Education plan Essay

What is the key message you want to communicate?

Within Australia’s hospital setting, approximately 1/3rd of all inpatients are malnourished and they get discharged within the community without being treated. As effective malnutrition screening protocols are not in place, this results in poor diagnosis, treatment and creates huge economic burden on health care system. This suggest that valid screening tool is required for timely nutritional management. We have created a malnutrition objective subjective screening tool (MOSST) which has higher sensitivity and specificity and could be utilised by a nurse in early phase of hospital admission. Hence, by our educational session we want to educate nurses about our screening tool and teach them how to use it to identify individuals with high risk of malnutrition.

Who is your target population?

Our target population are nurse who spend most of the time compared to any other health professional with patients. Moreover, they advocate and work closely with patients and their families in carrying out risk assessment to deliver safe and quality healthcare. In addition to this, they provide compassionate environment and support patients emotionally, socially, psychologically and culturally.

Why did you choose this knowledge transfer methodology?

To meet todays’ demand and health care needs and to improve the health of the society, education plays integral part in clinical practice. Education has been always been an important component in formation of habits of thoughts to develop clinical imagination. The main purpose of education session is to influence behaviour through teaching aids, hence improving knowledge and understanding necessary for improving overall patient health outcomes. However, behaviour change at individual level falls into category of education or effective communication. Every day there are so many research getting published but without systematic education plan these research takes long time to come into clinical practice. As we know that evidence based best practices supports the nursing profession to learn and to improve on what they already know. Hence, education session is considered the best way to engage nurses in their learning away from clinical distractions. Furthermore, education plays a pivotal role in closing the practice education gap leading to increased emphasis on clinical reasoning. Education helps nurses to help people; hence it is crucial to provide nurses the skills and tools they need to have a positive impact on individual’s lives. In our education plan, we aim to communicate the importance of our malnutrition screening tool MOSST. Further we would explain its clinical significance and step by step procedure to use in clinical setting and how it can be incorporated within hospital electronic medical record (EMR) system. This is crucial as we don’t want individuals with high risk of malnutrition to get back in community without getting nutritional assessment or effective treatment.

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