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Discuss about the Communication and E-Communication Strategies.



In a business organisation, in relation to meet the goals and objectives, effective communication internal as well as external is required. it has evaluated that strong interpersonal relationship and communication within employees are important to increase collaboration and coordination that provides quality output. On another hand, public relations with consumers, government, and other institutions help to make competitive growth in the market. in relation to discussing the particular topic, an assignment is involved with brief analysis on interpersonal communication and e-communication importance with respect to one of leading and largest transactional consumer production providing company Unilever. It is headquartered in London United kingdom; it has different subsidiaries operating in different countries. In Australia, Unilever Australasia is the subsidiary of the company operating in the country. The company is ranked as one of the largest consumer goods producing company in the year of 2016. Food spreads items are been produced in largest volume in all over the globe comparatively. It has observed that company has a good communication ad relationship with its customers, consumers, stakeholders as well as employees of the organisation. This dictates company has the ability to enhance its targeted and business growth in the market.

Synopsis of the key non-electronic communication methods and practices adopted by the company:

The marketing tools and promotional strategies use differing tools and tactics to increase the communicational level of the company to its consumers. It the development of technologies, there are different electronic communicational tools has been developed o reach huge mass audiences easily (Berger et al. 2013). However, here are effective non-electronic tools and communicational techniques. The basic communicational tools and techniques are evaluated as follows:

Advertising and direct marketing:

In the advertising and direct marketing strategy, the business entities use hoarding, television advertisements, magazine and other modes to increase source of communicating with the consumers. It has evaluated that advertising through radio and television still considered to the effective despite the existence of social media or other electronic communicational tools and techniques (Greene and Burleson, 2013). It has analysed that the banner hoardings are observed to be oldest and effective way of communicating with the customers. Thus the advertising is stated to be majorly used for awareness and awakens of consumers are an effective technique of communication. On the other hand, personal soloing, or door to door selling provides an opportunity to make close conversation with the consumers. As commented by More and McGrath (2014), this helps sales personals of the company to evaluate and observe demand, needs, and requirement and future estimations of consumers that can be developed within the products.

Sales promotion

The nonelectronic communication tool for increasing the marketing for product and services is sales promotion. In every organisation, it has been seen that with the development of different coupons, discounts, and other variable means, the consumers are been attractive. The consumer goods and service offered by Unilever, usually seen to proved offers of two product on one purchase or 10-20% extra in every product (Unilever. Com, 2015). These sales promotions help to retail and keep the attention of consumers towards the product as well as services offered by the company.

Direct marketing:

With the use of direct marketing, text messages, broachers, vouchers are some of basic features or tools of direct marketing (Bormann, 2015). In the direct marketing, the companies can able to evaluate and assess the outcomes directly though the sales or acceptance of these vouchers text messages, broaches in the marketplace. With the engagement of direct market the product or services that have a weak branding or not popularly lion can easily promote in the market. The print media is another source of non-electronic communication, which endeavours use of magazines, news parts, articles and journals to increase awareness about products, services and other offers provided by Unilever (Lilleker and Koc-Michalska 2013).

Overview of the key electronic media and communication strategies used by the company:

There are different key electronic demand communication strategies developed by Unilever to increase communicating and consumer relationship in the marketplace. Some of the basic strategies applied by the company are evaluated as follows:

Social media platforms:

In today's market pale, the social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snap chap has become the basic and important source of communication. The social media platform considered one of the fastest source of communication due to its large area of internet reach and users worldwide. The promotional campaigns, feedback and overviews on Unilever product and user vivid, Yelps Company to update, evolve and enhance product performances in the market (Raymond and Bergeron, 2016). In the social media platform, the company such as Unilever promotes the campaign and promotional activities, which help to increase, reach the consumers more easily. It has observed that with the social media marketing, it can be assumed that how many individuals has liked to dislike the product or services of a particular company. In today's marketplace, the Unilever has likes of 25 million of consumers; in twitter, the company has about 160000 followers (Unilever.com, 2015). Thus, These are the major medium of communication for the companies in today's market.

