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According to NASA, “Earth is the third planet from the sun and the only world known to support an atmosphere with free oxygen, oceans of liquid water on the surface and the big one life” The earth, the extent that we know is that, this is the main home to life known to mankind. Is it really true? What is it that makes our planet so exceptional? The answer are concealed somewhere inside in the world's past. To discover them we should head out so as to see the main people walk the earth, to ride landmasses on the crash course, plunge into sea loaded with unusual living things, feel the unpleasant chill of worldwide ice ages, and experience the fury of inestimable rocket assaults. We must return in time until we achieve the truth and to discover what’s really secret behind of the earth itself. At that point we can sort out our planets mind blowing story and to find out why all of this, all of us are here.

As of human endeavors it is said that the science has had the greatest impact on our lives. It includes on how we see and look in the world, and to ourselves. In science, people was trying to improve their comprehension and clarifications of the common world. It includes the development of clarifications dependent on proof and science understanding can be changed as of new evidence becomes available. Science and technology have majorly affected society, and their effect is developing. By making life less demanding, science has allowed man to seek after societal concerns for example, moral, aesthetics, education, and equity; to make societies; and to improve human conditions. The most vital utilization of the science is that it was esteemed by society in fact that the utilization of logical information fulfills numerous essential human needs today (in present) and improve expectations for everyday comforts. Just like finding a remedy for cancer, is only one of a topical examples.

As time passed by, our understanding and knowledges that is about to the secrets of earth has ever deeper. Every time we've gone down to layer and achieved a deeper understanding of matter the knowledge within on it has been a very useful to us to use it as a way to make a new things, technologies and even use it as a huge amounts of wealth and power. It was said that the first people who systematically tries to unlock the secrets of what the world is made up and to alter it was the alchemist. Historically, alchemy alludes to both the investigation and investigation of nature and an early philosophical and spiritual discipline that consolidated science with metal work. To discover or to make a substance that’s called the “philosopher’s stone",” which when warmed or heated and joined with the “base” would transform it and turned it into gold, thought to be the highest and purest form of matter. They also believed about the matter were largely based on ideas that had come down from the ancient Greeks who believed that everything around you is made up of fire, water, earth and air. And it is said that this theory of then is wrong. Hennig Brand, one of the alchemist who is one to repeat the bizarre experiment wherein he believed that he was on the brink of discovering the philosopher's stone, it is a substance that turned base metals as a gold. He also uses the human urine and he thought that he could find it in that thing. Doing that experiment doesn't gave him the philosopher's stone but he named it the “Giver of Light”. Which is very useful for us today as it was used to make a match. The quest to understand what is the world was made of was hugely helped by the work done down the years of an alchemist.

By the time when the Europe moved out to Middle Ages, there is a new forces started to shape the science. They uses these metals as a weapon as they battled for supremacy. It is said that the air had long been considered a single indivisible substance, a basic block of the world. But as Europe industrialized it is obviously that this was very far from truth. As it said, people realized, from personal experience that there is a very lots of different air everywhere with a different properties. They said that there is a bad air that killed men down the mines and mysteriously extinguished candles. Across the Europe, there are some who went looking for an answers. Joseph Priestley, the one who went for an experiments in that situation. He was the man who set out to probe the hidden mystery of the world. As it mention on the video, by the age of 4 he could recite perfectly all 107 questions and answers in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, proving that he is a very intelligent person even though in that age. It is said that he joined a church, and recently become a brilliant experimenter. He was looking for God but not only in the bible, but in natural world. As they said that Priestly went for an experiments for what happens to it. He was one of among the foremost who was experimenting the air. His experiments also helps to create a new vision and it helps to discover what the earth’s secret and what’s really behind of it. As experimenting Priestly had discover what he called the “good air” and this was one of the most important discoveries about the airs. With the help of Priestley’s discoveries, Lavoisier set off an experiment and was soon boasting of his discovery, and he called it the “oxygen”. Oxygen is an important component on only for us humans but also to the life on Earth. It is the most abundant component in the human body. Oxygen is an imperative component since we need it to live. It is a piece of the air individuals breathe and the water people drink. Many of us living things including us and other living things need this oxygen to live and breathe. As of today its major use is in steel production. Oxygen is also used in medicine in the treatment of the respiratory illnesses and is blended with different gases for breath in submarines, high-flying airship, and shuttle. Lavoisier had discovered that everything balances and this marks the beginning of a modern understanding of matter and how the world was made of.

As time flies the science of chemistry has emerged, between the practical skills of an alchemist that is finding the philosopher's stone, and the discovery of gases and a dedication to measurement. Looking at it only in a short span of time we, humans discover so many truths and secrets behind how and what the earth is really made of but this evidences is not enough for us to really know and understand what is the truths behind of all this things.

Then here comes the Montgolfier brothers that invented the Montgolfier gas that contains levity, the reason why it levitates or lifting. They are just a men who wanted to make a money and they don't have any idea what’s the theory behind of it. But as soon as it’s invented, people try to improve it and succeeded on making a newly discovered gas called inflammable air. Antoine Lavoisier, like i said previously the one that made the oxygen. He also set his new experiment about this one and he said that the water could be split into two gases that is oxygen and the new inflammable air. So when it is tested using the apparatus that is made for Lavoisier's theory they found out that water is truly made up of oxygen and hydrogen. So in that time they already found out 33 elements at all. With the help of Lavoisier they have gone down a layer in understanding what really is the world is made of.

