand play and many more.

Facilities- They provide a large bar area as well the private bar which is considered as the assets of the music festival.

Drinking Stations- The sponsor is providing the large drinking stations where people coming from Australia and also from the other parts of the world could get the cool and clean water by which the target audiences are fully satisfied.

Accommodation facilities- The music artists and the other participants could be able to stay for long days as they provide the accommodation like the caravan parks, motels, serviced apartments etc.

Explain how these assets align with the existing sponsors

The sponsor is basically the Sunshine Coast Council. These are mainly the assets which are really useful for aligning with the existing sponsors. First of all the facilities provided by the council is useful for the music festival to be promoted and this results in enhancing the credibility and significance of this music festival. With the wider facilities to be provided to the target audience it is actually helping in attracting the customers from all over the world. This helps in making the music festival to be promoted in a proper manner. These assets will also help in improving the local community as they will be sharing the values and maintain the rich cultural heritage of this festival (caloundramusicfestival, 2018). This will definitely help the sponsors of this music festival to enhance the pride and educating the communities regarding the positive impacts of music and recreational events.

These assets also provide higher revenue generation for the council and they can be able to raise the fund for making this festival as the non profitable event as well. These assets will help in the enrichment of the local culture with the development and implementation of the music arts, thus creating n educational platform for the communities as well for the kids and the young who want to share their knowledge regarding the events they took part in and enhance the local culture and the character of the citizens living in the communities.

Determination of the current promotional tools used by Council

The current promotional tools which are used for engaging the stakeholders for the festival are depicted below in the table format


Promotional Tools


Official Website and Job Opportunities


Discounts and Official Website

Government of Australia


Community at Large

Prizes and Gifts

Evaluate the effectiveness of the promotional strategies and tactics for the Council and the festival

It is seen that for the employees the local Sunshine Coast Council is proving the opportunities for the new talents. These new talents should be hired by the council in order to make the festival to be implemented every year. The employees are given the responsibilities to look after the festival for the four days .They are also responsible for providing high quality services to the customers as well the tourists coming from the other parts of the world. They provide advertisements of the job openings in the official websites and from there, the interested candidates apply for the jobs in this CMF (Allison, 2014). The council committee is held responsible for the recruitment and hiring of the new and energetic talents for making this music festival to be executed in a huge way. The job openings are also advertised in the local newspapers, magazines and on the official website of CMF so that the employees are aware of the job openings and they should be making this opportunity to be counted.

The discounts for the children as well for the young are important in the promotion of this music festival. The local council provides different range of discounts for the target audience which will help them to get attracted towards the event. The tactic for the council is to attract and make the customers to come in huge count for the music festival to attend and this help in generating huge revenue for the council and this is making it profitable for the Council.

The next could be the prizes and gifts to be given to the participants who will be participating in the music festival. The prizes and gifts also act as an effective promotional strategy for the participants as this will help in attracting the tourists from all over the world to come and participate in this festival and stay for 4 days.

Description and assessment of the current revenue systems for the festival

The current revenue streams for this festival should be the discounts in tickets for the children as well the young people. The accommodation and the wide range of facilities to be given to the customers and the tourists coming from all over the world and staying perfectly for 4 days (Black et al, 2012). The job applications for working in 4 days in this festival for the new talents could be another source of revenue. They have to pay a certain fee for providing applications to the jobs placed on the official websites. The fundraising activity to be done by the local schools for this event to be organized as well is the other revenue stream which the local council is experiencing it.

Strengths of the revenue streams

The strengths of the revenue stream is that it will help in the promotion of the event to asset of targeted audience as well from the tourists coming to enjoy and get associated with the local culture of Queensland (cms.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au, 2018). The revenue streams helps in enhancing the profitability of the council.

Description of additional revenue streams

The additional sources which I have identified are going to the fund providing by the government. The government of Australia should be providing funds for making this event to be enhanced further and this will also make the revenue to be increased for the local council and for the government as well (van Leeuwen, 2015). This revenue stream will help in improving the local economy of Queensland in Australia.

Reasons for feasibility of the proposal

The local council should be sending written application from the local committee and the proposal for funding is given to the higher authority. This proposal is appropriate from side as this will help in improving the local economy and also helped in generating much more revenues for the local council as well for the government.


From the study it is evident that this music festival is useful in stimulating the local economy of Queensland. This will make the new talents to be able to get the employment opportunities by which economic growth of the country is achieved. It is also concluded that this will help in engaging different communities to come together and develop a diverse culture which is significant for the development of healthy community and unique environment as well (Jackson & Angliss, 2017).


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