Dreams Essay

Udaykumar Verma, an Indian graduate studying in Russia, used to live in 'Dome Aspirantov Unievititskaya Tashkent 15' and studied in Tashkent. When the Indo-Pak negotiations were convened, Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Ayub, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Russian Prime Minister Mr. Kosignin had gathered. One day a Soviet student living in the neighborhood of Mr. Verma came to him and said, you see us today, Mr. Shastriji, otherwise you will not be able to see him again. He also told that I have seen in the dream that he has died. Shri Verma ji considered that as bad. Even then he did not say anything. On that day, Shree Shastri's oriental language was speech in Tashkent. Shri Verma went with the said student and saw Shastri's visit. On the same night, Shri Verma himself also dreamed in the dream that he reached the airport to send Shastriji to the airport where a student is saying that Shastriji is dead, have you come to send his dead body? After that sleep broke. Shri Verma called up the student and expressed his anger and said - those things of yours had an impact on my subconscious mind and I also saw that inauspicious dream at night. But it was not known to Mr. Verma that even a subconscious one from the subconscious is flowing out everywhere in the form of life flow, it has all the orthodox capabilities and its senses can not be misunderstood. The whole world knows that Shastriji died on the night of January 10, 66. At 11 when Shri Verma was about to leave for Kabul, he got the news - he was stunned if Shastriji was not there. Lincoln's dream Upon the morning, President Abrahamminkanan took action in the morning, snacked, and then only after calling his biographer Ward Lemon to visit his palace, urged him to reach White House immediately. His seriousness was telling that something special happened today but what? It was still unknown. President Lincoln asked, 'Do you believe in the truth of dreams, if not, and listen, I have seen a strange dream today and I do not know why it has become a belief that it is not a dream It is the truth-message given by any god. 'After that, the President saw that night, he began to recount the historical dream that till now even every reader connected with his life affair Who does not have is what is the truth of the secret dreams reported by true events occur in the future through dreams? The President began to say - I walked in every room of the White House, but I saw all the rooms surrounded by empty and desolate. Then only some people heard the cry of crying from the eastern side. I reached there and saw that many people stood beside a dead body In this, all my family members, friends are also relatives and other diplomats. Curiosity I asked what is the matter? Whose figure is this body? - A figure looked at me and said- The President is murdered. The dead body belongs to him. This was the last scene. The sleep broke. But I think this dream has some intimate relationship with my life. Ward Leman noted the incident in the 'short hand' but on the subject of this dark faith of the President, he could not live without laugh. He kept talking about the issue of President Lincoln, but Lincoln's mind did not even think about that day. History is a famous incident that after 3-4 days of this dream, Lincoln was murdered in exactly the same circumstances as he had seen in the dream. Since then, this incident has been associated with the life of the President, but no scientific explanation has been made even today.

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