Internet and websites:

RThe internet and company website creation has increased communication level for the consumers and companies more reliable manner. It has assessed that e-commerce of Unilever products is more attended consumers through its websites and internet sources. The Google search engine is the basic tool that helps consumers to connect and gather information about the company and its current offering products (Carroll, 2015). There are different websites such as flipchart, Snap deal produces and presents products of Unilever, helps to increase promotion and sales capability of company more reliable manner. As per the assessment, the development of personalised websites by the company, it has become easier to transform message about different oozes, product deliverables, product availability and other communicational activities (Gaff et al. 2017).


The electronic mailing system or e-mail has also one of the basic sources of communication for the business organisations. It has assessed that the customers are subscribed through e-mail services of the company, every offers, updates and other information's are received by them within the small span of time. As per the evaluation, it has been seen that engagement of email services. Newsletters of Unilever help to increase information about new activities of the company (Guffey and Loewy, 2012). This helps o keep information flow within consumers about new products, services, and offers. It has observed that the customer complaints and customer communications are also easily made though the e-mail services. The Google mail services have been used worldwide by the companies to reach it, customers, anywhere anytime. Trade shows, webinars, and catalogues are also traded as another form of communication, in which the companies uses leaflets, web seminars through internet and trade shows which are commenced in huge volume to reach the huge mass of audience all over the world. These are some communicational strategies used by Unlevel to increase the promotion and communicational level of the company with its customer (Ting-Toomey and Chung, 2015).

SWOT Analysis to indicate the communication methods and practices by the company:

The SWOT analysis over Unilever has presented to evaluate internal and external capabilities Andean points that are faced by the company in present marketing and communicating procedures. The SWOT analyses of the company are evaluated as follows:


The brand image of Unilever is one of the basic sources of communication that helps to develop reliable loyalty and satisfaction level for the consumer's end. As the company is the oldest server of consumer products, the brand recognitions helps to increase the communicational level. It has assessed that the development of research and development as heavily funded, innovation has been one of the biggest sources of being competitive in the marketplace. As remarked by Vescovi (2016), it has evaluated those companies flexible pricing strategies has helped to increase consumer reach and high communicational level.


The monition is higher for Unlevel as it is operating in a market, where the competitions also have the same capability, branding, communicational tools and source of promotional options such as Proctor and Gamble. Due to it, the market shares are less enjoyed by Unilever due to competitions with these giants. It has evaluated that consumer's products offered by Unilever have different end number of substitutes that can be easily replaceable or switched by the consumers (Williams and Rice, 2013).Thus, the effective strategies of communicating have the impact over the consumer's mind.


With the constant increase in technologies, these are more communicational options has been coming to enhance promotional strategies for the company. In Today marketplace, the e-commerce companies such as Flipkart and other entities has made the greater market. These markets can be easily used to increase sales of the product and services offered by Unilever. The consumers in developing countries specifically Asian countries has become one of the proper markets to increase sales and promotion of its products and new offers due to global connectivity (Hall and Irvine, 2014).


The FMCG sectors always face the risk and consequences of the economic crisis that affects the industry badly as the consumers decline their demand of using products and services. As mentioned by Anderson (2012), it has observed that global economical down tune, might be one of the closed and greatest threats to the conational growth pace. On another hand, the product and services offered by Unilever have late native's add local brands, which are more low costly are in demand within the consumers. Thus, it can decline the demand and increase consumer switch, which is not a positive sight to make competitively growth in the market.

