E-Commerce And E-Business Strategies Essay


Critically evaluate the effectiveness of a range of existing e-commerce sites.
Critically evaluate e-Commerce implementation technologies.
Develop an effective e-Commerce site to suit a given scenario.
Explore, evaluate and reflect on e-Business mechanisms.
Critically reflect on successful e-Commerce and e-business strategies.


The buying and selling of goods and services is known as ecommerce. In U.S, the e-commerce business is well explored. As per statistics the projected sales through e-commerce will exceed $430 billion by 2017 in U.S. To maintain this flow of income, the e-commerce sites should include some extra features in their sites and functionality that consumers will consider at this point of time. . In recent times, the effective e-commerce sites are attracting the consumers by converting the customers to online customers (Babin, 2007). The features of effective online sites are: The features of effective online sites are: Fast load times- According to a survey we can see that half of the customers feel unhappy in the online purchasing due to its slow loading speed and they abandon the site. In U.S if there is 2 seconds delay occurs at the time of transaction the customers abandon the site. This rates in U.S is significantly higher than any other countries in the world. So the effective e-commerce sites who are successful knows the device and the browser their consumer use to shop and design sites that's why they provide food time a fast load time and they get satisfaction during their transaction(Aubert, M. and Gusev, A. 2008). Ease of Use- Every e-commerce sites should be designed in such a way that it will be easier for the consumers to see their product information without facing any problem. Through a study, we came to know how they navigates several e-commerce sites for their specific brands. The product categories are designed in such a way that will reflect the searched items they want to find. The product which is newly uploaded in the site should be view first which creates a good attraction towards the consumers and it also encourages the customer in a return visit. The history of recently viewed items should also be included in the e-commerce sites. Accurate Product.


The e-commerce sites should eliminate the differences between its information and the reality of the product (Fazlollahi, 2002). Every good e-commerce sites give description and specification with accurate representation so that no problem takes place at the time of transaction Seamless Checkout Experience - For completing the transaction the effective e-commerce sites help the customers by eliminating the hurdles in the ordering the process. Nowadays the online retailers provide login with facebook an easier method than the rest. The customers are sent notifications with emails and messages in the consumer's phone.

Clear Policies

The effective e-commerce sites forecast their offers and warranties. The site has made a space for customers to visit and watch on them. The rise of socio – economic and condition due to rapid industrialisation is the fasted recorded human evolution in the history. This era is the days of tablets and smartphones which are giving a life to e-commerce business and shopping cart software (Hanke, 2009). E-commerce business is changing but the speed of changing of e-commerce business is very fast than before. Nowadays with the help of shopping software, we can easily compare the products with other products in mobile s or tablets without any need of physical inspection and the products are easily shipped and distribute. Many consumers are started buying foreign stuffs from the new websites, this shows that consumers are going globally for buying and selling goods. As the consumers started buying products globally, this is the down fall of many local and domestic merchants. So they also started selling products overseas after doing a proper survey of the market (Babin, S. 2007) Thus, e-commerce helps the local and domestic vendors to sell their products globally and these vendors are the big winners. The increasing number of people using the internet via tablets and Smartphone for various purpose and making a purchase which makes the e-commerce site mobile-friendly. The sites which do not work properly with the help of mobiles will lose visitors, customers as well as revenue and those which work well in mobile, are the gainer.

According to 2015, 25% of mobile online sales have increased. Due to manyonline stores coming in the market video based marketing system areintroduced which an in-store will experience for the buyers who will lead to higher conversation and more online stores will be createdand they will also provide video conferencing to them.

Socialnetworking service will grow more popular as it helps to communicate and share information. The presence of social networking helps the e-commercebusiness to prosper and other business will fall May, 2000. One of the great ways of selling is online story telling. The e-commerce vendors as first as possible they canadapt this process of storytelling, they will see the higher sales graph and those who can't adopt they will remain backwards.

One ofthe future marketing is the niche based content targeting that will gainmomentum in the market.On the list of e-Commerce retailer companies Amazon is a brand name the company gives discounts to customers whichattract many and adds advantage to it (Ecommercedevelopment, 2000). Its attracting policy which states to offer peoplewhich they cannot refuse makes it a big name. Amazon mainlyfocuses on customer oriented needs and thus making it more famousamong the customers and thus increasing their hold on the market with increasing amount of Internet users. The organisation expand it services in the worldwide market with little investment. So beingan e-commerce brings an added advantage to the organisation to run in different countries with better services to the customers. Amazon is a place where the customers can find anything at a lowestpossible price which helps in attracting more customers this is itself anpolicies which its present more on themarket with each passing day the more eye-catching policies increase the present more on the market with each passing day the more the company has his service dated with quality products and better customer satisfaction the morecompany has its market value.

