Diversity Management Proposal: Ethics Essay


Describe about the Diversity management proposal of Ethics?


The introductory proposal discuss about the diversity issues occur in the healthcare workplace due to the use of technology. In today’s situation Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago has to perform complex, interdependent and multi-disciplinary actions. The hospital has vast amount of information need to be keep record of it. The admitted patient information need to be taken by physician or nurse, after that patients needs the record of all their laboratory test, medicines, and other examinations. This is all the frequent diagnostic procedure performed by Jackson Park Hospital.

This is the purpose why the hospital management strongly needed to use information technology i.e. computer, software program to fill those information and it is act as a supportive arm to control the hospital system to serve patient effectively. Use of technology also increase revenue of hospital and improve the operational efficiency.

The employer may find diversity while selecting the employees for their hospital as some are good in technology and having less experience and some are week in technology but having good experience of the work. But with the help of this proposal I proposed for Jackson Park hospital. I will explain what the technology contains, how the employee will be trained to use the technology, how financial resources will be handled through the system.

Before stating the proposal I have interview with Mr. Frederick Hobby, director of Jackson Part hospital.

The director of the Jackson Park hospital talks on many different aspect and tell about their opinion related to diversity management. They give information about technology related policy making and which is required in the public sector in the ACT. They said that, there are many direct and indirect consequences while introducing the new health technology and hence they avoid introducing new technology in research context. When I ask them about what consequences they are trying to say? Mr. Frederick Hobby replied that risk related to patient’s data security, about the financial handling, staff cannot adopt the technology and so on.

He further said that hospital is performing well but currently facing need to undertake some and assess some new and emerging technologies which will supports hospital and reviews, report and promote the hospital in Chicago and also throughout the America.

To accomplish final diversity management proposal for Jackson Park hospital, the points proposed are given below, it will elaborate the plan given in outlined proposal:

Step1: Proposed hospital Information system:

It is said in earlier proposal that the technology has to be used in hospital to perform effectively. How the technology developed and further utilized we will discuss here:

1.While starting the hospital information system (HIS), it consist of large central computer and those computers are connected to other terminal i.e. other department of hospital.

2.All the computer in the hospital are connected with the network, every department like laboratory, blood banks in hospital, radiology department, clinician and patient ward and more service patient by using the technology.

The module is created for each department of hospital which is part of software and integrating these modules will create information system for hospital. This is the concept of HIS and employees does not need to understand whole software, they just have to know and learn their module i.e. medical staff just need to understand medicinal module, laboratory assistant require to hand on their specific module and so on.

Step 2: provide diversity training to staff:

When system is ready to use in the hospital the Jackson Park hospital staff need to be trained properly to use those system efficiently. Because most of time these staff does not use these technology to perform their task.

1.It is nurses and administrative staff responsibility to collect, store, manipulate and make that information available to clinical department whenever needed, but with the help of using new technologies installed in hospital. The special trainer needed to appoint to train the staff about the uses of technology. The trainer will conduct sessions and also teach employees about how to use the software and teaches its pits and falls too.

2.With the help of technology doctors can find the clinical history of their patient on one click as they will be able to store the all patient data in electronic form format and that will store securely in electronic file. Doctors are just needed to learn the part of software useful for them not all the software and their work will done. The professional trainer also take different session for only doctors and will teach how they can use the software and minimize their work.

To hire professional trainer, arrange session and perform all related task to it, fund will be require from the Jackson park hospital’s hire authority and will file proper application for it.

Step 3: To handle financial resources

With the help of the technology financial business aspects of the hospital will be managed, the entire concepts are included in the software and are being used by hospital staff at different level:

1. Handling the payroll: It is very critical task and employee will have to maintain all the financial record manually. The payroll management maintain pay rate of individual employee, full salary and payroll history, with the help of software it get easy to maintain record and perform calculation and will eliminate the chances of human error in calculation. System also handles recurring and non-recurring payments.
2.Handling payable accounts: The software handles all the payments performed within the hospital and also process the invoice.
Patient Accounting : It maintain and record all the finance related to inpatient and outpatient charges.
General Ledger: The software will handle the financial data and all the terms related to it i.e. collection, processing and reporting and will state the hospital status at any time require.

Step 4: Technological advancement:

With the help of using this technology health care entity will be able to make use of the technology and their procedure to do the task will minimized and become automates which will important for better competence. For the hospital to balance swiftness, its expenses and effectiveness of care delivery is the ultimate fate. Using the technology will add extra responsibility security i.e. the patient’s data, their personal and medical information need to be kept secure from hackers to avoid bad consequences. Hospital will have to perform effectively on the elements that are speed, quality and cost.

At the ending of the proposal I want to focus on patients, the feedback from the customer, is they feel any difficulty in the treatment, or they experience about other staff in the hospital, about their waiting time and so on. The use of technology and either it is being beneficial for patient or not, is their waiting time reduced, do they get laboratory test report on time as patient have to wait for one day to get report, so I just want to check is that time get reduced due to use of technology. Medicine department also have their own software which will show medicine price, available stock and out of stock medicines and so on, whether the time to get medicine reduced and so on.


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