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Discuss about the Effect of Media Violence Exposure.



The revolutionary concept of using electronic media for the purpose of marketing communication is gaining extreme popularity with different genres of business organizations, and adding the extra element of social media has contributed large to the rapid growth that this concept has gained. Despite the charming popularity statistics of this marketing idea, different organizations are still sceptical about using SOME for their marketing mix due to the perceived risks associated with this idea limiting their use. There are various risks associated with the use of social media marketing for a corporate entity given the dynamic nature if customer market, and this is what is perceived as the risky society by the most of the business management authors (Andreassen, Pallese & Griffiths, 2017). The use of the new form of electronic form of media are done majorly on the marketing communication for gaining the full amount of the reputation with the organizations and adapting to the use of the social media is also enjoying the (SOME) for enjoying the particular form of the rapid form of growth. However, the organizations are been associated with the using of the SOME in the communication of the marketing arena (Utz & Breuer, 2017). The individuals tend to explore various forms of effectiveness for the procedural controls and the processes that are done for managing these forms of risks. The results also shows that the organizations perceives the three kinds of the risks that can be avoided in the companies from the increasing the use of the SOME. Corporate organizations applied form of the practical form of the controlling the mechanisms for managing time loss of the risks (Mathews, 2016). The familiarity of the organization with SOME was found for having the strong form of impact on the resources like loos of time and for the other types of the other forms of the factors of the risks. Several researches have reviled that the role of the proactive form of the focus and the control over the procedures that are been managed for the SOME related risks are very less being anticipated.

In a broader form, the social media actually refers to the phone or the application that are based on the internet for engaging themselves in the communication with the other form of people who are across space and the time. The most popular form of the social media are the Facebook and the Twitter which sufficiently serves the purpose for serving the main purpose. The other common forms are the Tumblr and the Reddit that are mostly used for blogging the applications or the websites for allowing the users for interacting with each other that can be identified as the form of social media. The defining form of all the features that the social media provides always enables the large number of the people and the potential form of the strangers for communicating with all the members who have been streamlined.

In all other senses, the fact that the social media has completely taken over the interpersonal forms of relationships should not be ignored when discussing the risks associated with social media (Fikkers et al., 2013). However, the sense is very superficial. The truth is that the actual form of the interpersonal relationships that requires the present to the friend of the individuals, that requires one to be able to have a very much face to face of conversations that are been conducted with them without even distracted by competing the demands for getting the attention of the individuals. The users of the social media have also become very much incapable for the current situation. As the people are very much purged with the virtual form of world, they are never actually very present in the actual form of world for the world that the individuals are been living. Physiologically there have been episodes where the individuals are always having a distant relationship with their partners.

The social media management has become a very much common form of place for having the hard time that are been live without any concerns. The websites are been intended for connecting the people that are been splitting them up (Trainor et al., 2014). It has been observed that nearly about the cases that involves the elements of the mind that are been mined from the social networking sites.

Nowadays it has been a common form in the recent years that everyone around the world has created the tradition of dating in the online forum. In the recent years, it has been seen that the youth is very much comfortable for the use of the online medium for knowing people and also dating. The Tinder and the other sites are there for connecting two people to have a romantic form of relationships (Utz & Breuer, 2017). On a recent survey, many individuals have noticed that they have made platonic form of friends and also professional contacts for the through these sites. However, it has also been found that one single mother have also stated that she has expanded her areas of friendship through Tinder.

However, many individuals have reported that they have encountered their romantic dalliances with the help of the social networking site especially through twitter. They have also ensured that it is a good form of platform for the like the lively situation in their lives (Fikkers et al., 2013). Therefore, it is very much evident that there are the habit of using of the social media definitely has a myriad of positive form of impact on building the relationships.


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