E-Business Systems Report Essay


As a group you need to choose and propose e-business of your choice, approved by your local lecturer (or course coordinator for distance students). So please discuss your proposal with you teacher in advance.

This group assignment relates to your understanding of the technological infrastructure and functional requirements of a small to mid-size e-business and to allow you to demonstrate your ability to research, analyse, synthesise and evaluate, and specify the requirements of a proposed e-commerce website in a report. You are required to use at least 12 sources including 6 academic to write a high quality report.

It is expected that you will demonstrate your learning, integration and incorporation of the knowledge that you have acquired during this course to produce a high quality e-business report.


1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

All the e-commerce business are not same as per their overall business perspective. There are so many types of business are present in the E-business industry and all of them follows a distinct methodology to run their business over electronics medium. In this project of Ecommerce Website implementation is done over a cloud platform. To achieve the functionality Joomla content management system integrated along with the cloud services. Using of content management system over a cloud space to achieve the E-business system functionality provide a successive deployment wizard of web development. The main orientation of this project is to create an E-business module over a cloud.

1.2 Aim of the proposed E-Business Solution

The fundamental objective or target of this anticipate to a fuse a substance administration framework over a cloud stage and use this joint effort as an ecommerce stage for the proposed site ishoper. Another objective which is likewise connected to the same project is to make a social medium between the proposed site and online networking so they can expand their business development. For new era web arranged business association, it is important to make a motion over the online networking for making self-personality of their association. For accomplishing the essential target of a fruitful ecommerce business association, it is important to command the second alternative of social joining.

1.3 Objective of the proposed E-business Solution

As an ecommerce site, it is clear that there is a boundless open door for their purposeful business publicity, yet there is additionally some constraint which is connected with the business joining which can make a gigantic impact on innovation combination. Some of these resemble business to the client relationship, Loyalty administration program, and so forth. Ecommerce business association "ishoper" Is a business association which serves their client from a remote area, so it is vital to keep up their organization standard as industry tenets and directions.

1.4 Report and its Limitation

The essential goal of this report made a rundown of the proposed site and broke down their particular capacity so the client of the site can recognize the usefulness of "Ishoper" site. In any case, this documentation has some constraint over the portrayal of the site. There such a large number of things which are executed on "Ishoper" Website like segments and modules are difficult to portray on a paper report. The down to earth work which is done because of configuration and improvement of the site is not likewise ready to recording in an exact director in light of the fact that reasonable work is entirely unexpected from a hypothetical work. In the hypothetical methodology of improvement coherently there is no issue connected with the task execution however in genuine advancement, there are such a variety of issues are shows up amid the advancement of the undertaking.

2. Background

E-Business Proposal

The selected E-business is based on online shopping and it will focus on selling the shoes. The shoes sold will be in many different from. This concept is based on the shoes store providing access to a lot of peoples from a global scale. The shoes will be delivered through the courier service.

E-Business Strategies

The whole venture depends on the improvement of an ecommerce application on a cloud framework. As an advancement of a site on a cloud stage the essential cloud, incorporation should be PASS or stage as an administration yet utilizing of cloudaccess as a facilitating supplier it will end up being a less demanding undertaking. Cloudaccess facilitating supplier in Joomla mix over each facilitating enlistment, so the capacity of this Cloud base goes about as SAAS or programming as an administration.

3. Discussion

3.1 Proposed E-business Model

An e-trade model is an inferred approach which is structures by consolidating four key ways to deal with business usage. These are recorded beneath-

The concept of E-business Policy: This property of the business is utilized to characterize the standard and way to deal with the business combination. In a brief portrayal, it can be said that the E-business idea is a standard which takes after business objectives and goal to keep up the general part of an association. In the improvement of proposed site "Ishoper" takes after Business to customers approach.

Value proposition factor: Value proposition variable manages the noteworthy administrations of ishoper site which are served for the site clients. A portion of the quality recommendation variable which makes an immediate effect in client's psyche are cost viability, quickest conveyance, and adaptable return strategy.

Revenue services: It is a remarkable part of any association for gathering cash from various sources. Every wellspring of salary is entirely identified with organization resource administration. As an ecommerce site, "Ishoper" has distinctive chances to gain income from various sources. Some the sources resemble a commercial, computerized membership, and so forth.

Project Activities: The last practical unit of ecommerce which in a roundabout way related with ecommerce framework is business exercises. Business practices are reclaimed the market introduction in straightforward occurrences. Limited time occasions, Sales are the well-known practices for ecommerce specialty unit.

3.2 Proposed E-Business Marketing


Online shoe selling is a new concept for a business organization. Shows are use regular basis. Before buying a shoe, peoples like to review the product price, colour quality and other things. These all are available in online shopping website. Visitors can compare the shoes price, colour, quality and also can check the reviews. Anyone can access this website via internet from everywhere and any time. Therefore, it is profitable for the e-store shoes. This will help to attract a large number of shoe lovers.


