Education: Teach Procedures Essay


Give a brief discussion on teaching procedures?


Education is the primary stage of all learnings where the base for life begins at a greater high. There are various classroom procedures which are adapted and implemented in order to teach the students. The educating subjects might be the same however the methods which are adapted and implemented in order to impart the subjects might be different depending on the suitability of the audience like their age groups.

In this article I have chosen the elementary school teaching method where the teaching methodologies would be slightly different than the others. In this mode the students have already passed out from their preschool age groups. By this time they would have learnt to recognize things, identify colors, look at pictures and relate to different things.

In order to run the sessions in a smooth way I have implemented the positive approach where the students would start with a positive note, would interact with each other, would understand signals, would talk to partners, would be in groups and would participate in all the classroom activities in a big way.

The critical aspects which I have covered are the interactive model sessions where the students were grouped into groups, would be given topics like a school, family, picnic, friend where I have started by showing pictures of these aspects and the students would get to recognize them, look at different aspects of those pictures, understand the colours, relate and compare the pictures of others. They were able to understand that a person comes with a family and every person is unique. This type of learning promotes thinking ability and analyzing ability to understand things in a better way.

The second aspect which was implemented was by involving in groups be it play and be it discussion all the students were involved in using some type of craft work using instruments like paper, scissors, pen, pencils, craft materials and other things.

This also enhances the ability of the students to play and to connect to different things in real life so that a lot of aspects get clearer in their minds and they can evolve into being better individuals when they grow up.

This was the main focus of my teaching where I have focused on delivery and developing their skills than anything else.

Apart from this managing transitions was another aspect and this topic is quite sensitive when it comes to teaching such small kids where they would not understand the term transition however would transit from one phase to another. These transitions could be starting with coming to school from home at such a tender age, involving in the classroom, participating in the classes, getting used to new set of students around and getting educated in groups where they would have an individual attention when they are at home. All these aspects are sensitive for a smaller child to cope with however they should be trained and their minds should be nurtured in such a way that they get used to the school environment.

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