Do human activities affect the earth in a bad way? Essay

Do human activities affect the Earth in a bad way?

It is without a doubt that human activities harm our precious beloved Mother Earth. Scientifically, Earth is the best and probably the only planet that is habitable for human beings. Despite that, we still hear a lot about Mother Earth and her problems. Some of them are global warming and climate change. We have heard of them. We have seen them happen. We have experienced the impact of the earth’s problems inflicting our lives. Why do they happen? What could be the cause of poor innocent mother earth to have this kind of complication? Let’s be real and honest here. Above fifty percent chance that it could be due to the activities us, humans do. Back when there were fewer people and idealists in the world, all there was to do were hunting and cultivating for survival. Obviously, we keep on developing as time flies and as we develop, the more we take from the earth. That’s because we need the resources from earth to create, build and construct our necessities.

To start it all off, the three main pollutions which are air pollution, water pollution and land pollution is the infamous trio that people would relate to Mother Earth’s problems. The most dangerous type of pollution is air pollution. Dust and all of the sorts of bacteria and chemicals that are airborne reaches our bare skin easily without any boundaries due to its gaseous properties. It occurs mainly due to the excessive use of fuel from our activities in daily lives like cooking, driving, and smokes from factories which release the chemicals into the air. Water pollution, on the other hand, isn’t any better. Water is very important to humans. It is essential in our lives. It is one of the basic needs of living things. Despite that, there are still so many people who do not know of its importance simply because of their lack of care towards it. Now this kind of people here are the ones that cause water pollution to arouse. They waste water and pollute water without having any care for the consequences of their actions. For example, letting the tap water to run even when not being used, dumping domestic and toxic waste to the river or lake that eventually goes to the ocean. Water pollution does not only affect us humans but flora and fauna too for they are living things as well. The waste can kill and destroy aquatic life form, leading them to their extinction. In addition to raising water pollution problems due to this intensive use, Malaysians using piston sprayers and operators will face the risk of exposure especially through the skin, when using incomplete equipment to mix or spray the pesticides.

Let’s not forget about land pollution. Some farmers don’t realize how bad it is to use pesticides and fertilizers for their agriculture activities. They are only doing it to yield the best crops and the satisfaction of the increase in productivity. Nevertheless, excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers could mean trouble to the land even if it is done unintentionally. The chemicals from the pesticides and fertilizers can contaminate soil, water, turf and other vegetation. They drain out the nutrients and water from the soil. It seems good to have rid of insects and weed from the land but still killing them is not a good thing. Actually, the insects act as decomposers which recycle back nutrients into the soil, creating top soil which is a nutrient-rich layer of soil that helps plants grow. The use of pesticides could also affect humans especially the farmers. Word-wide deaths and chronic diseases due to pesticides poisoning number about 1 million per year (Environews Forum",1999). Agricultural development supports the US $ 30 billion worth of pesticides sales every year worldwide. Approximately 40% of this amount is spent in developing countries for toxic compounds such as organophosphate and organochlorine.

Illegal logging, deforestation, open burning are some of the common issues that lead to damage of Earth. The logging effects will result in the destruction of natural habitats for flora and fauna. For example, many forest areas destroyed by illegal logging or development. Without safe shelter, these animals will die and become extinct. Furthermore, the lack of forests will cause world temperatures to rise. This is because the forests are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide gas and supplying oxygen gas to living on the earth. ] the forest is cut down indiscriminately, then the opportunity to increase the volume of oxygen gas in the air will decrease. The percentage of carbon dioxide gas in the air will continue to increase. This will cause an increase in the temperature of the world. When this situation occurs, the amount of ocean volume will also increase as a result of ice melting in the Arctic and South Pole. For example, the phenomenon of global warming is due to the logging activities or the reduction of the free forest area in the world. As a result of this phenomenon, the greenhouse effect has also occurred. In addition, forested landscapes cause protected land to be exposed to various natural disasters. This is due to the fact that forests can no longer function as rain catchment areas. When heavy rains hit an area, the water descended to the earth's surface and then eroded the soil into the river. This incident can be seen, for example, on landslides. This incident occurred due to the absence of plant roots that landed on the ground, especially the cliffs or highlands. The river will become increasingly shallow as a result of precipitation of mud in basically. This situation will cause flash floods more easy to hit. Air pollution, land pollution and water pollution which are visible and felt by us in an instant occur from activities such as illegal logging, deforestation and open burning. We have done much more than that and have been harming Earth unconsciously.

