Does weight loss pills worth it? Essay

Yes we are all are conscious about that number on the scale. Does the number really important? Yes it is. Obesity paves the way for lot of diseases. Why it’s difficult to loose those fat? Because our lifestyle have a huge impact on it. Technology takes away many physical work from us, thus we need to spare sometime to be physically active which many of us fail. The world market understand this and several ways getting boomed now days with a promise of shedding those extra pounds. One among that boom is this weight loss pills.

What’s it actually and how it works?

We all know to loose out fat, calories we take has to be less than the calories required for our body to work. This pills too work based on this. Actually various research on this pills says that it suppress the hunger clues and hence our interest towards food will be reduced and also it rapidly increase our metabolism rate. This creates calorie deficiency and tense to loose weight.

How long it takes see our result?

It’s depends up on each body type. Its advisable to consult your doctor before giving it a try. Your health history does matters. But this pills companies promise to loss 10kg per month which is bit fast to loss weight. Taking this pills and having cheese burger all day, lol never gonna see result. Few pills company come with diet manual too, which is recommended to follow to see quick result.

Does the weight loss is permanent

Here comes the challenge. All this kind of short cuts have its time span. Losing your weight is not the real task here, maintaining it after the course matters. Many fails in this stage because we have no idea how we lost so once you come back to the regular schedule 90% regains all they lost. This is mostly due to lack of knowledge how this works. Once it is lost care has to taken to maintain it. Staying fit is not temporary process its actually lifestyle.

Comparing with other methods of weight loss

Dieting and exercise are really health way to get in your dream shape. It not only makes the change in the scale but it make you feel and look good. Even though we all know this and still many of us can’t apt this method to loose weight is because it required lost more dedication, consistency and Patience. Were as the pills result is quick and comparatively less effect is required. In former less chance of regaining the weight is less when compared with other.


Sudden loss in huge amount of weight may cause loss skin.

It may make you feel and look dull and unenergetic.

More chance to regain what you lost

Actually its not very healthy way of weight loss

May have some side Effects


It’s easiest way to achieve your desire weight

Save lot of time in gym in your busy schedule


Hope this article covers the overall idea of the weight loss pills. It’s totally depends upon the person’s choose. People who are not able to exercise due to various reasons like physical illness, lifestyle ect can give it a try. But make sure once you lost it doesn’t mean that you can back to normal lifestyle and eat all that calories you have restricted so far. So follow a balance diet and mild exercise if possible to maintain it. So all the best buddies get ready for the summer to rock the beach with your bikini body.

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