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Discuss about the Diversity for Education Background.



In the era of twenty first centuries, Diversity in the workplace is a very crucial aspect. There are various aspects of diversity in an organization like gender, age, personality, sex, education background and many others (Darby 2015). All these aspects impact the success of any organization and the growth of the employees are involved with it. The main aim of this study is to evaluate the various aspects of diversity for the Australian company, Woolworths Limited. For this reason, the diversity policy of this company is evaluated.

Diversity and It’s Importance

The concept of diversity refers to the acceptance and respect. Diversity implies that organizational people should understand and respect each other by recognizing the individual difference. In an organization, diversity helps to create a work-friendly environment by bringing amity among the employees. Various diversity policies help the employees to get equal opportunities. In a broader sense, the introduction of diversity helps to remove organizational biasness which is a hindrance for the growth of the organization as well as for the employees. These are the major importance of diversity in an organization (Ragins 2012).

Diversity Policy and Its Benefits

Diversity Policies refer to certain frameworks that helps to eradicate the risks of biasness in an organization. On the other hand, diversity policies helps to improve the overall condition of the organization as it establish equal opportunities for the organizational people. A company can avail many benefits from diversity policies like it helps to mitigate biasness from the organization; it helps to establish equal rights for both men and women; it helps the companies to establish a good image in the community and others (Harvey and Allard 2015).

Aim and Objective of Diversity Policies of Woolworths

The aim of the diversity policies of Woolworths is to value, respect and leverage the important contribution of the organizational people who have diverse background experience and perspective. The company has established some objectives achieve the diversity aim like to recognize and value the multicultural diversity from the Australian population; to continue to increase the number of women in workforce; to provide disability employment opportunities and many others. The company has set value in outcomes and diversity. The company has set predetermined benchmarks which helps to diminish biasness, harassments and other organizational problems. On the other hand, setting the target helps to evaluate the organizational effectiveness (Adams and Borsellino 2015).

Legislation of Diversity in Woolworths

The legislative regulations or guidelines that are set by the Government of Australia are base of the diversity policies in Woolworths. This government laws have been combined with the national and state level acts and regulations to make anti-discriminatory acts in order to frame the diversity policies of the company. Another important aspect is that the diversity policies have been made by complying with the human rights acts of the government of Australia. There are other governmental rules and regulations like workplace harassment, gender diversity, equal opportunity and others that have been followed at the time of developing the diversity policies (Smith 2014).

Available Programs


The factors that are taken in consideration by Woolworths under LGBTI are the organizational harassment, bullying the other employees, sexual harassment, threatening and others. The company use to give award the employees based on these evaluation.

Age Based Diversity

As per the diversity policy of the organization, the company has special schemes for the old aged people. They can work in specific sector of the company.

Gender Equality

The workforce of the company comprises of 40 percent of women and 60 percent of men. On the other hand, the board of directors includes several women directors which indicate the diversity policy of the company (Sarvaiya and Eweje 2016).

Migrant Workers

According to the diversity policies, Woolworths use to hire a lot of migrant workers each year which adds diversity in the business operation of the company (Castles, Hugo and Vasta 2013).


The company has take strategies to include the indigenous aboriginal Australians in the workforce. Currently, around 2 percent of the total workforce comprises of aboriginals (Koch 2016).

Policy Dissemination to Staff

The diversity policies are disseminated based on the segmentation of the staffs like cloture, gender, background and others. After that, the policies address these segments. Woolworths has been successful in the process of policy dissemination to their staffs.

Review of the Policies

The policies are reviewed based on the pre-set criteria. This process helps to find out the factors which are responsible for the success and failure of the diversity policies.

Internal and External Forums

There are various internal and external forums for the celebration of the achievement of the diversity policies. They are:

  • Celebration of Harmony Day
  • Celebration of International Women’s Day
  • Signing of Australian Employment Covenant
  • Individual Diversity Laureate Arard
  • Culturally Diverse Policies and others


Based on the above study, some recommendations are provided:

  • It is recommended that the company should include more migrants in their workforce as the number of migrants in Australia is continuously increasing.
  • It is recommended that Woolworths should handle the process of employee grievance more accurately so that the portion of employee lay off decreases.
  • The company should take more steps to maintain the privacy, dignity and integrity of the women workers in the organization.
  • It is recommended that the gender equity problems must be handled more accurately.


The main aim of the study was to evaluate the various aspects of the diversity policies of Woolworth. From the above discussion, it can be seen that the company as a well structured and well executed diversity policies that help to bring amity in the workforce of the company. however, there are some areas where the company need to improve. Otherwise, on a whole, it can be concluded the Woolworths has effective diversity policies which have contributed to the achievement of the organizational objectives of the company.


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