Don’t kill yourself Essay

Want to kill yourself? Imagine this. You kicked out from the class by a faculty someday. As usual again, you’ve had yet one more atrocious day. Now you are fed up and want to quit. Thus you visit your place where no one has the guts to disturb you, shut the door, and get rid of that suicide note you’ve written and rewritten over and over. You searched those razor blades and cut for the end time. You took that bottle of pills and swallowed them. You slept quietly, grabbing the letter tightly, you felt the silence for the last time forever. After a long time, your blood brother knocks on your door to come back to inform you that everyone is waiting for you at the dinner table. But you are silent this time, thus he walks in. All he sees is you are on your bed, the whole body is blue, thus he thinks still you’re sleeping. He shocks to wake you up, But still, he couldn't understand. So, he asked your mom to wake you up as you are in a deep sleep. Your mom comes to take you for the dinner. She notices the unpleasant silence and feels something bad. She takes the paper from your hand and reads it. Sobbing, she assumes it to be a bad dream and tries to wake you up again. She’s yelling your name again and again. Your brother, who is still confused, runs to your father to tell him something bad is happened and “Mommy is crying and didi won’t rouse.” Your dad runs to your area. He tries to understand the situation, by looking at your mom who is still crying, holding the letter to her chest, sitting near your lifeless body. It hurts him, what’s wrong is here, and he starts crying. And throws flower pot at the wall. And then, falling on your bed to his knees. Your mom screams loudly by putting her head to his shoulder, and then they sit there, holding one another, crying. In the early morning at the time of pray in an announcement the principal tells everybody concerning your suicide and to have a two minutes silence. Everyone is shocked and sinks into a deep silence, everybody blames themselves. Your class teacher assumes he was too strict to you. Those famous girls remember all the things which they have done to you. That group of boys who tease you and passed comments on you, they can’t facilitate however hate themselves for ne'er telling you the way lovely you actually was. Your ex-boyfriend, the one to whom you told everything to, now your absence kills you. Your friends? They’re crying too, curious however they might ne'er sees that something bad was happening to you, wish they might have helped you before you ended your life. And your best friend? She continuously wishes this to be a bad dream. She can’t accept it. She knew what you were feeling at that time, however, she ne'er thought it'd get that bad… dangerous enough for you to finish it. She can’t cry, she hides in a corner where no one can see her, and simply sinks to the ground. Shaking, screaming, however, everything is blank to her. After a few days of your death. The whole city and all the relatives came. everybody remembers your innocent smile and all the good things you have done. The one that was invariably there for them, the shoulder to cry on. Voluminous folks point out all the nice recollections they'd with you, there has been a great deal. Everyone’s crying, your blood brother still doesn’t understand where you went, he’s too young. He hears about your death which hurts him, a lot. You were his only sister, you were imagined to invariably be there for him. Your bestie, she stays sturdy through the complete life, however as shortly as they begin lowering your casket into the bottom, she simply loses her control on herself. She cries like anything and doesn’t stop for a long time. It’s 2 years later. Your teachers all quit their job. Those mean beauties have uptake disorders currently. That boy that accustomed tease you cut himself. Your ex-boyfriend doesn’t shrewdness to like any longer and simply sleeps around with women. Your friends all enter into a depression. Your best friend? She tried to kill herself too. Your absence kills her every moment. But she failed as you probably didn't, however, she tried… And your only younger brother? He finally recognized the reality concerning your death. He self harms, he cries at nighttime, he will specifically what you probably did for years leading up to your suicide. Your parents? Their wedding fell apart. Your dad became a compulsive to distract himself from your death. Your mom went into depression and simply lays in bed all day silently, staring at the wall. You will not assume this, however, they are doing. People do care, Your selections don’t simply have an effect on you. They have an effect on everybody. Don’t finish your life, you have got most to enjoy for. Things can’t bounce back if you quit. I’m here for completely anyone that has to speak, despite WHO you're. Although we’ve ne'er talked before, I’m here for you.

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