The consumers are attracted to the concept of low pricing. The concept is good quality product in very low price. It is noted that the customers prefer low prices on products and even take a chance on making the purchase if the price seems feasible. The pricing strategy used will be based on providing the lowest prices in the e-commerce market for selling different type of shoes. According to many researcher, the low price strategy gain more customer and also it’s inspire the customers to make more purchase. This pricing strategy will help in sustaining the business. Therefore, the marketing of the website will be done using online advertising, promoted through social media networks and the pricing strategy adopted will be a low pricing strategy.


E-Marketing is a determined type of E-business where gadgets business stage uses to accomplish organizations advertising approach. E-promoting arranges the showcasing exercises over the single stage to carry out their business goals. There are a few focal points of E-advertising present in the field of ecommerce business introduction. E-advertising makes an outskirt in the middle of organization showcasing target which is performed through an electronic medium. E-advertising lessens the general expense of promoting strategy by using unique car generation instruments. The quicker reaction to the customer ask for, and regular data gathering are the useful favourable position of E-promoting strategy. It likewise expanded the level of communication amongst consumer and business association.


There is a serious increment in the quantity of individuals who have turned out to be expressively open about web shopping and the numbers have been expanding around the world. It was additionally noticed that the top retail stores are online stores and have been introducing an understanding into the productivity of building up online stores and directing online business. In this manner, the foundation is online and the acknowledgment that the web is a generally visited platform has helped in tolerating clients on the web. Furthermore, it is directing the business through the internet.

3.3 Proposed E-Business Infrastructure

An e-business base depends on upon web administrations which are learned to give unmistakable administrations to the diverse space of Ecommerce application. Essentially Infrastructure for an ecommerce application is to give the asset to equipment and programming advancements. In this anticipate of ecommerce site improvement, there are an excessive number of programming and equipment administrations used to encourage the site usefulness.

Hardware and software requirements

Each product application needs an equipment setup to convey their whole usefulness which is additionally appropriate for this ecommerce site. Be that as it may, this site an incorporated cloud stage for its organization so administrator need not stress over any equipment prerequisites. All the prerequisite will be upheld by the facilitating administration supplier.

The fundamental necessity rundown of this improvement accompanies the prerequisite of software administrations according to site organization usefulness. As like hardware necessity software requirements likewise ordered into two classes. One is customer side, and anther is server side. According to the utility component, customer side will require least programming support work this site, however, designer side (server side) needs the most reasonable reliance to build up this site.

Hardware requirements (developer side)

Hardware Devices



1.7 GHZ to 2.5 GHZ CPU frequency


2 GB DDR2 Random Access Memory Module

Physical Storage

250 GB


1024x786 PPI Display Adaptor

Hardware requirements (Client side)

Hardware Component

Usability Ratio


1 GHZ to 1.7 GHZ CPU frequency


1 GB DDR2 Random Access Memory Module

Physical Storage

80 GB


1024x786 PPI Display Adaptor

Software requirements (Developer side)

Software Component

Usability Ratio



MySQL Database


Apache Web server

1.3 x

Joomla Content Management system


Software requirements (Client side)

Software Component

Usability Ratio


IE 9 & above, Firefox 14 & above, Chrome 20 & above.

Project related resource requirements

In the development of "ishoper" website, there are three sorts of criteria should be coordinated for building up an ecommerce business association. These are electronic contact, gadgets office, and expert system.

For obtaining Electronics contact, the underlying stride is securing Internet access from an Internet organization supplier, for instance, a connection or telephone association. The accompanying step is to get an email area, which will be the guideline motivation behind contact for customers, dealers, and several business accomplices (Stahl et al. 2013). The principle procurement is to make personality over the business zones with the goal that anybody can discover any insights about the "Ishoper" association.

Once the little e-business visionary has obtained an electronic strategy for contact, they ought to settle on a computerized system by which to offer their items or services. A sequence of the build way to deal with doing this is to develop a unique site (Vassiliki et al. 2016). Association's website gives a depiction of the affiliation and its things, allowing them to make purchases in the midst of their visit, either online or by calling to converse with a live illustrative (Yan 2013). A site is an excellent course for a business to be stamped. A substitute strategy for electronic office space is utilizing the organizations of long range casual correspondence and Internet offering destinations (Plummer 2013). Case in point, a little e-business person may use a free Twitter or blog page to showcase the organization's usefulness. So also, they may offer things through another online retail space worked by outsider Shopping website.

3.4 Proposed E-Business Payment System

E-Commerce or Electronics Commerce communities use electronic division where programmed part suggests paperless cash related trades. The electronic part has bothered the business taking care of by diminishing printed material, exchange costs, work value (Brown 2014). Being straightforward and less dull than manual taking care of helps the business relationship to expand its business division achieve/improvement.

