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Discuss about the Effective Business Communication Uber.



It is essential that effective communication is practiced in business. Uber being a global Company, needs to ensure effective and intercultural communication. However, the company has been facing barriers to communicate effectively, since Uber operates in various countries.

Introduction continued

With the advent of globalization, Uber has spread in various countries. However, the interface through which the cabs are booked is multi-lingual, yet failing to cover all the languages across the world. Hence, operational barriers in intercultural interactions are faced.

Real business issues

Uber being internationally acclaimed transport facility, business communication is essential and inevitable. While in operation, Uber faces communication issues in virtual intercultural team.

Real business issues continued

The language is a major barrier in the communication of Uber. This language barrier needs to be mitigated as soon as possible, lest in hampers the business of Uber. The company needs to use various suitable communication models such that the communication barriers could be mitigated.

Communication model used

Meta-communication model is used in order to mitigate the issues of communication. This model highlights on the non-verbal ways of communication such as the tone, facial expression and body language that might help to understand what the person says, even if language is a barrier.

Solving the issues

Digitalization of communication has mitigated the issue of communication, since most of it is done using the digital version.

Solving the issues continued

Using the digital ways of communication, the issues of communication could be solved. Moreover, the Meta model of communication could also be used to mitigate the issue.


The meta-model of communication is effective in mitigation of the communication issues. The virtual communication among the different cultural groups is facilitated with the use of digitalization.

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