Diversity: Native Womens Association Of Canada Essay


Discuss about the Diversity for Native Women's Association of Canada.



The NWAC (Native Women's Association of Canada) is one of the national aboriginal organizations of Canada. The organization signifies Aboriginal women mainly First Nations as well as M?tis women (NWAC. 2016). Along with this, the organization was established in 1973. NWAC was initiated as an amassed of thirteen Aboriginal women's groups across Canada. The organization was integrated as a non-profit association in 1974. The major objective of the NWAC is to protect Aboriginal culture and also accomplish equal prospect for Aboriginal women. Moreover, the NWAC was established to improve, endorse, and encourage the cultural, social, political and economic safety of first nations as well as M?tis women within M?tis, First Nation, and Canadian societies. The organization plays a significant role to raise the voice of Aboriginal women at the global level (Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 2014). In other words, it also can be said that, the NWAC has presented a national voice to indigenous women as well as girls ever since 1974.

On the other hand, the board of directors of the NWAC is responsible to hold the overall governance of the organization. The board also plays a major role to approve all declarations about new initiatives that are accepted by the NWAC. The organization plays a major role to provide equality to aboriginal women. It is because of aboriginal women & girls face discrimination on manifold grounds (Borrows, 2016). In addition to this, the NWAC is fifth largest recognized NAOs (National Aboriginal Organizations) in the world. The main purpose of NAOs is to signify and speak for Aboriginal women at the national level. The organization is ruled by a board of directors that involves the head of the NWAC, the head of the PTMAs (Provincial/Territorial Member Associations), four Elders and youth in order to signify the four directions in an appropriate manner (Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 2014).

In addition to this, the NWAC mainly focuses on education, human rights, employment & labour, violence, international affairs and so on to provide justice to aboriginal women and girls. It works for the welfare of aboriginal girls, women, families and communities all the way through advocacy, policy analysis and activism (NWAC. 2016). Moreover, the NWAC makes its possible efforts to provide equality rights to the native women and girls. These equality rights play a major role to reduce the discriminations and to provide equal rights to the aboriginal girls & women. The NWAC also promotes native ancestral laws for the well-being of women. It also boosts spiritual beliefs as well as traditions for the safety of women. The organization protects the right of women to give dignity to them. The Native Women's Association of Canada was established for the safety and security of aboriginal women (Canadian Institutes of Health Research. 2014). In this way, it can be assumed, that the NWAC emphasis on the happiness and well-being of women and girls. The organization is obliged to protect rights of women in an appropriate and a legal manner.


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