Modern technology that we’ve created to make our lives easier and more convenient has been really good to us so far. Do you know that even technology that we can’t seem to live without cause problems to Mother Earth too? Statistics is not doing any justice to how modern things beget problems such as Global Warming. It is worth considering that data centers will soon leave a bigger carbon footprint than the entire aviation industry. Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to activities of a particular individual, organization or community. As data storage and computational capacity increased in a vast amount in the last decade, the amount of energy and electricity consumed also increased. Doubled even for every four years and is expected to triple in the next decade. Besides that, development and creation of missiles, machines and technology materials destroy natural resources by cutting down trees and burning forest for pasturing and planting. These activities release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as well. In industrial sites, machines and factories get energy through burning fossil fuel like coal, oil and natural gas in order to run which releases methane and nitrous oxide in the air that we breathe and the earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the factory will also release black and dirty smoke into the atmospheric air. The process of producing a mass produced by the plant will result in black smoke. The black cat containing various CFCs and carbon dioxide can affect human health such as disease lung if someone is sucked. Now it gets more interesting here. We’ve been riding our vehicles since we can remember. More vehicles on the road not only cause traffic jam and time wasted, but more carbon dioxide is produced, contaminating the air and the atmosphere.

The poor management of our waste has been affecting the earth in a bad way as well. Humans recklessly throwing away their waste into the drains, river or lake cause floods to occur frequently. This is because the drains, river or lake would get clogged or filled with too much waste and water will eventually overflow when heavy rain comes. Apart from that, open burning that some people do to get rid of their trash causes wildfires to arouse more often than expected.

Technically, there are some of our activities that actually help the earth becomes a better place. Just because of the tiny dark spot you have on a white canvas does not mean you can’t save the canvas. Does that make any sense? The matter here is that not everything is bad just because the bad seems to appeal more on the surface.

One of the activities that help the Earth is creating technology to reduce pollution which is also known as P2 technology. Process controls such as meters and sensors can make many production processes more efficient and cleaner to the environment. Centrifuges are invented to reduce water pollution by reducing the number of solids in wastewaters. Catalytic converters implanted in engine exhaust systems can reduce air pollution. We’ve created a fluorescent light bulb to reduce energy usage. Besides that, air conditioners and air purifier are invented to control the temperature indoors, trap and destroy bacteria and other contaminants in the air. We not only get to breathe clean air but feel comfortable at the same time.

However, as much as it benefits us, the odds are still against human activities. Do you realize that we might be civilized today but still uncultured? If we are given a choice to choose between a car or a train, we always choose a car because of its convenience. The logical mind of a person would think that a train would take hours longer to arrive at our destination than going by car. Some human beings become more impatient and greedy in this modern civilization. They are unaware that the smoke produced by vehicles increases which is quite harmful to the human respiratory system. The Earth keeps losing its property as a habitable planet.

The fluorescent light bulbs are assumed to be more eco-friendly due to less energy used. But, the fact that it contains more chemicals than the incandescent bulbs is not actually very securing to the Earth. If it breaks, the chemical could do more harm than help.

Sadly, most P2 technologies were created mainly to reduce costs and save on materials used by companies. Rather than having “making the world better” principle in the minds of the developers, they focus more on making big bucks from the technologies due to the demands from their customers.

