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Linear Project: the activities which have monotonous nature of work over a long extend of land with two parallel sides of work running along the way like water pipeline, railroad, streets and so on are known as Linear Project. While booking for straight tasks, we have to utilize same resources at various chainages from one action to other as indicated by the accessibility of statutory clearances and movement groupings. Generally spreadsheets are utilized to plan and ascertain other required data (ScienceDirect, 2011). Direct undertakings are of two sorts, one is flat (as talked about above) and the other vertical where the same dreary work is completing in multi storied structures with floor shrewd same monotonous exercises.

Time Chainage Diagram: is a drawing technique used for planning and tracking of development activities with straight in nature. This graph is set up by utilizing time area strategy set up of straight line Gantt charts (TimeChainage, 2017). Notwithstanding time and movement arrangement like Gantt chart, data with respect to area or chainage is additionally given to give additional angles to the timetable. We ordinarily track extensive direct framework projects like expressways, railroads, pipelines and so forth utilizing time chainage outline. The sample sketch is attached below.

Viaduct option ‘4’, Length=1920 m, 24 m span of viaduct segments, 9 m pier height and 30 m depth boring & piling.

Assumptions & Calculation back-up: Start date of project is 1st January 2020, major activities are site establishment, preparing casting yard, construction plant (weigh batching), boring & piling, erection of pre-cast piers sections and finally viaduct segment launching. Total number of viaduct segments are (1920 ? 24) = 80 Nos. & Piers = 80 +1 = 81 Nos.

To construct the above piers, 8 sets (boring & piling + lifting cranes) of equipment are deployed so that 8 parallel fronts can be attacked at a time.

Construction Method Statement (Australia. UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation, 2008)

Scope: this bit of arrangement might cover the Construction Method Statement expressing the means taken to build viaduct of 1920 Mtr length having viaduct portion of 24 Mtr. length with 9 Mtr. high Pier upheld on 30 Mtr. deep piling.

General approach and Construction Time: the general approach is expressed in figure 2 which in the wake of plotting in Time Chainage Diagram the general most limited time turned out is 44 weeks from 1-January-2020. That is Project Finish Date is 03-November-2020.

Development Site and Access: to avoid any kind of water ingression, the site office, yard and plant is located above the flood plain altitude just adjacent to Chainage 0. The site office is located touching the site to provide quick access and increase efficiency (refer figure 2).

Development of Viaduct: the strategies used to build the viaduct are conventional beginning from heaping to wharf top, the dock and the viaduct sections are pre-threw. The new innovation utilized as a part of this venture is the mammoth SLI900.

Hazard in using SLI900: it has given a distinct advantage in the development time of viaduct fragments. In the meantime it has many dangers as well. That too as a result of timetable necessity the entire erection stage is falling in wet climate due to which I considered ? day for erection of every viaduct fragment (refer figure. 2). It has tremendous danger of tumbling from tallness which can have huge effect on venture calendar and cost.

500 T crane for the erection of Pre-Cast piers: the cranes are especially useful to erect the substantial weight. The primary hazard included is the toppling of crane because of wet ground condition, toppling over due to over stacking. These mischances can even have huge effect on calendar and cost of the venture.

Any venture or expansive development work like PIB, needed to go through couple of ventures as a piece of venture administration handle like planning, monitoring, tracking, controlling, forecasting and again planning. Different real ware things which predominantly controls the entire timetable of the development of vast railroad lines like PIB venture are earthwork, crushed rock, ballast stockpile, sleepers, rails and construction of bridges or viaducts as least, other may like incorporating item like electrical & C&I framework.

All the above items can be followed using EVM (Earned Value Management) according to which we initially build up the (PV) according to the calendar of advance of movement the amounts are circulated or the other way around. After PV is finished as a major aspect of venture pattern, we begin the following. In which the real site advance information are contrasted and PV. The rate of work finished as for the degree amount is the earned work (EV) and the cost brought about to accomplish the EV is called as actual expenditure (AC). Presently whether the venture is ahead or behind the timetable or cost can be ascertained by utilizing the underneath equation:

On the off chance that SPI is under 1, implies the calendar is behind target and can't accomplish in planned time too if CPI is under 1, it implies the cost is overwhelm and can't finish the venture in planned cost.

Commodity Planning: should be possible by plotting the amounts over timeframe as demonstrated as follows, where couple of different items is additionally appeared as chart.

Presently, once the arranging is done, i.e. PV is acquired, and afterward advance at site should be observed utilizing above talked about Earned Value Technique and taking after chart can be gotten

Project tracking using UAVs or Drones: Its flying robot which can be dealt with remote and the flight is controlled through programming installed in structures with GPS. These are moving the methodology advancement tries doing their occupation. Clients are using camera mounted UAV to screen Contractor's improvement works out. Meanders help in obtaining consistent figures and status of the improvement field. Robots may moreover help in perceiving possible hazards or quality issues close by other significant data in an unclear incite and cost-operator way. These are progressively valuable as the traverse of advancement site increases (ConcreteCivil, 2017). UAV or Drone helps in driving assessing and checking the status of establishment errands like railways. It helps in reviving the status report impressively less requesting and speedier of any advancing railroad wanders and the field activities could be seen from office itself.

Amassing of data using meanders in railroad broaden has upgraded the straightforwardness and nature of data gathering, as barriers are straight as per a couple of kilometers robots can be especially useful, even the affecting / blasting of rocks and its territory Management can be taken after and kept as chronicle for further charging or documentation reason, threat of going out to screen some perilous site conditions can be avoided by particularly collecting the right present data and ensuing to separating easing arrangement be done well before going physically at site, amounts of adjust stockpiles dumped Vs. used can be checked more accurately, after the adjust spreading the successors like sleeper setting and rail laying can in like manner be watched pictorially.

Long lead item: is the hardware or other venture related things, which are having substantial assembling time as are requested at the absolute starting point phase of the venture. These are high weightage esteem things of the venture.

Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs): the degree of work of OEMs need to harden and discussed a long time before the understanding is done and after the conclusion the OEMs must be taken after minutely. As an issue of first significance before the demand is closed, their shop visit must be done by senior authorities to get the vibe of its capacity of era and the status of pre-booking to decline over-loading of shippers since it may influence the movement. At general interval the propel review social events ought to be driven between the top organizations of both the relationship to decide any unpredictable issue and get the vibe of the status of progress by OEMs. By conducting above strategies, we can have close check on their delivery dates or reasons behind any probable delay.


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