Dreams of a author Essay

Martin Eban, author of the book 'True Experience of Prophecy' has described the four dreams of his life in a very memorable manner with the title 'Four Black Horse'. It is like this-

Many times I have prejudiced the death of my family and familiar friends in the same manner. The first dream came to me when I was a little girl. I saw that I am riding a horse in the car, which has four black horses. As soon as I sat in the car, some invisible power gave me some orders. The car stopped at the edge of a house I went to his backyard. There was a bedroom between two rooms, when I reached there, I felt like a middle aged man, there was an abortion from his breath, I did not have any effect on that person on shouting. Happened. Meanwhile, I saw many women. He surrounded a young age adult (shirt middle aged woman) and was enduring her patience. After this, the sleep was broken and I could not understand what was all this, but there was some special effect of that dream in my mind, because even after breaking the sleep, I could not forget it once again that the scene kept rising in the brain again and again. I kept ignoring - now I think that such neglects have made many essential spiritual aspects of human life, and in the same way, human life is going away from the truth.

Those days I went to attend a meeting of the Toronto. On the other day, my roommate (Form Mate), who was a resident of Quebec, called me and told that her father was sick, only a few days later the news of father's death came to pass. The first crackdown of this incident was here only. Gone

In July that year, I went to Quebec City. All my eyes suddenly stuck on a house. I saw the same house I saw in my dream. Two rooms were in the middle of the bedroom, there was a picture in the same room, it was exactly the same shape, as I saw in my dream, this house was of olanda and he only told that this picture is of his father, so I am stupid. He went and started to think, did he dream to see me as the predecessor of this incident. If this was the case, why did not she dream the olla? Did my dream show me a dream clearly and I did not see Olanda because of being religious and sincere and holy. Thinking of this question, I am drowned in a depth and I believe that in this world there is really universal, universal power, when a man loses in it, then he himself experiences himself.

Predictive dreams often come only in the last night of the night. Until then, physical, mental fatigue diminishes, along with the regular air, moves along with the flow of information of invisible world as well. Those whose minds are relatively ninety-nine, they often understand such signs in unusual perceptions or as a dream sign. The details of the immediate situation of people who have deep intimacy among themselves, can be seen in their mind mirror like a visionary television and can be heard as telephone telephones. The dreams that indicate the real identity of that type can be called divine dreams. The number of dreams that is true is not less. Such incidents can be seen in all the world, to be heard from which they prove to be not only the dreams of dreams but also the signs of the devotees.

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