E-Procurement Solutions Essay


Critically discuss how adoption of e-procurement solutions can assist public procurement personnel reduce some of this expenditure and its relationship to sustainable procurement.


According to Arlbj?rn and Freytag (2012:204) “Public procurement amounts to a great share of the public sector’s overall budget. Purchasing volume and value is at the same level (or even higher) than many private counterparts.” Critically discuss how adoption of e-procurement solutions can assist public procurement personnel reduce some of this expenditure and its relationship to sustainable procurement.

The sustainable management and procurement has been set to the adaption of the developing model with the major impact on the society and the environment. There has been an increase interest which direct to the demonstration of the sustainability and the corporate social responsibility. Some of the issues are related to the Operations Management along with the sustainable supply chain management. The advancement in the technology has been directed to the business information with the easy and the reliable access to the support system. (Razak et al., 2016). The cost reduction and the e-commerce solutions are some of the elements which are directed to the e-commerce and the e-procurement patterns. The challenges are set for the reduced time delivery with the increased service levels and the improvement in the quality of the product. The profitability depends on handling the power of the e-purchasing where there is a possibility of the cost-effectiveness and the time saving of the system with easy ordering. The reduction in the paperwork and the uniform process has led to the complete transparent process set for the easy access and information. For the Small and the Medium Enterprises, there have been trends which are seen to be important for the business and their development. This plays an important role in the developing countries as well as the increased rate of the economy and the decreased problem of the unemployment. (Bof et al., 2015). As per the survey, it has been seen that there are small and the medium enterprises which are related to the competitive business environment for handling the globalised markets where the customers are serious for the improvement of the products by increasing the higher services with the different products and a faster delivery of the same. The company and the business models are set for the cost of manufacturing with the creation of the customer value with proper elasticity of the service.

Supply Chain Management has been important for the demand and the sourcing with procurement, production and the logistical process management. This consists of the processes which includes all the manufacturers, suppliers and the distributors for handling the services for the end customers. The E-procurement of the trends in the government sector is set for handling the rules and policies to meet the social and the economic trends. The adaption is based on providing a proper structure with auditing trails and the transparency in the transactions. (Fernandes et al., 2015). The communication with the suppliers is generally related for the setup of the community with diversity in the variable. This is important for handling the study of the policy makers as well as determining the importance of the technological infrastructure for the adoption of the e-procurement. This is mainly to find whether there are any strategic value which has been set for handling the organisation. For this, the determination of the benefits with the proper corporate e-procurement entities is important for studying and covering the behaviour of willingness and unwillingness of the employees. The relationship is intending to adapt to the effective business competition along with exploring the reduced cost with the increased market efficiency.

The major significance is based on handling the socio-economic context to explore the enterprise of the small and the medium sized e-procurement. These are important for the implementation with the adoption process. The role of the private sectors and the public sectors are related to handle all the opportunities related to the employment of the nations. (Venkatesh et al., 2016). The major reason for the conducting study has been the variables which are related to the integration with the supply chain management. Hence, the e-procurement with the SCM is the system which easily identify the gaps as well as improve the performance of the practices set for the supply chain management. As per the results, there have been corporate sector display which related to the adoption of the corporate basic services set from the time of its commencement. The major reason for conducting the study is related to the e-procurement and the supply chain management integration with the advancement in the ICT.


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