To wrap it all up, the earth’s problem is our problem. We have to accept that the earth is messed up because of our doings. We can’t stop all of our activities but we can be the right human being by applying the 3Rs which are reduce, reuse and recycle in our daily lives. Harm had been done to Mother Earth but it does not mean we can’t make up for it.

Body Shaming: How Much Do You Know?

Let me ask you, how much do you know about body shaming? What is body shaming? Everyone has their own unique features. Be it physically or mentally. Let's talk about the external beauty of a person, the physical part. Each of us was born looking different from the next. However, not everyone likes something out or the norm. Some people would tease, criticize and denounce a person for looking different. Shaming others for how they look. Shaming ourselves for how we look. Those are acts that depict the definition of body shaming. It is an act that a person does to express their disdain towards another being, especially the one different from them or to themselves that they find physically unattractive. Body shaming is a type of bullying inflicted on others or even on ourselves. It attacks one’s self-esteem and confidence in their appearances.

Body shaming can happen to everyone. It can happen to anyone regardless of your age. Be you an innocent infant or a senile elderly. It can happen to both female and male species. Your gender does not help you in circumventing from body shaming. Anyone can body shame you. Be it direct or indirect. Don't just think that strangers can body shame you. Even those closest to you can body shame. For example, your family members or friends can accidentally body shame you by pointing out that you're too fat or too skinny or too short. As an illustration, to strengthen my point that no one is spared from this rude and heinous act, even huge and famous names such as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Jonah Hill are being called out for their petite or well-upholstered physics.

Body shaming is something that has been going on for a long time ago. It has become a fad, perpetuated the idea of judging a person mainly by their physical appearance is an utmost necessity in society. The need to do such an act towards a person is as if necessary to some people. Body shaming usually happens verbally. One of them is criticizing yourself or others. When you look at the mirror, is there any part of you that you don't like? That you find unattractive? Some people would see themselves and say "I'm ugly". They don't like how imperfect they look, how they have curves in the wrong places and how they don’t fit in a crowd.

Besides that, criticizing others by calling or pointing out their physical flaws is also body shaming. Be careful of those around you, especially strangers because we don’t know what they are thinking of and their motives to catcall you but none the less, the probability of them to catcall you are higher than those closest to you. They could care less of the possibilities of them hurting you because they have no relation or involvement with you by any means. Thus, ill-mannered passersby easily take that to an advantage to tease and mock you regarding your physical appearances.

Apart from that, criticizing others without their knowledge also count as body shaming. Some people try to sugarcoat what they say to you to avoid any misunderstanding. For example, a friend or colleague wants to admire your appearance by saying, “Oh my. Did you lose weight? You look great today.” It may not look the part but that is also a form of body shame. Sometimes, you would question yourself regarding your weight and daily appearance due to such comment. Social media don’t mean their messages in a mean way but sometimes their approach to the public could leave scars. Thanks to technology, we can get messages and also get notified about those messages. Messages that just want to help remind you to get in shape are also a form of body shame. The media just want you to live a healthier life but indirectly criticize the way you look.

This crude act continues to occur anywhere in the world. Body shaming usually occurs in the presence of other human beings in the same surrounding as you are. You could be in your comfort zone such as home and still could be a victim of body shame by your family members. Some kids these days feel the need to skip school. This may be known as truancy but if they have a reason for it although it might not sound as reasonable. They just want to escape bullies that hurt them even though all that the bullies do are just calling them names and making fun of them. Body shame even happens in school, where kids should be making good memories of their childhood while expanding their knowledge. The older kids in high school usually are worse than the elementary students. Your workplace is not actually free of body shame either. Your colleagues might give harsh comments on your outfit and your looks. To recapitulate, body shaming can occur anywhere if you are not careful.

No one can body shame you or anyone. Even we cannot do that to ourselves. There’s no one in this world that has the right to think of anyone as an abbreviated piece of nothing. It is not right to push someone or ourselves because of the physical flaws. Our physical flaws make us who we are. Our physically flaws make us special and we should embrace it rather than be ashamed of it. The insecurity regarding ourselves should never even exist within us because beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. It all depends on us to step up and make a change by appreciating ourselves beforehand.