At the end of 18th century, with the death of Lavoisier here comes William Wordsworth one of the greats poets of the day, with the help of Humphry Davy they found a mood altering substance that they called it laughing gas. Davy said, “a belief that if only you could understand a laws of nature and live in harmony with them, then the world would be a better place”. I think this quote that he said is the way for him and for us not only to live in peace but also to discover and to look for what is unknown here in the world, that we have to look at it not just by looking but by observing all of its behaviors. Humphry Davy had a natural comprehension of how display and dramatic skill could be utilized to set up science as a ground-breaking power in the public eye. He utilized his intelligent to excite his audience with his mastery on one of the wonders of the age, the electricity. At that point with the aid of the electricity he discovered another building blocks and he called it the potassium. Davy can’t accomplish all of this things without the help of his colleague. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Davy’s friend who helped him coin the name scientist. And here is Mary Shelley who was inspired and disturbed by Davy’s work.

As the video mentioned, chemistry was about to become a power in the world which is true until now, as it was used not only for weapon but it gives a great contribution when it comes to the field of medicine. Back to 19th century where mosquito is one of the most reasons why people got sick and died because it carries yellow fever, dengue fever and also malaria. In that time malaria was a huge problem for domain manufacturers like the British. It is said that one of the remedies for that disease was the bark of the Cinchona Tree. This tree was believed that been very useful and the most amazing tree in the history as it is been used to relieved more human sufferings for some disease. But every year the empires of Europe needed hundreds of tons of the bark to combat malaria so they went for a chemist to come up with an alternative remedies for fighting the malaria. There’s a couple of French chemist that is searching for the alternatives remedies and as they found out the active ingredient in the bark and called it quinine. This is what they need to produce, an artificial version of quinine. The challenge to create an artificial version of quinine was taken up by William Perkin, however as he investigating for the best approach to deliver it he couldn't discover it yet he discovered something that is truly fascinating, the colour mauve that is extremely helpful today since it is utilized to make a design sensation. The lead before long go to Germany where modern physicist worked out how to make ammonia, which led to artificial fertilizers. But the journey began for finding for quinine also led to the killing fields of the Great War. The colour mauve that is invented by Perkin was used as uniforms were colored khaki with artificial dyes. Then the explosives were produced the same as the process used to produce the fertilizer. Also here comes the poison gas, Chlorine, the gas that Perkin used in the dye industry. Looking at this war we can say that people around this time is very genius for using the science and chemistry to create a new deadly weapon. They called the First World War as the Chemist War. With this discoveries we can say that people grows over time we always found a new elements that could bring us to the answers of what the world is really made of.

In universities across the world, researchers has been trying to make sense of what elements might themselves be made of. They came up with a theory that every elements is made up of tiny indivisible chunky of matter called the atoms. Atoms of different elements join together to make up everything you see and touch but the problem about this theory is that no one can proof its existence because nobody had actually seen an atoms. Ernst Mach, said they are just things of thought. The first evidence for the existence of atoms came from the world of the supernatural which is unbelievable. William Crookes, is a scientist which interest from discovering new elements in the world of ghost and spirits. With some evidence using the camera and etc. William Crookes proved the existence of the ghost and spirits on his own. Crookes also invented some interesting things that he called the Crookes tube that is powered by electrical. And also he made a new tube that has a tiny metal paddle wheel inside. And when turning it on they noticed that it is moving constantly, and he called this force the Radiant Matter. Even though he doesn’t invented that much convincing theory comparing to other scientist but his curiosity is what triggers the other scientist to experiments more about it. With the work of the physicist, Joseph John Thomson, known as JJ. He found out and complete the theory of Crookes about the glowing tube and the moving paddle. JJ said that it is caused by the tiny charged particles that is smaller than atoms. It is named the Electron, the first subatomic particles to be discovered. Joseph John Thomson theory was really helpful on finding the secret of the world wherein the world is made up of atoms and they were made up of three fundamental particles, protons, neutrons packed into a nucleus surrounded by electrons moving in orbits. It is defined that our world is made up of atoms. Atomic theory is a scientific theory of the nature of matter, which states that matter is composed of discrete units called atoms. It need a new theory that can explain this sub-atomic, the behavior of electrons could only be described not as certainties, but only probabilities. Not where the electrons are but where they are likely to be. So here comes the new theory that they called the quantum theory. And there is they called a father quantum physics, Neils Bohr. According to the Wikipedia, “Quantum theory is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. The nature and behavior of matter and energy at that level is sometimes referred to as quantum physics and quantum mechanics”.

In 1945, this is the time were the people are celebrating for the victory and the possibility of peace and plenty. They also dreams for the technology that will make their lives easier and the behind to make it was the science of electron. So to make it possible they first made the “valves”. It was the workhorse of the electrical industry. It was also used to build radios, telephone and to switch binary signals in early computers. But the valve also has a very fragile that it is easily breakable so the research team of William Shockley researched for the replacement of the valves. Then the team of Shockley came up with the replacement of the valve on what they called the “transistor”. It said to be the one of the greatest inventions of all the time as it utterly transformed our world.

With this discoveries, we can say that we can find out what's really the behind the earth but in reality we are very far away from discovering the mysteries of the earth. We know that we will discover much more over time. So never stop dreaming, believe constantly, never surrender, never stop trying, and never to stop learning. You have to stay strong, remain positive, and never surrender. You will never realize the amount you can achieve until you try. Never stop trying. Don't be afraid to fail once because sometimes failing to do other things may accomplish something that is even great. Don't be afraid to discover new things because this is only the beginning of finding the secrets behind our planet earth.

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