Credit card payment gate way: This payment gateway is an essential technique for electronic exchange. MasterCard is one of the most used credit cards over the web. A magnetic material is attached to this card for making initializing the entire transaction process (Severdia and Gress 2014). After buying an item through credit card, it sends an acknowledgment signal to its connected banking account and after getting the authorization for client its grant access the bank account.

Internet money wallet: Internet e-money wallet is a successive technology of modern day’s internet commerce (Patnaik and Mishra 2015). Using of E-money wallet user can recharge their account by a particular account from ‘Ishoper’ website. If the user wants to buy some item, then they can use their e-money wallet for paying their shopping bills (Alasandi and Hadagali 2013). E-money wallet is a revolutionary technology which reduces the overall complexity of banking process of money transaction.

Internet banking: Internet banking is another flexible method of business transaction for making a successful payment over a web interface. Net banking facility one of the most prominent technologies. Where user can just enter their net-banking credential to authorized their payment process (Rohm, Rohm and Brown 2014). After initializing the payment process, the central server of banking organization sends an automated alert signal with an automated pin for double verification. If the user-provided PIN is matched with a server-generated password, then payment process will be set as a successful transaction.

Internet banking is another flexible process of banking transaction for making a successful payment over web interface. Using of net banking facility one can just enter their own net-banking user credential to authorized their payment process (Shreves 2013). After initializing the payment process central server of banking organisation send an automated alert signal with an automated pin for double verification (Nadiri 2013). If the user provided PIN is matched with server generated password then payment process will be set as successful transaction.

3.5 Legal, Security and Privacy issues in E-business

E-business issues: After the mid-90s E-business is marketplace is boomed, and practically every retail showcased their product on their shopping sites. With the mystery of the Internet, it’s considerably troublesome for a buyer understand or know the loyalty of the organization (Ghorecha and Bhatt 2013). For an E-business group, it is necessary to keep their commitment and authenticity of product to their customers.

Legal issues: -- Organizations entering the e-commerce world will confront another arrangement of moral difficulties (Tiggeler 2013). It is simple for organizations to end up derailed the particular challenges of working problem and give careful consideration to the ethical consequences.

Ethical issues also implicate the moral issues which can be disturbed our society and its environment (Nigam, Saxena and Gupta 2015). As an example, E-business can sell any item to any if some restricted items like wrong medicine or sleeping pills then it’s could be a viable practice for any E-business organization.

Apart from all any business organization need to display their product selling terms and condition to protect their usability function towards online customers.

Security issue:-- There are a couple of security problem that happens when setting an E-Commerce site, particularly when taking care of touchy data, for example, transaction data and individual points of interest, for instance, address (Priefer, Kneisel and Taentzer 2016). Numerous parts will need to be secured well including correspondence between the client and the site server for attempting to capture data or from attempting to recover existing data from databases.

And security between the shopper and server there is anti-hacking module required on the server side also, particularly if delicate data is put away under clients records.

Servers will be secured to withstand any hack effort to fetch the data that is put away (Payne and Fego 2014). Counteractive action measures, for example, firewalls, checking for root packs, antivirus frameworks, and others security module need to be set up, and also encryption of the information of need to be picked up in the section for protecting confidential data.

Privacy Issues: -- Making of online exchange has been turning out to be rapid since the 90s, and verging on each retail operation of any size has a web page for the offer of its items. With the mystery of the Internet, in any case, it's amazingly troublesome for a buyer to know honestly and trust the trader. On the off chance that you're getting incorporated into e-business, from either end of the game plan, recollect that some important business ethics.

3.6 Benefits of Proposed E-Business Prototype Website Solution

The “ishoper” site has the much potential quality to expand the development of a business association. Above all else site's robotized and essential item administration unit make an extraordinary redirection in the middle of customary E-business showcasing and content management based e-business promoting. This site additionally has the usefulness to oblige the various sellers to account so they can without much of a stretch track their particular data.

4. Conclusion and Recommendation

4.1 Conclusion

CMS (content Management system) based e-trade give colossal adaptability towards its designer for speedier and brisk execution of any model. It additionally expanded the proficiency level of any ecommerce generation. Aside from some other substance administration framework Joomla permits more security towards its client. So it is apparent that the site has numerous new edged practical module to amplify an ecommerce business development.

4.2 Recommendation

Using of Content administration framework for an e-business stage is especially receptive however all the substance administration framework accompanies absolute constraint which makes a bottleneck amid extension of the site highlights. Joomla content management framework likewise has multifaceted advancement nature than other prominent material administration frameworks like Magneto or WordPress. So it will be better if the framework relocates to WordPress or Magneto like substance administration framework.


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