Body Shaming: The Origins and the Outcomes

Body shaming is one of the best examples to show how hypercritical today's generation is. Society does not just find humor in degrading a human's body but also a man's body. Body shaming has become a problem for both genders. People take their own insecurities and aim them at others to make themselves feel better about their own body which is very harmful especially to woman. There are 4 main causes of body shaming. As per usual, there are aftereffects of the things we do, in this case, body shaming.

One of the causes of body shaming is for self-gratification. This issue usually occurs among high school students. There is always a group of girls which are good looking, slim fit, a cheerleader and most importantly known in school. They are also the one who loves to mess with other appearances physically and mentally. They criticize other students which are commonly known as nerds and infamous in school with words such as ugly, fat, stupid and skinny. Those words will end up replaying in their minds and put them under pressure. Hence, those students would become too afraid and are reluctant to attend school. When the bullies managed to do it, they will feel a certain satisfaction and it makes them happy because they can be at the top and better than others. They feel like an alpha in a field of sheep.

Next, body shaming also occurs because of peer pressure. They are afraid and hate to be the one who will receive bad comments about their appearances. Therefore, they chose to follow their friends or the fad among others their age so that they won’t be the target of the bullies. It takes a lot of courage and guts for a person to do bad things to others in order to protect themselves physically and mentally. Hence, it is burdening because they are doing it unwillingly.

Thirdly, body shaming happens because of vengeance towards the victim. A hatred and dissatisfaction can be the source for a person to yearn to get revenge on another person through body shaming. This usually happens due to the bad history or any bad blood between both parties. If you ever hurt others with words, they might have taken your words to heart and long for revenge on you by hurting and humiliating you with words as well regarding any flaws you have. Since your physical appearance is the easiest place for the naked eyes to seek your flaws, your body will be used to expose you to the world. Thus, as the moral of the story, think before you talk.

Discrimination is one of the biggest reasons that lead to body shaming. People always discriminate others just because he or she has a darker skin tone or born with skin diseases such as albino. They think it is funny just because they are different from others. They don’t understand what they are going through. Some parents are having trouble in sending their kids to school because their kids are complaining about themselves having trouble with fitting in with their other classmates. Those kids have to be homeschooled just because of this issue.

Now, let’s talk about the effects of body shaming. One of them is lowered self-esteem. When your body shaming others with just one word “fat”, you don’t know what they are feeling about it. It hurts them deep in their hearts even though some of them might not voice out their pain. When someone’s self-esteem is lowered, they will have a hard time to communicate with friends in school which causes them to have no friends. As a result, they have no friends to interact with and they will eventually become an introvert.

Body shaming also causes people to lose their confidence. When the people who are currently facing obesity are trying to work hard on losing weight, there’s bound to be someone making fun of them just to make them lose faith and hope so that they’ll stop doing what they are doing instead of encouraging and gives support. When the people whom are trying to gain weight just because they have been called skinny, some people would try to shake their determination and will by making fun of them. These issues usually occur among teenagers nowadays. They will become a person they never want to be.

Lastly, body shaming drives people into depression. When we comment and make fun of others body, we never know what are in their heads. They might feel awful to the point where they feel the urge to hurt themselves or even worst, suicide. It hurts when we can’t keep it out of our mind after hearing to other’s criticism. It is true that people say we don’t have to think about what others say about us, but they forget about supporting others who are sensitive and depressed. When they don’t get full support from the society, they will be out of their mind and think that they are not beautiful and slim fit like the models out there.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why body shaming occurs and the effects on our society. As stated before, body shame is done for self-gratification, peer pressure, to avenge oneself and to discriminate others. The effects of these acts are awful and deadly. It can ruin a person’s life. Therefore, there should be an awareness against body shame among the society so that, as cliché as it sounds, become a better place.

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