The brand image is created by E-Commerce and is supported by advertisement and the internet in recent days. Huge use of Internet makes it more famous and is available to customise 24* 7with better customer support (Pollentine, B. 2011). It gains faith on quick delivery of products every time to the customers and by preventing from travellingto the shop and they can have their demanded products just sitting at home. Amazon's Moto is to expertise the employees to provide qualityservice to the customer so that the customers can experience satisfaction.

The problem faced by middle class and poor family is buying the desired products, but e-commerce reduces the cost of particular product and thus helps those families to buy products from the site, not only in urban but the company focuses also in competition of providing best experiences on rural areas also in it acquires IT and e-commerce start ups and help themselves by using existing technologies of the acquired partners at a low cost.

EDI refers to Electronic Data Interchange. Business system uses electronic payments because of its user friendliness and time-saving. Thus help the business organisation to expand its market reach. Paperless monetary transaction of the Mozart credit card debit card and smart card electronic fund transfers the difference between wholesalers and online retailer so that the customer can go to the retailer who buys Kodak from them and an online retailer follows B2Bbusiness model which is first selling its product to intermediate buyerwho then sells the product to the final customer (Raisch W, 2001).

The items used in in B2B E-Commerce or electronics shipping, ware housing, motor vehicles, etc. where key technologies are electronic data exchange, the internet, intranet extranet and backend information system. The architectural model involves supply oriented Marketplace and intermediate Marketplace. The B2C model states the websites all the business transaction takes place between the business organisation and the customer directly.

E-commerce involves the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in making commerce between consumers and organisation, organisation and organisation, or between consumers and consumers. E-commerce brings some new technology and new capabilities for business in the new generation (Tuten, T. 2010). Nowadays, these companies advertise their product on the internet and consumers buy the product with the help of internet. E-business strategy refers to missed opportunity for additional sales on the sell side and more efficient purchasing on the buying side. Sometimes poor customer even experiences from poorly intergraded channels. There are several opportunities in the e-business that are stated below mainly, selling well online, providing services to the company and the ability to compare prices across different platforms gives e-commerce outlets a leg up with shoppers, selling well online, providing services to the business model. E-business achieved greater success than any other business models. The main feature of this model has to minimise the cost of transactions, accounting, etc. if people are comparing the price in the offline market in respect the online market, they must see that online market price is low than an offline market. E-business follows the strategy of supply chain management and email marketing. E-business uses the functionality of supply chain management that helps to coordinate between wholesalers and retailers so that the cost can be reduced (Yuan, M. 2005). With the help of the internet, you can observe purchasing the final delivery of the product. E-business provides customer relationship management so that they will guaranty the greatest level of customer satisfaction and e-commerce sites that provide some SSL encryption for payment security.

Thus the ecommerce can be emulated as the prima donna of the modern marketing structure. Today everything is valued on the basis of the availability of the products at ease. The ecommerce shall effectively solve the requirements. It is an important thing to understand that it is not possible for the e commerce to fend for all the requirements. The e commerce shall have their own shortcomings too. Yet this must be kept in mind that e commerce has brought a considerable improvement in the industry of trade and commerce. Today the frontiers of sales have increased from mere market based product orientation to the online Shoppe. The inclusion of the e commerce has made people to buy easily and with fewer prices. The availability of the occasional discounts and great sale has really reverberated the system. The habits of the commons have been altered totally due to the influence of the e commerce.

There are the shortcomings too. The first and the foremost thing is that the product is invisible in the e commerce. There are the photos of the products and the person has to be happy with that. There is a declaration on behalf of the company circulating the products but there is no assurance that the declaration shall be maintained. The products are not judged and bought. There are not all the parts of the world which are presently under the e commerce system. The system shall fail for those people and the places where there is less computer knowledge. Thus the e commerce must be developed more and more so that every lame man understands the use fop the same and can avail the great offers. E commerce has opened a new vista now there is the time to amend the same and evolve the same for the betterment of all and sundry.


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