Assess and compare the communication practices of the company’s 2 main competitors:

The communication skills that this company has adopted has helped building is market communication. The utilizations of the communication mediums through the platforms of advertisements have easily reached the heart of customers (Kilner and Sheppard, 2015). The product specific information or the idea of reconstructing or renovating any schedule also gets acknowledged by the customers. The concepts of any business strategy or management related information also impact in the sales process. Thus, it is important for the company to proceed through the best possible way of improvisation and communication as well. The other subsequent companies of the similar group are also using the best way to communicate through. In the era of marketing and development, communication plays the vital role of making the company long sustainable (Baldwin et al. 2017). Thus the competitors of Unilever like Hoovers (Hovvers.com, 2016) or Avon (Avon.com, 2017) also uses the marketing promotion as the most potential stage of improvement. To make a strong market promotion, Avon makes email communication and puts emphasis on advertisement through social Medias so that interested people can know the details of projects from there. The youngsters are mainly enthusiastic about beauty and care products. Thus promoting and advertising through Facebook or Instagram makes the young hearts impressed. Promotion through email makes the whole seller companies know the best offer for them. The other local companies or valuable customers get acknowledged about the recent products or special offers through the email notifications. On the other hand Hoovers or Avon, both have mobile applications through which checking the availability of products or knowing the price also becomes easier. Customers generally prefer easy accessibilities of services. So the platforms that Avon, as well as Hoovers, uses, are safe and friendly to access (McDonoughet al. 2014).

As stated the social media platforms and the online sites are nowadays regarded as the best option for communicating. The website of the company enables customers to get the best platform for knowing about the product and details. A relevant website can help customers providing information about the market share, customer base, employee, management, company goal or strategy and about the actual revenue and market profit of the company. People crosscheck the information and compare it with the online promotional sites. Unilever keeps managing good communication with people. Avon also has the reputation of providing quick response asked by the customers through chat boxes. The Facebook group of this brand is also very active and helps people providing correct details. Hoovers has also managed to circulate its products all over the world with a good communication skill and right application towards right approach (Rogers, 2016).

Assessment of the suggestions and recommendations for the company to improve its communication:

Communication may get build up with the selection of proper platform. There is no doubt that the online mediums or professional websites play the great role in giving benefit to a company. Nevertheless, the improper use of the sites or mediums may also lead to a bad impression for people and the company as well. If the website of the company is not updated properly people may draw the wrong impression regarding the stability and authenticity of the company. Thus, the management of Unilever needs to be potential enough to build strong customer support (Bolisani and Scarso, 2016). This will lead to generating good impression about the products and people regarding the company. On the other hand, Unilever is found not updating their offers and policies. With the online sites also the company needs to rotate up their products and promotional message. In social media and business related sites, the products and offers needs to be updated regularly. The email communication if gets regularised it may help the company get the better prospect. Email communication strengthens the position and enhances acceptance of the company regarding its existence and stability in the industry. If the related shops and customers will get notifications through email regarding the company it will evidently create reliability of the company.

The communications through emails with customers about the price of products or innovation of products and variety in it will inevitably help the company get sufficient information regarding business improvements. On the other hand, the feedbacks of customers and their complaints or regards as well will definitely help the company management know the customer satisfaction level. The management can then work on the feedbacks of customers (Nolfi and Mirolli, 2017). In order to use the features of internet facilities the goal, objective, ambition of the company is required to analyse in perspective of the customer base and possible customer level as well. Along with the company website up gradation, the specific organisation also should attribute more space and provisions in the website so that it can provide the scope of business to its customers. As pointed by Sypher and Applegate (2014), the business excellence, skill, the area may also be acknowledged by the people if the website has enough scope of enlisting those in detail. The implementation of the management is also reinforced by a successful renovation of its communication technology. Management is required to get more cautious about the implementation of the successful business plan and introducing the best possible way of communication for the sake of company (Holtzhausen and Zerfass, 2014).


With analysis of the overall study, this can be concluded that communication can bring into significance for companies but in respect to its trend and products. Thus, Unilever requires analysing the communication skills that are best facilitated in the industry and go in line with the current market situations. Therefore, selection of the best applicable communication can be effected with the true analysis of its prospect and future capability. The online marketing strategy can be a very good support for spreading the business but it should be judged based on the overall intention of the company. Building positive impression of the customers is more important thus making customers rely on the brand and products of the company is much more important for the company


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