Does the over-sexualization of women in media lead to rape and misconduct Essay

Why do women receive a lot of negative attention? When women or girls post on Instagram or Facebook and it is a picture of them modeling a bikini, they are implying for guys to look at their picture. This causes a big problem for women and men causing women to feel assaulted and men to be put into jail. A lot of communities are divided on what they should do to lower the rates of rapes. Many believe that pornography should blocked or restricted, as for pornography is one of the main sources for rape. These films are the main reason why sex offenders “rape” people is because in the the film it shows that the one who is being raped is showing pleasure while the act is going on. Then the sex offender thinks that their victim would feel the same way in todays time.

Rape is worsened by media and we can lessen the numbers of victims by limiting the websites that contain these certain films. That potentially produces the behavior that causes assaulter to behave in a way that he thinks his victim enjoys being raped. “According to Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media; The mainstay of graphic sexual portrayals, videotapes, and later the Internet, became the primary sources of pornography during this period.” R-rated theatrical films upped the ante as well by film producers increased the level of explicitness of foreplay and intercourse in movies tailored for adults. (Wood 2008) Anyone can access these websites or movies due to laptops, mobile devices, and T.V. unless the government restricts these sites to minors and teens.

Rape is affected by pornography and we could possibly lower the number of rapes by lowering the access to these websites by making them have an age identifying system. The rape myth scenario presents the female being forced to have sex. She initially reacts with distress, but later is shown experiencing arousal and pleasure. “In a subsequent chapter Gunter notes that experimental studies have also found that violent porn can increase male aggression toward female targets. The linkage of sex and violence can lead to calloused attitudes toward females and rape victims.” (Boyd, 2012)

Victims of rape are affected in their mental state and it’s a serious issue. Sexual violence continues to be normalized in modern society through heterosexist jokes and problematic portrayals of female sexuality. A number of young female activists use YouTube as a technology of nonviolence to share their thoughts about rape culture and how it can be transformed. We argue that they offer meaningful insight into the institutions that contribute to the normalization of sexual violence, including schools and universities, the media, and legal and political systems. (Nakamura and Chow-White 2012) these YouTube videos help women and girls gain stability and help them tell the jury they were raped instead of keeping a secret.

Women are being stereotyped and this could be potentially one of the major reasons of rape. “Several scholars Online, women and girls are primary targets of sexist jokes, trolling, sexually explicit marketing ploys, and other forms of misogyny that condone sexual violence and perpetuate harmful perceptions of gender. However, a growing number of women and girls are using social media such as blogs and YouTube for free critical expression about gender, identity, and sexuality.”

Although our sample includes mainly university students, we suggest that policy makers refer to YouTube to hear from survivors who prefer to share their testimonials online and from populations outside popular consultation arenas like the cities and universities represented here. In their study of technologies of nonviolence in the South African context, confirm the possibilities for social media and mobile technologies to empower rural women to address and speak out about violence. (Rossie 2015)

My opponents would say that the media isn’t affecting modern rape culture and that video games and YouTube videos aren’t affecting women in any way. They’d also say that women don’t mind being stereotyped and are okay with being assaulted. However all those that say that media isn’t affecting anything having to do with rape they are wrong because there is plenty of evidence stating that there is an association between rape and the media. In conclusion, media is associated with rape and the government should make changes to the media to prevent sexist comments, stereotypes against women, and rape crimes committed. When the government makes the change to the media to protect women from hurtful comments and stereotyping.

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