Educational pc games for school children 2019 Essay

Sometimes it seems that children spend too much time in front of the monitors of their computer. This is not most of the parents like, especially if a child plays some violent or horror game which might be not good for the behavior of the latter. This is why it so important to fill in a gap when it comes to the choice of the leisure time for your kid. The common point of interest in this case might be represented by educational pc games which are developed to entertain and teach your children different things from training their logic to giving them first programming background. Here is the list of the best educational games that we have found in 2019.


This game looks like something form the early 90s and feels like you start using Nintendo again. However in the reality this is very interesting strategy which calls for constant use of logic and intuition. In addition to that, the gamers can code separate parts of the game if they want by uniting together and programming whatever they decide. This is a good game if you want your child to practice coding in an interactive way.

Human resource machine

This is very simple game that is built only in commands and steps. The problem with it might be only with code, as not all of it might be seen when writing and solutions are done in “blue” commands, which is not that convenient as you cannot add the key instruction and choose the direction where you want your character to go. Nevertheless, this type of game is something similar to the simplified version of Sims, where you had to take care of your characters, however here it is done by coding and little bit less violence.

Kerbal Space program

Does you kid want to become an astronaut? If it is fond of space – try this one of the best educational computer games for kids. It is designed in the way that a player gives the solutions to the space program by coding and solving various tasks, learning math and physics and giving real solutions, as if he/she would be hired as a rocket scientist. The results of a game are shown in a splendid graphics in the space, so your children can see how it goes. This a good way to develop scientific thinking without visiting tutors. Basically this will help you and your kid to solve the problem of how to do my assignment cheap when it comes to scientific projects in real life and in school.


Do you want your kid to start real coding? This game is designed especially for this. The player should insert codes in the windows to get to another level. This is a simplified tutorial for the kids to make their first steps into programming. However, a game does not have clear manual in itself – you will have to print out the PDF instruction of how to play it, as it is unclear for the gamer what to do from the first sight.


One of the finest pc math games that will make your child use Null programming language to pass a level. This is very inventive representation of 3D programming that gives your kin an opportunity to design and manipulate the environment. The bad thing about it is that the game does not have any manual and one will have to learn some of the basics before getting into the game. This might be interesting for the kids that already played some of the educational games, but got bored in the meantime.

Craddle: deluxe edition

This game will bring you to the vast territories of Mongolia, where you will be trapped with the mechanic girl in the middle of nowhere and you will have to fix it, by training your attention to small details and using your knowledge in mechanics and math. This is very interesting interactive quest that also develops the knowledge of the gamer about the country of Mongolia and gives good opportunity to travel around it virtually while resolving the task.


The whole game is based on laws of physics. The main character is made from yarn and it is called Yarnie. Yarnie wants to collect the memories about his family and for that he has to solve different puzzles, without running out of yarn. Yarni will have to interact with surrounding objects to solve emerging problems, and a child will learn the skill necessary for the school - an understanding of physical laws and their application in practice. This is very kind game that will capture the attention even of the grownups, who never thought of starting playing something like this before.

The Talos Principle

This game will train your child`s ability to contemplate and think. It represents the unseen world of weird mechanisms, machines and technologies that are used in the future. The main hero has to answer the questions of “Who am I?” or “what is my destination?” and also solve complicated tasks in the meantime. It gives you an opportunity to rule the time in the game so you can see the deepest secrets of human civilization and back flash to the history of different countries, which is quite informative. This game is designed in the unique and marvelous manner that will help your kid learn in the most pleasant way.

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