Economics Of Conflicts Of Interest In Financial Institutions Essay

Discuss about the Economics Of Conflicts Of Interest In Financial Institutions.


The political report published on Tue Jan 2018 reflects the unprecedented warning of the conflict of interest regarding the trump organizations. The report portrayed the illegitimacy in properties owned by the tramp in his first time in office (Mehran, & Stulz, 2017). Shortly after he took the office last year, the report shows that Trump said that he would hand off any control of his global business empire. Many governments’ integrity units and private ethics groups have shown that trump takes advantage as the president to venture into organizations that will benefit his business empire. This is where the conflicts have started regarding his organizations (Ljungqvist, Marston, Starks, Wei, & Yan, 2018). The public citizens have joined lawmakers for the purpose of suing the USA General Service Commission. The reason for this is to follow the documentation regarding the trumps organizations leasing the property of U.S.

The tracking of the trump organizations conflicts of interest is very comprehensive for dealing with personal and business interests. According to Mehran & Stulz (2017), the reason for this tracking and conflicts of interest regarding his properties is due to the problems that are conflicting with trumps duties as a president. The trump organizations have submitted a plan for building multibillions dollars in constructing residential resorts in Scottish and Ivanka. This is reported to be a personal benefits plan and Washington is put in the front line for the identification of any individual who golfed with US president.


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